Who Should Represent Your Country at Eurovision?

Eurovision 2018 – It’s only 4 days until September 1st… the date that songs can start to be published that could take part at Eurovision 2o18 in Lisbon. But who do you want to see there? We want to know who you’d love to represent YOUR country! 

They can be famous names… even if you think there’s no chance they’d ever d0 ESC, or little known bands or artists that you love or think would fit the Eurovision stage perfectly.

If you’re an artist and want to nominate yourself, feel free…

You can tell us in different ways, and we’ll run some articles soon on the suggestions we get, so you can see if you agree with fellow Eurovision fans.

How to tell us who you want on the Eurovision stage:

1. Leave a comment saying the country and artist below

2. Leave a comment saying the country and artist on our Facebook page

3. Tweet us saying the country and artist: @eurovisiontime

4. Email us saying the country and artist on: eurovisiontimesesc@gmail.com

Feel free to send us any videos of the artists too.


63 comments on “Who Should Represent Your Country at Eurovision?

  1. If only… 😢

  2. Or this pretty face 😍

  3. Nikolas Metaxas or Sandy Brour for something bolder – Cyprus.

  4. Greece:
    Sleepin Pillow

    or, Villagers of Ioannina City

  5. Amy Macdonald – surely one of the most underrated musicians Britain has. Somebody like Birdy, or a country act like Ward Thomas or The Shires would also do well perhaps.

  6. Katinka, Annika Aakjær or Cæcilie Trier (CTM) for Denmark would be fantastic.

  7. Hmmmm…

    • You may be kidding, but if you take a look at ogae greece site you’ll realise that people there don’t, regarding those particular names and their taking part in ESC ;) :D

  8. As an Albanian, there are many Albanian-American or Albanian-British musicians (Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha, etc) who’d be great, but I feel like that’s a bit of a cop-out and not too realistic.

    As for singers who have their careers within Albania/Kosovo, I’d say some really great choices would be Era Istrefi (although she is becoming a bit international), Besa Kokëdhima, and Arilena Ara. Besa took part in FiK once (I think), so I think she’s more realistic than Era and Arilena who’ve never done FiK (but Arilena did do Kënga Magjike 2016 so she may be more open to it now). Era is also probably the most popular female singer in Albania right now, so she’s probably super unrealistic.

    I don’t think many people here would like them as they’re super pop princess-y, but I think they could get a good result for Albania.


    Besa (ignore the bad lip synching)


    • Both Era and Arilena did ETSC. I voted for both!!! <3

      • I love them <3

        Albania has such a great music industry that isn't shown in ESC, it's too sad. Getting rid of FiK would drastically increase the quality, and that was proven in 2015 when they used a song from the Albanian pop music industry and not FiK.

        • I agree. No wonder ALB 2015 got the best feedback from fans!

        • I agree. I love fik for what it is, but it’s old news now (as Albania did fine in esc in 2004-2012 with “Suus” being its swan song) and it feels like old Eurovision genre. Nowadays, esc is going to a different direction (as seen in all nordics failing to Q in esc 2016 except Sweden) and countries need to understand that to keep track or else, like Serbia did in 2013-2014, they’re gonna lose grip completely!

  9. Christine and the Queens could win esc I reckon.

  10. There are so many great artists in Sweden that can do really well in ESC, and with some great songs they could win the contest easily. Just a shame SVT tends to go for “show-case” numbers, instead focusing on artistic performances and quality numbers that won’t be forgotten easily (like Euphoria and If I’m Sorry). These would be my first-choice artists:


    Veronica Maggio:

    Mando Diao:

  11. There are 2 options that will make me happy and both did ETSC or FDLCE:
    1. Srbuk (Srbuhi Sargsyan)

    2. Vigen Hovsepyan

    It was quite enough of Avant Guard now for diversity I want good pop or folk stuff for the next eurovison!

  12. How male esc participants looked then and now.Impressive change for Josh Dubovie.Hmm.I wonder if it’s natural. https://eurovision.tv/story/what-do-they-look-like-now-male-Eurovision-stars-from-the-past

  13. Supernova will be Latvia’s method of selecting their esc entry for yet another year.The change is that now foreign songwriters will be able to take part but their copyright cannot be more than 30% of a song(what a stupid rule).

  14. ESC Portugal must have read your article, Hulluna. They’ve just published the names of 20 possible invited composers for FdC 18:

    Part I
    Part II

    Mishlawi was born in the States, but I was raised in Portugal (Cascais); the rules were changed so that people like him could enter songs:

    They feature one of my favourites current Portuguese bands: Best Youth:

    I had this song waiting in the wings to send to FdlC, but I am going to post it now.

  15. Agir:

    Mishlawi (born in the States, but living here since he was 10)

    Mastiksoul (born in Angola, Portuguese citizen)

    Best Youth (one of my favourite current Portuguese bands; they’ve worked with Moullinex in the past, Dino)

    P.S. – ESC Portugal must have read your article, Hulluna; they’ve published the names of 20 possible composers who may have been invited to write songs for FdC18.

  16. I don’t live in Spain but can’t they just send Diana Navarro already?

  17. if my country would held a national final, I would definitely try my luck

  18. Within Temptation for the Netherlands would be so asome. I think we could end up high with a good power song by them.

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