Finland: It’s Saara Aalto for Lisbon!

Finland – In a surprise move, Finnish broadcaster, YLE, has decided to abandon it’s normal selection process for UMK. It has announced that previous UMK entrant and UK XFactor runner-up Saara Aalto, will represent the country in Lisbon and UMK will be used to choose the song. Saara will compose three songs that the Finnish public can then vote between alongside an international jury.

Saara said

“It has always been my dream to do Eurovision since I was a child.”

Saara has previously finished twice trying to win UMK, 2nd in The Voice Finland and 2nd in the UK XFactor.


31 comments on “Finland: It’s Saara Aalto for Lisbon!

  1. I’m in the minority here but I love Saara. She’s lovely and fun and can sing. I’m glad she’s getting to follow her dream.

  2. Saara is riding on her wave of X factor UK visibility and good for her. She is a fine singer and with a good song she can definately bring Finland back to the final at least. She will have some support from the UK to begin with already anyway.

    Good luck !

  3. She is a realiy bad composer. This s a lost cause. Silly girl, co-operate! Co-operate! YLE really shouldn’t have got into this. They can’t produce X Factor spectacle glitz and she can’t write a tune. Lost cause, I’m afraid.
    And as for Saara, totally wrong move career wise. She should have done what Simon told her to do and her album would have been out by now. Of course, without her writing the songs.

  4. I love her 2011 effort. She should have won back then:

    ‘Blessed with love’ is nothing new under the sun songwise, but that live performance is very good. She comes across as genuine and as having great fun doing what she does – I love that about her.

    Good luck, Saara! :)

  5. Good thing is, she s a quality screamer, won’t be huffing and puffing or grunting and panting.

  6. I really like Saara.I don’t know how the songs she’s writing will sound but i wish her all the best.Doing esc was always her dream and it seems she had to be internally selected in order to avoid finishing second.

  7. But we’ll miss the wtf factor UMK had as a contest even though it was toned down with the scrapping of the semis.

  8. Good luck to her and Suomi!
    Not familiar with her work, but her name rings a bell. I think she is kinda talked about almost every single esc season.

  9. Will Saara really compose all 3 songs?In Eurovision.tv it’s just mentioned that 3 songs will be written especially for her.She also adds that she’s working with a great international as well as a Finnish team and everything will be thoroughly thought through to the last detail.

  10. Never got the big fuss about her in Xfactor…she sings like anyonelse
    Can’t wait to hear her song though…For sure British fans will back her up this year

  11. I’m really happy for her to finally get her chance to go to ESC. I do think she is gonna need a really strong song though. Something like “no fear” is probably not going to be enough for a qualification.

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