42 Countries Confirmed for Lisbon!

Eurovision 2018 – The EBU today confirmed the 42 entrants for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, alongside the contest’s slogan and artwork. The Contest will be badged with the phrase ‘All Aboard!’. 

Here’s the entrants:

  • Albania 
  • Armenia
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Georgia
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Malta
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • San Marino
  • Serbia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom

It’s all about diversity, respect and tolerance. Creative Manager of RTP, Gonçalo Madaíl, said:

“For centuries, Portugal explored the world by sea. Today Lisbon is more and more the city of all colours. A great harbour of cultures and sounds that welcomes you all to come aboard.”

The logos are:

You can watch the official video announcing the logos and slogan here:


51 comments on “42 Countries Confirmed for Lisbon!

  1. I like how there’s so many logos, I can use a different one for every article ;)

  2. The theme was quite predictable imo – I fully expected the sea and Portugal’s connection to it play a major role in the branding. The use of many logos is interesting. Some of them are nice, some of them meh but overall a nice idea. The jellyfish one is my favourite I think !

    It is surprising we won’t see FYR Macedonia, I thought the issues with the debt were being resolved. Maybe they can be added at the line up in the future but it seems quite unlikely or they would have probably delayed the official announcement of the number of participating nations. But who knows ? They may return next year and win :P

  3. And the slogan is just as simple. It’s an ‘untechnological’ way of saying ‘celebrating diversity’ or ‘bulding bridges’, if I may say so.

  4. With the variations revealed here I think I like it better than in the first place. Still not a fan of yellow.

    But the initial artwork with the blue colour and the waves looked really good. I would probably have stuck to it because graphically I am not sure it really works with the seashells and jellyfish etc. It’s a bit like two separate ideas they had to fit together in one way or another…

    The motto: I don’t really mind, but does there really have to be such a thing year after year?

  5. Lovely!
    I wish we had a new record of entries though.

  6. Both logos and slogan have very personal touch, a major leap from usual corporate shit. Good people of Portugal have obviously put their heart and soul into this. It promises wonderful things come May.
    I’m onboard 💪🏼🇵🇹

  7. The more I think about the set of logos and the slogan, the more I love them. In our world of megalomania where most things are huge, flashy and sterile those organic little creatures set a lovely counterpoint. After all, while greedy and competitive mankind is doing it’s best to destroy our planet those tiny creatures keep mother earth going, at least for now. Looked at it this way, the slogan can be interpreted in a different way too. It is not only about all the countries joining ESC 2018 but states that we are all in the same boat: mankind, plankton, jellyfish, insects … We can only survive together. This is much better than all the schmatzy and sterile come together stuff we had in the past.



  8. Of logos I like first and last one on bottom row best.

    We are talking about Mello and Lisbon 18. Now it’s in the air. Love love love!

  9. I have just read a very wise comment on Wiwi (sic!) which perfectly explains why this slogan is way above all the cheesy stuff we had in the past: “we don’t need to like each other to be in the same boat.”

  10. ESC 18 is starting well – Belgium and Finland are sending good live singers, the diverse logos and slogan are a breath of fresh air. :) I am sorry to see Macedonia out though. :(

    Have to go back to work now.

  11. Is that a jellyfish I see there or a Portuguese man o’ war?

    Cute logos and a cute slogan as well. I would have preferred “Never ever sink my ship and sail away” but “All aboard” works fine as well. :)

  12. Yes great logo, at last something different from the sameness of previous years. But am I really the only one here who thinks this is not acceptable: ““For centuries, Portugal explored the world by sea. Today Lisbon is more and more the city of all colours. A great harbour of cultures and sounds that welcomes you all to come aboard.”
    Portugal, like Spain, France, the UK and the Netherlands were huge colonial powers spreading unmeasurable misery over the globe. The reason Portugal (and the other countries I mentioned) are places of all colours is because of that colonial past.

  13. Αccording to the INFEGreece site, the five songs that will compete to represent Greece in Lisbon will be:

    1) “Min xehnas ton ilio” (Don’t forget the sun) – Areti Ketime, a folk singer

    2) “T’oniro mou” (My dream) – Yanna Terzi, a bouzouki-pop singer

    3) “Apo ti Thraki os tin Kriti” (From Thrace to Crete) – Horostalites, a folk band (not to be confused with “Fra Mols til Skagen”, lol)

    4) “Idio tempo” (Same tempo) – Duo Fina, two tenors that are twin brothers

    5) “Baila Jazz” – Toni Vlachos, a young talent-show contestant

    • I hope that ‘My Dream’ won’t involve a giant bird …

      • Lol, nothing that picks my interest in this selection I am afraid. Let’s hope someone will provide a pleasant surprise. ERT seems bent on something folk-ish this year wih no evidence whatsoever that it works at Eurovision. Especially not the ’90s folk they seem to have in mind. They should not have imposed genre restrictions imo.

  14. Ictimai TV has anounced that 28-year-old Aisel (real name Aisel Mammadova) a jazz singer, pianist and composer will represent the country in Lisbon. She is not to be confused with Aysel who represented them back in 2009.

    • Many countries will choose the highbrow option this year, and then all those songs might cancel out each other and make room for a straight europop or a big ballad to win.

      • In other words we are going to drown in jazz, lol.

        • 5 songs in Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

          • I think that the two tenors who do satirical stuff and are basically ERT employees is a WTF red alert. And like it has happened every time there is an open submission process (as opposed to the more controlled submissions dictated by record companies and favoured for most of the 2000s) there is likely going to be a lot of controversy on the ERT committee’s choices. Especially from people who will see this as their chance to air their grievances for 15 minutes of fame.

    • Well they seem to continue the trend of more alternative artists after Dihaj. Let’s see what she brings. Will they give her a song or she will be involved in the creative process as well as she is a composer, that’s the question now imo.

  15. Off-topic: PB published an article on the selection process for the 100 headed all-German Europa Panel, which will play a role in the German selection process. Some PB regulars applied by filling in an online form where you need to rank several ESC songs from recent years. Comments weren’t very enthusiastic (to put it mildly) because it seems that some algorithm will pick the people and thus partly decide on the German entry. Thomas Schreiber himself, the man who has been in charge of ESC at NDR for years, felt the need to leave a comment blaming PB editors and regulars for sabotaging the selection process. Without all those negative comments, he argues, it would be easier to attract good artists and competent jury members. Poor man. If he had come up with a convincing selction process, there wouldn’t have been so many negative comments.
    Arrogance and incompetence seem to rule supreme once again. They should have simply picked people from PB (if they wanted German panel) or people from ET, WiWi and others (if they wanted an international panel). That way, they would at least have got people who know ESC and its dynamics.

  16. One of the hopefuls that didn’t make it released one of the songs that ERT has apparently (and thankfully) excluded from the greek national final. His name is Dimitris Kiklis and the song is called “Odos Agapis” (Love Street). This sounds like something striaght out of a greek commercial film from the 1960s. What on earth are these people thinking?

  17. Interesting facts about the Greek preselection so far:
    1.ERT seems to demand the finalists labels secure the financing.Pardon me?Esc is lucrative bringing sponsors and money to their coffers plus the boradcaster is supposed to have a surplus.
    2.I read that Sony music Turkiye is behind Spider Music which has 2 representatives in the supposed top-5 of the final.If this is true then it explains why Chorostalites(Spider Music)got coverage in the Turkish press.Hmm

  18. Tamar Kaprelian (member of Geneology) will take part in Depi Evratesil with an uptempo folk influanced song produced by DerHova (author of Qele Qele). I know why I always wanted her… in Eurovision aswell :P :D

  19. The other sure participant is Hasmik Shiroyan who remindes me of Emmy in this stage. Her “fans” just rape all possible polls of bewanted ESC participants. Girl is kind a fine but I dislike the activity of her “fans” who haven’t heard her ESC song yet. She is from Depi Evratesil’s 1st (talent show) edition.

    Also she collaborated so far with Mateo Paz on single called Mine Alone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v76_uQvySyQ

  20. Ohhh… :(

    After Come Together, I was expecting another one taken from The Beatles catalogue, like All Together Now :)

  21. Love the logos and the slogan❤️
    Sorry to hear Macedonia is missing

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