Montenegro: Announces Montevizija as National Selection

Eurovision 2018 – Montenegro has announced that it will be using Montevizija as its national selection process for Eurovision 2018. According to local news outlets, after years of internal selections, the national final is back 

It is believed that 5 finalists, chosen by a jury, will battle it out on 17th February 2018, and the winner will be chosen by the public.

RTCG, the national broadcaster, will reveal more details on November 1st and will open the submission period on that day.

Last year Montenegro failed to qualify for the final with Slavko Kalezic.

3 comments on “Montenegro: Announces Montevizija as National Selection

  1. Might as well…Montenegro has tried many things over the last few years and many approaches – the more traditional ones worked – but something does not click imo quality-wise. I won’t even mention their latest effort…So let’s see a selection, who knows what may come up.

    wow though next year will be busy – 3 national finals we did not have last year already announced (France, San Marino, Montenegro).

  2. I love this idea because it has been a while since we could watch a Montenegrin NF. My favourite ESC-related song from Montenegro was performed in the 2005 NF, when Montenegro and Serbia were still one country: Andrea Demirović’s ‘Šta će mi dani’. It is a shame that she went to ESC with a terrible song a couple of years later.

  3. An interesting aricle about how polarisation in their last Eurovision national final as part of the same state sealed the ultimate yugoslav divorce between Serbia and Montenegro:


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