Junior Eurovision: 2018 Contest to be Held in Minsk

Junior Eurovision – The rules have been changed and instead of next year’s contest potentially being held in the winning country, it has already been decided where it will take place… Minsk in Belarus. This is to help planning and the longevity of the contest. EBU Members were given the opportunity to apply to host JESC 2018 and Belarus’s application was judged to be the best.

2018 will be the second time the Contest will take place in Minsk, following BTRC’s hosting in the Belarusian capital in 2010.

Jon Ola Sand, the EBU’s Head of Live Events said:

“The rule change to allow a host for next year’s competition to be chosen earlier not only gives the host broadcaster longer to prepare what is a huge production but also protects the future of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. We are therefore delighted to announce, before we gather in Tbilisi for the 2017 competition, that BTRC will be the host broadcaster of the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. BTRC’s application to host was extremely strong, and we have full confidence that they will put the same enthusiasm into the preparations of next year’s event.”

The 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in the Olympic Palace in Tbilisi on Sunday 26th November 2017 16:00-18:00 (CET).

11 comments on “Junior Eurovision: 2018 Contest to be Held in Minsk

  1. Given the selection of songs so far I’d say this choice may not fall far off from the “winning country hosting next year’s contest” theme. IMO Belarus is the frontrunner to win till now and I’d say probably only Malta can threaten that. Of course JESC powerhouses Georgia and Armenia have not revealed their songs yet.

  2. In the first 10 years of JESC the organizing country never was the winning country. Armenia 2011 was the first time the previous winner and the organizing country were the same, thought that was a coincidence because Armenia was chosen for 2011 before the 2010 contest was held.

  3. San Marino to bring a “revolutionary project” to Eurovision 2018 :


    Apparently SMRTV is holding a press conference tomorrow in Rome to talk about all things Eurovision concerning them, including their objections to the voting system.

    I don’t know if the “revolutionary concept” concerns their 2018 entry or their proposals to address their concerns though. I’d say they do not intend to withdraw though given how much they fight for it.

  4. San Marino launches it’s first national final selection, a big project called “1 in 360”. Online submission platform, building online support, choosing 10 finalists and then 10 live shows starting in January 2018 and finishing in February 2018 :


    I expected them to withdraw but not only they do not but double down on it and go big. It seems some big company with big money is behind this. Let’s see…

  5. TBH, I’m excited for San Marino. It also seems a prudent thing to do as a microstate.

    It could be good, it could be HILAROUS, it could be so bad it’s good, it could work… Nevertheless I am here for it. First row

  6. Montevizija,the national final of Montenegro will take place in February.A special committee will determine the 5 finalists and then televoters will select the song that will represent the country in Lisbon.

  7. so apperantly this contest is not dead yet lol. Tbh I care less and less about jesc each passing year. Children should not compete in anything where they can come dead last, especially not when it comes to these one in a lifetime opportunity form of contests.

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