France: Televised National Selection to be Used

France – According to reports in France Ouest, France Télévisions (the French National broadcaster) is to televise its selection process as part of this year’s selection of its Eurovision representative. The French Canadian singer, Garou (Pierre Garand), will host a three-day show in January 2018 where the winner will be chosen by a jury and televotes. 

The first 2 shows will start with 15 acts and will be pre-recorded and a jury will put through the best acts  for a jury / televote in the live grand final on the third day. A song will be composed for the winner at a later date.

France Télévisions opened submissions back in June. You can enter HERE. There can not be more than 4 authors / composers and the song must contain at least 70% of lyrics in French.

France has not won the contest since 1977 with Marie Myriam. Since 1998, when the televoting was invented, France has almost always been in the bottom-10 countries in the final, coming 18th (2003 and 2008), 19th (1999), 22nd (2006, 2007 and 2012), 23rd (2000, 2005 and 2013), 24th (1998) and 25th (2015). The last time France had a national selection, the French public picked Twin Twin (2014) who finished bottom with only 2 points.

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84 comments on “France: Televised National Selection to be Used

  1. In the end here I mean I’m going to reply to my (our) dear Oxi, I’m stuck here in Barcelona as a journalist and got hit on the head yesterday, am ok, I fear next weekend will be a bloodbath :-( my dear Oxi here will be the first to know :-)

  2. Vaidas’ kiss.Hmm:

  3. Apparently Turkvision has been facing issues the last 2 years and its discontinuation looks likely. It did not take place in 2016 at all and it was scheduled for the end of August this year in Astana but, again, for reasons I could not track, it did not occur and it seems unlikely it will take place in 2017 as well.

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