Slavko Makes it to UK XFactor’s 6 Chair Challenge

Former ParticipantsSlavko Kalezić (Montenegro 2017) has taken a step further in this year’s UK XFactor after his cover of Rihanna’s ‘Where Have You Been‘ won 3 of the 4 judges over. The performance was not without much hilarity however… 

Not long into the performance, Slavko’s current trademark long braid became unattached and flew off his head. Watch it now.

Will Slavko make it to Judge’s Houses?


32 comments on “Slavko Makes it to UK XFactor’s 6 Chair Challenge

  1. *shudders*

  2. To each his own, I guess.

  3. Typical, keeping him around to be the comic relief

  4. Nicole loves him she is going to keep him imo till the lives probably. I dont know what happens there.
    I dont approve of the way they treat him though. They make fun of him and thats unethical imo.

  5. That was so bad.I guess even talent shows need their joke act.

  6. Camp factor > talent

  7. The Belgian hopeful covers “Amar Pelos Dois”.She also revealed that she will be singing her esc entry in English:

  8. Beovizija,the Serbian NF consisted of 10 songs will take place in February.A jury and televoters will decide which song will fly the Serbian flag in Lisbon.

  9. 2 Ukrainian semifinals will take place on 10 and 17 February.The final on February 24.

  10. Well, at least he’s got his suit on. So no need to worry.

  11. typical UK stuff, thus means really nobody cares,

  12. The 8 member artistic committee that will evaluate the songs sent to ERT have been revealed.They’re all professional musicians,music directors and one radio producer.I don’t like the fact it’s an all-male committee though.

  13. A Dal kicks off on January 20 and will run through February 24.

  14. indeed :-)

  15. Yes, we will get a proper Beovizija this year. I wish that Croatia did DORA again too.

  16. Changes in San Remo:
    1.No song will be eliminated.All competing entries will make it to the final night.
    2.The Duets night is coming back to replace the Covers night.
    3.Televoting increased to make 50% of the vote while the jury’s vote will be reduced to 20%.
    4.Songs’ duration can now be up to 4 minutes.
    What stays the same is that the SR winner gets to represent Italy in Eurovision.

    • Televoting will be go up to 50% from 40% of the total on final night only. So it seems they want another Gabbani to come out of this. On the other hand, raising the duration limit to 4 minutes will only mean more butchering of the song for ESC. I think the duets is a good idea, but they should have gone the opposite way with the elimination system. Ideally for me, no more than 10 songs should be left on final night. What’s the use of spending so many days without separating the stronger from the weaker entries?

  17. off topic:
    The new (new at least to me) layout of the official eurovision site is AWFUL.
    I simply cannot follow it.

    • They have had this layout for some time and I don’t like it either. Unfortunately there seems to be a general trend towards less clearly structured and less user friendly websites.
      That is the reason I always wait for Dimitris to post the important stuff here. :)

    • this layout was used last year and it made it much harder to gather information, pictures, videos…

      • Exactly, I tried to gather some info twice these last couple of weeks and I gave up.

  18. Jana Burceska gave birth to a baby girl.Congrats!

  19. Eurovsion gossip (actually from confirmed sources :) ) :
    Jelena Tomasevic (Serbia 2008), sent application for Beovizija 2018 (Serbian national selection) with song penned by Sergej Cetkovic (Montenegro 2014). They already collaborated on a song from her previous album “Da mi je da mi se vrati”.
    I am really excited about this :)

  20. Slavko got a chair for now.Protect your ears;

    • He held on it and goes to judges’ house and if he makes it to the top 4 there he goes to the live shows. Jon Lillygreen (Cyprus 10) was also competing in the same category but did not make it.

  21. I just showed my mum the performance and we couldn’t do much but laugh. I love Slavko, he’s a great guy, and for entertainment factor I hope they keep him in to the live shows. We all know the show is a set up and a joke, and at least he makes me laugh.

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