Lithuania: Long-running Eurovizijos Returns as National Selection

Lithuania – The submission period is now open if you’re a Lithuania citizen and want to enter the Lithuanian selection marathon that is Eurovizijos Atranka. You have until 1st December 2017 to enter. The format is then unknown. Rumours that they make it up as they go along on a weekly basis cannot be confirmed. Eventually somehow a jury / televote final will choose an act, with a song. Eurovision Times will try and make sense of it all and work out what’s going on each week once it starts because we love it.

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156 comments on “Lithuania: Long-running Eurovizijos Returns as National Selection

  1. #JustSendDonny

    I love the chaos of Lithuania

  2. I think I need some pills …

  3. I wonder why Moldova hasn’t confirmed participation yet. After all, they achieved their best result ever this year.

  4. Hm, well good luck. Unfortunately they haven’t come up with something I really like, except for “C’est ma vie” from 2011 (though the 2009 and 2015 songs are both OK).

  5. The Israeli selection show “Next star for Eurovision” kicks off on October 30 and the difference with previous editions is that now well-known singers can also take part as contestants,The jury panel remains the same.

  6. The Sammarinese casting call video:

  7. More on the Greek preselection.6 artists representing 6 different record labels have submitted their entries:
    Areti Ketime
    Panangiotis Tsakalakos
    Vasiliki Stefanou(don’t know her)
    Stereo Soul&DJ Koncept
    Dimitris Kiklis(don’t know him)
    Giannis Moraitis(don’t know him)

    Christina Salti is said to be the Panik Records representative plus another label has expressed their intent to submit a song.

  8. Going to an 80s night at a club with one of my best friends tomorrow night. Super excited!!

    Also, I’m happy to officially be back with the 2018 season starting up soon. I missed you guys <3 .

  9. top-10 entries from Belgium. #2,#4 and #5 <3

  10. Am back as trying to focus on ESC issues, although it’s hard right now, especially from this weekend here in Catalonia and what will happen, I know from TVE journalists friends of mine that re Eurovision it will 1/ depend how successful the latest “Operación Triunfo” will be (after 10 years or more via TVE it is back again) and thus the winner etc will represent Spain ie Rosa, Beth etc 2/ focus on a particular singer/group for an internal selection, as always I heard Diana N was out there, she seems to have agreed in theory but with her own agenda re songs outside TVE control
    in the meantime I’m guessing even if Diana wins for Spain Lisbon 2018, ESC won’t be here in my dear Barcelona :-(

  11. Horostalites,a traditional folk group have also submitted a song to the Greek preselection.They describe it as a music trip to the different folk traditions of the whole of Greece.All in one song?Hmm

    • I wish them well, I love that kind of ethnic music, however since 1999 is clearly not the kind of stuff that would win ESC, as you may know I have my opinions about language rules in ESC, I think Salvador’s win helped along those lines this year!

      • It’s true that Salvador’s win prompted some broadcasters to go back to more ethno-styled songs sung in native languages but i don’t know if this will really pay off.

        • Salvador’s win should have prompted them to look for good music and real talent (like the song that won for Greece at ETSC) and not issue guidelines that makes it sound that they look for something ethnic-inspired, a genre which is not doing that well in ESC lately (this year only Hungary did well with ethnic and only in the televote). The kind of nobodies they have attracted so far is pretty impressive.

          • My comment was more general and not about the Greek preselection process in particular.As for the hopefuls,we should keep in mind that a committee of experts willevaluate the song which means not all of them will make it to the Greek final.I still believe Areti Ketime would be a very good choice especially since i admire Dimitris Karras’ work as a composer.

            • There have been many times in the past where ERT’s committee has made it clear there were no decent songs in the pre-selection stage. I hear that the lyricist for trash queen Efi Thodi is directly involved in at least two of them… As for Karras, his statements to the press about the song make me very apprehensive, but let’s hope for the best.

  12. The latest song by Monika Linkytè:

    • nice song, something I’d have written myself too,dear friend here I fear am going to have to leave you here and everyone else for some time soon via Catalonia, dear Shevek, we remember Portugal 74 here and carnations, and repression etc, is in Catalan blood, let’s see what happens :)

      • I hope that the Govern gets wiser soon enough. Gives us back the red carnations, the only existing repression is being perpetrated by los independentistas. The Guardian and the Washington Post have already realised that they were manipulated by the Govern. Be that as it may, I hope that everything ends well.

        • after so many years with you here through good times and bad times, you are right in the end, those who are who pro indendence here will continue their fight against Spanish interversion

        • dear Sevek, where can I start here?, about my childhood growing up in Catalonia and thus what has happened, you should also ask question via Spanish government!!

  13. Portugal = Catalonia! I guess

  14. I am already stunned at the amount of damage Sobral is causing to esc already music-wise and I was prepared for the worst already…Many call me pessimistic and say I am overreacting but I truly believe the contest may not recover from the Sobral effect any time soon…I fear a return to the years of the 90s-200s irrelevancy is very likely..I hope I am proven wrong.

  15. Duo Fina and Toni Vlahos have also submitted songs and now they’re 10 with 6 days to go till the deadline.This is Toni whom i really disliked in X-Factor:

    • His song is a Greek Jazz tune in Greek with some lyrics in Spanish since his mother is from Spain.

    • Why is the submission process so public this year I wonder..Usually the names were released by the broadcaster itself when they have made their choice of artists..

      • I don’t really know.The artists themselves or the record label in some cases have revealed the fact they have submitted a song.ERT hasn’t made any comments about it.They have only announced this 8-members committee that will evaluate the submitted entries and decide who’ll make it to the final.

  16. Oh God.What a mess.Duo Fina consists of 2 Mezzo sopranos who are ERT employees and in case they make it to the final they will be supported by ERT’s Musican Ensemble.

  17. 43 countries will take part in Lisbon’s esc.

  18. Mans Zelmerlow,ZOE and British radio producer Dave Berry are the 3 judges of the Sammarinese selection.

    • This just keeps getting weirder and weirder…IMO its going to either produce something completely ridiculous or something very good.

    • The working season for Måns is about to beging. Wonder how many Heroes with choregraphy followed by crappy new single he will do this year in NF’s? Ah, he probably do some “international” judging as well.
      I think he should switch to Cara mia! I love it. And choreo too! 😃

  19. Slavko didn’t make it to the live showm of the X-Factor obviously.

  20. The winner of ETSC 8,Dimitra Selemidou was one of the guests of this Saturday night show and she gave a spine-tingling performance of her 2nd single “Mama,mpampa”(Mom,Dad):

  21. Offtopic, but Czech Rep’s elections are worrying. As usual, when a country goes to the extremes and populists (even more when it’s a fraudulent billionaire…) However, for Eurovision, the left in power the last 4 years (mind you with a rather economic success but anyway) took the decision to return to the contest and actually try! Obviously, considering all the extreme right or eurosceptic parties that did well in the recent elections, we can be sure they’re gone.

    Same thing with Austria, the country finally returned and decided to care for it with the left finally in power in the country. I fear the recent elections there means a step back for Austria in the contest.

  22. RTP director reveals the concept behind this year’s postcards:
    “42 delegations will come to Portugal to film their postcards in 42 different locations in order to showcase Portugal during the live shows”.

  23. Russian singer Zelimkhan Bakaev reportedly murdered amidst anti-LGBT crackdown in Chechnya with both the chechen and federal russian governments covering up for it with fake videos and messages :


    Delete my comment if you want but I would nuke this whole country out of existence at this point. Words cannot describe my anger that this is allowed to continue and the EBU continues to allow to this nation to participate in esc.

    • Νuking a country out of existence sounds like a very pacifist solution indeed.

      By the way, I wouldn’t trust a single word I read about the whole chechen purge business, especially from the anglo-american so-called gay media whose planted stories are especially calculated to produce this sort of primal emotional response. Back in July, Amnesty International had to come out with a statement explicitly stating that the reported executions of 27 men in Chechnya had nothing to do with an anti-gay purge as was widely reported by angloamerican lgbt sites at the time.


      What is even worse is that nobody gives a damn about 27 or 270 people being murdered in that hellhole, unless they can pigeonhole it to address a specific minority constituency…

      • And I suppose the chechen gay man that came forward with his testimony a few days ago is also an american agent and chechnya and russia in general are a paradise for sexual minorities smeared by the bad west – its all negative publicity I guess.
        I m honestly speechless with this comment, I dont know what else to say.

        Pacifist solutions are long gone by in my mind regarding this poor excuse of a (european especially) nation especially given the influence it holds over its neighbours like Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan etc.

        Russia must be isolated completely even if it holds an upper hand in matters of energy supply with natural gas etc

      • For the first time today, French press talked about it and they really implied he’s dead. A propaganda video came out saying “look he’s in Germany” with decorations that can only be found in Russian shops…

        • Yes as I said it is very interesting that the only way anyone will be interested in the human rights hellhole that is Chechnya is if we have sexual minorities persecuted. As if they weren’t in a mountainous muslim Caucausus republic. In such situations of course gays are the first to pay the prize.

        • It’s not just that – the thing looks so staged. The way he talks and acts in this video (if it is him indeed) is weird at best..

    • Chechnya and its horrible ruler are another source of shame for the shameless russian state.This is was the French wikipedia writes about Bakaev’s disappearence: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zelimkhan_Bakaev
      Alas,extreme right wing supporters of Putin and even Kadyrov(!)seem ti be everywhere always willing to support their authoritarian daddies.

      • Who is the extreme right-wing supporter of Putin and …Kadyrov? Me? You must be seriously joking.

        The wikipedia page that you cited here mentions as authorities confirming Bakaev’s death “reports in the international lgbt media based on sources in the area who claim he was arrested and tortured to death”. I am sorry but that is not confirmation, not even by wikipedia standards.

        And that is not about the fate of a young man who I sincerely hope is still alive. It is about a war of propaganda (in which there are always two sides planting fake news, like the one about 27 gays killed back in July) and a comment about nuking a country. If someone said that the islamic world should be nuked because of jihadi attacks in Europe or they way they treat gays, I am sorry but everybody would treat it as a racist, intolerant comment. So this “extreme right-wing” phraseology seems a bit rich if you look at the original comment.

        • Do you deny that a large number of people identifed as LGBT were targeted and tortured and killed because of their sexuality then amidst a purge against sexual minorities ?

          Russia is supposed to be a european nation, part of the so called “advanced” world and currently it is the ONLY country belonging to that bracket that experiences such a violent regression. Everywhere else, from the balkans to the baltics to Ukraine there is some progress. In some cases minor, insignificant, even stagnant but not this thing.

          • Russia and Turkey, yes. I don’t deny it, in fact I am sure it was happening long before it became a news item. What I don’t like is my identity and my rights being used as pawns in geopolitical games. Do you believe anyone’s human rights are protected in Chechnya? Of course not. But somehow we have to find a target niche audience for people to care. That’s what I am talking about.

      • He is a handsome young man … :(

  24. To lighten the mood,this is Mikael Saari taking part in a Finnish show and this is his take on Queen’s “Show must go on” and those tight pants:

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