Azerbaijan: It’s Aisel Mammadova to Lisbon!

Azerbaijan – Hot on the heel of Finland’s announcement, we now have our next confirmed participant for Lisbon. Azerbaijan’s national broadcaster, Ictimai, has confirmed that it has internally selected the jazz singer Aisel Mammadova

Aisel Mammadova was born in 1989 in Baku into a musical family. She studied at the secondary special musical school named after Bulbul in 1995-2006 and graduated from Azerbaijan State Conservatory in 2010.

Aisel Mammadova took part in the Caspian Jazz & Blues Festival (2002), Baku International Jazz Festival (2005/2006), MuzEnergo Festival of Music Improvisation (2007), Montreux Jazz Festival (2009), Caucasian Jazz Festival (2012) and the Jara-2017 festival.

In 2013, Mammadova received classes from renowned musicians, including Alexandre Coppaloni, and Deborah Carter in 2015. She also participated in music events held in Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine, Israel, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy.

Mammadova is a pianist, vocalist and composer.

Source: Apa

9 comments on “Azerbaijan: It’s Aisel Mammadova to Lisbon!

  1. I wouldnt mind jazz but it is a bit unwanted genre in Eurovision,No?

    Probably something like this is coming
    Good luck Aisel

    • I don’t think she’ll actually be sending a jazz song, her style is gonna be “Eurovisionized” before the contest. Just like how Dihaj didn’t send something that alternative, and Skeletons still had mainstream appeal.

  2. Is she anyhow related to the 2013 Mammadov? :)
    Best of luck!

  3. Good choice on paper. Let’s hope they do go for some eurovisionized product.

  4. Quite promising..I hope for quality..

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