Serbia: Selection Goes Public!

Serbia – National broadcaster, RTS, has announced Serbia will choose its Eurovision representative in a new way this year. For the last two years an internal selection has been used but this year a  selection programme ‘Pesma Evrovizije‘ will be aired on TV. 
Last year’s representative, Tijana Bogićević, did not qualify for the grand final with her song ‘In too deep‘ so changes have been made.

All songs entered must be in the Serbian language or any other official language of Serbia and the performing artist must have Serbian nationality. The composer, however, can be non-Serbian. Submissions must be made anonymously until 20th October 2017. A panel of music experts will decide which 10 songs will be presented in a televised show. The winner will be chosen by 100% jury at the end of that show.

The rules can be found HERE. You can enter by sending your composition to: JMU, Radio-televizija Srbije, Zabavni program, Muzička redakcija, Takovska 10, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

46 comments on “Serbia: Selection Goes Public!

  1. Jelena for Serbia 😀

  2. “All songs entered must be in the Serbian language or any other official language of Serbia”

    So I guess the options are between serbo-croat, albanian, hungarian, slovak, romanian, bulgarian and ruthenian. Something in the lines of the proposal of the spanish socialist party that the spanish entry should only be performed in one of the country’s four official languages (castilian, catalan, basque or galician)

    It will be interesting to watch where the return of national languages after Portugal’s victory will lead to. Will the contest really become more multi-lingual or will that movement die out soon?

  3. Hmmm..disaster behind the corner..

  4. Cute, they left door open for G:son and another luke warm result with under cooked jury friendly song.

  5. But whats the point in having a national final if the jury has the last say anyway?! o.O

  6. Olá, everyone! Hola! I am in Spain and have just walked for miles, after a long drive. Go, Serbia! Am looking forward to this. Marko is back! Bug hug for him! To the shower!

  7. Looking the bright side of this: the audience will choose their representative… oh, its a jury! :P Then I hope the show will give RTS a lot of money :)

  8. RIP Margot Hielscher.

    Good luck to Serbia. :)

    • I hope you are keeping okay Togravus. I know you have a lot going on with people around you passing and not being well. Dealing with the older generation is hard, I have been quite involved myself around these parts and I know it isn’t easy especially when known personally as you do with your parents and neighbours.. I just hope that you’re managing to cope and are feeling okay too.

      • Thank you, Martin. I am doing fine. It’s not onl been about the older generation. The friend and neighbour who died last month was only in her 40s. Anyway, I am looking ahead, planning my September/October holiday and taking a break from ET. I hope that everything is well in County Donegal too.

        • Good to hear. A trip away is always something to look forward to and a break from around here might not be such a bad idea. Clear the head and recharge the batteries.
          Things are quite fine here thank you :)

          • It is not about clearing the head but about feeling uncomfortable. I came here to talk about music and songs back in 2010 but nowadays the comments section seems to be mostly about hot males, gay sex and bashing institutions that have absolutely nothing to do with ESC or music in a wider sense (Israel, the Pope). I am not interested in other people’s sexualities and sexual preferences, and I find the attitude towards the Pope rude and disrespectful (I am no religious man myself), in particular because we have members here who are pious Catholics. What bugs me most though is that nobody spoke up when both Israel and I were unfairly attacked the other night. Seeing everyone look the other way really hurt. It was like being beaten up in the streets and people just passing by. In my opinion we have become a community of bullies and chickens, and that makes me feel very uncomfortable. Plus, the community is becoming as monolithic as the ETSC results. Why should anyone who is not a gay man thinking a lot about himself and hating the Catholic Church and Israel join ET at this point? Celebrate diversity … :(
            Sorry for being so outspoken but that is how I see things atm.

            • Well there’s not much I can add to that.
              I try and keep as far removed from politics and religon discussions on here so the last thing I was going to do was become embroiled in the scenario. I wasn’t even aware much about it until I came back to see what was going on later.

            • Taking every opportunity to be a victim? Still on with the labeling and the spreading of lies?

            • Don’t you dare talk in general here Togravus. Chickens and Bullies? Gay sex?! o.O We don’t talk about music anymore? Where are you getting all of this?! So I am a chicken then for not wanting to talk about politics? Literally 5 procent of the comments were about “hot males”, other gay stuff and the popes rather weak form of blasphemy and the rest was about the edition, life and music in general, comics and news. If you do not like that 5 procent then just skip it and move on like I do with politics. The religious stuff was also rather harmless as I have seen a lot worse then that in the past! And about the Israel thingy, Well you can’t have a decent conversation if you do not respect each others perspectives to begin with. So am I speaking up now or what?!

  9. Hopefully the public votes Sara like 2013!
    Or bring back Tijana, the song still rules.

  10. Margot Heilscher,the German representative of 1957 and 1958 has died,aged 97.May she RIP. http://esctoday.com/149691/germany-margot-hielscher-passes-away/

  11. Here is new Tijana Bogicevic’s song:

  12. I hope Macedonia will pick Antonia Gigovska next year with a ballad in Macedonian language like this:

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