Lithuania: Long-running Eurovizijos Returns as National Selection

Lithuania – The submission period is now open if you’re a Lithuania citizen and want to enter the Lithuanian selection marathon that is Eurovizijos Atranka. You have until 1st December 2017 to enter. The format is then unknown. Rumours that they make it up as they go along on a weekly basis cannot be confirmed. Eventually somehow a jury / televote final will choose an act, with a song. Eurovision Times will try and make sense of it all and work out what’s going on each week once it starts because we love it.

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156 comments on “Lithuania: Long-running Eurovizijos Returns as National Selection

  1. Romania will hold it’s very own Melodifestivalen.5 semifinals will take place in 5 different cities while the final will be held in Bucharest.

  2. I went through this year’s JESC roaster (minus Ireland which will be announced just a week before the event) and I have to say it is not amazing imo. There is quality but it feels very one dimensional in terms of variety.

    Albania : In dire need of polishing. The girl is talented but everything feels amateurish in terms of composition and the delivery very exaggerated – 4/10
    Armenia : Very different approach for Armenia. Nice message, nice lyrics and Misha is a charming boy. Feels a minute too long I’d say – 7/10
    Australia : They continue with more teen/adult like female acts and this one may be their best so far imo.Nice uptempo tune. With a proper delivery this can be in the top 3 easily – 8/10
    Belarus : Probably my favourite and winner alert 1. It could stand in adult esc as well. Helena is interesting, she can sing and the song has a nice edge to it – 8.5/10
    Cyprus : The lyrics feel very vain and this girl is not particularly likable or charismatic imo. Won’t be the breakthrough Cyprus wants – 5/10
    FYR Macedonia : Another one that can easily stand in adult ESC imo. The chorus feels a bit repetitive and underwhelming but a quality effort overall that is among my favourites – 7.5/10
    Georgia : They are going for retro once again (after 2013) but with a 90s ballad feel to it. Grigol is probably the most talented singer this year and I feel they could do more with his talent, this song feels a tad below him – 6/10
    Italy : I guess even years do not work for Italy much in JESC..This is supposed to sound motivational but leaves me cold and underwhelmed. Very forgettable but Maria Iside has a charming voice. – 5/10
    Malta : Winner alert 2.Malta also goes a very differenr route, the song is a bit reminiscent of “People of the sun”, the armenian entry in 2014. Gianluca is super charming and charismatic, vocally strong and I can see this grabbing the trophy easily – 7.5/10
    Poland : After a strong and underrated comeback last year, this year Poland provides the most forgettable ballad sung by the most uncharismatic live performer. She is vocally ok. – 4-/10
    Portugal : They are stuck in jesc 2007 in a really bad way I am afraid, they have lost contact with jesc. The song is embarassing and a pity for this girl who is very sweet and can sing. I can see no scenario where this doesn’t finish last but then again Sobral won esc so who knows…. – 3-/10
    Serbia : It may seem a bit off in modern more adult-oriented JESC and a bit naive but I like it, it’s a sweet song and the girls are very charming as well. I hope it does well – 7+/10
    Netherlands : It’s a teen boyband. I feel the boys look way too young for this song and boyband mood in general but I have to admit it is catchy and it will do well, there is an audience for that for sure – 7/10
    Ukraine : I am pretty neutral towards this entry. I feel it lacks focus and coherency but it has a nice chorus. – 6.5/10

    • Boomerang’s author is Vahram Petrosyan who composed JESC winning song Mama. He is local hitmaker and I’m surprised that he didn’t use folky elements as he usually does.

  3. Eleni Foureira’s label proposed a complete project to ERT incuding the song for Lisbon and the sponsors but it was rejected.They said that they opt for a NF this year.

  4. The national broadcaster of FYROM owes money to EBU so they could be penalised.Could their esc participation be in danger?
    In other news,the Dutch artist will be revealed in November.

  5. Hurts say they want to win Eurovision.Why does BBC not give them a chance? https://inews.co.uk/essentials/culture/music/electropop-duo-hurts-want-win-eurovision/

  6. The German preselection will be a quite complicated affair involving an international panel of 100 people recruited online (perhaps they will ask some of you) and an international expert jury of 25 people who have served on ESC juries in the past. Out of all acts submitted only the international panel and jury will choose 20 that will go to the next stage. 5 will then be selected for the NF, where they will sing different and original songs at least. Let’s wait what the result of this complicated process will sound and look like.

    • People commenting on PB are extremely skeptical …

      • And for a good reason. This 100 + 25 international panelists is just smoke and mirrors, a make believe of broadcaster doing something. It’s the songs they should concentrate on to get the best possible material to choose from. That’s how SVT does it. Björkman has been sitting in record label meeting rooms for many many times by now looking up for next Heroes.

    • The Lithuanian school of thought is gaining ground… good luck!

    • Why so many people? They could just hire some of us! We would even do it for free! Much cheaper method :-)

  7. Operatic entries in eurovision:

  8. 16 songs have been submitted to the Greek preselection according to an article published earlier today.The deadine was today so now the jury will listen to them and decide which songs will make it to the NF.

  9. I don’t have a good feeling about this.This guy has also submitted a song to ERT.It’s called “Mesogeios”(Mediterranean). :/

  10. Areti Ketime in his first interview about her esc participation:

  11. Finally after quite some time a song from Loreen i really like:

  12. Off-topic: I got a terrible toothache all of a sudden yesterday in the late afternoon. Because we have this longs 5 day weekend that began today all the dentists had already called it a day. Since the ache became worse and worse, my father brought me to the emergency ward in Stuttgart’s dental hospital where I was told that I had to wait for 6 hours at least. I really wonder what I pay those 600 € health insurance for every month. :(
    I went back home, did not sleep a single minute last night I went to a dentist in Kornwestheim who had emergency duty for LuBu county this morning. He was extremely hot and did a great job. My tooth feels as if it was new. :)

  13. Hola everyone! FYI I’m now living in the newly declared Republic of Catalonia so am not sure what to say/do here anymore especially re Spain or as we now call “the Kingdom of Spain” at least I would change our new national anthem which has always been kind of dreary and full of references to violence against oppressors! maybe it could turn out right in the long run

  14. ROFL The so-called Europe Panel in the German preselection will be exclusively German because, as HoD Thomas Schreiber said, in the last 4 years the German televote had been closer to the final result than any other televote. What a mess! Will it be a beautiful mess at least? We will know soon enough …

  15. Gianna Terzi,the daughter of an ultra famous Greek singer has also submitted a song in the Greek preselection.She never really made it despite her dad’s help and now she tries to restart her career through esc…Mehhhh

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