EBU Launches Eurovision Asia!

Eurovision Asia – Exciting news for some Eurovision fans as today the EBU launched the official website of the Eurovision Asia Song Contest! The official website can be found HERE. Then EBU says up to 20 countries will compete and want fans to suggest which should be involved.  It also wants to know about your favourite Asian music, your favourite singers, songwriters, and who you would love to see perform on the stage of Eurovision Asia.

You can follow the news on Twitter too on @eurovisionasia or like their Facebook age HERE.

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222 comments on “EBU Launches Eurovision Asia!

  1. I think I am done with ET. Once lovely people turning to prejudice, hate and unfair allegations makes my heart sink.
    Hulluna and Morgan are great people but I fear that they can’t control what is happening here anymore. Badmouthing countries? Insinuating that people defend countries for sexual preferences? We lucicrous can things get? How low can we sink? Rock bottom has been hit. And I once thought that we were friends …

    • We have survived a lot of rock bottoms…This is nothing😉
      Sleep over it,tomorrow you will feel better,good night!

      Btw,I got your mail earlier today…I will read it tomorrow!

  2. Ppl stop fighting!

    Just say to each other, as our dear Sofi Marinova told top us back then:

    Seviyorum Seni
    S’agapo poli
    Yo te quiero a ti
    Volim te
    Mon cheri
    Teb obicham
    But dehaftu mange
    Voglio bene a te
    Men seni sevirem
    Ya habibi
    Je T’aime

    I love you so much!!!


  3. Gawd I spend ONE NIGHT away from the computer and THIS is what happens? I feel like a parent of way too many children sometimes…

  4. Well it’s far from being the first time things got heated here, and I have to say, it is far from being the worst case. When I became a regular back in 2013, there was just as much fighting – if not more.

    But I think people should sometimes be a little more careful about how you say things. Otherwise it just escalates, and it becomes quite a burden for the moderators.

    • (*it is also far from being the worst case)

    • It’s true, now it’s almost only during the heat of esc season that we get some passionate discussions that can turn ugly. But the rest is more civilized.

    • I’ve posted a song that speaks a bit on how I feel on the incident above. Hope you’ll like it, it’s a song I love much.

    • The other day you told me that you felt hurt because sb called Denmark the country of blandness in ESC. What do you think an Israeli ESC fan reading this thread of comments would feel.
      I am sad to see that most people don’t see this as a bad thing. ‘There have been worse times’, ‘There are still more better sides’ etc. It has never been that bad. We have never seen any ESC country bad-mouthed (and even implicitely denied the right to exist) before. Alas, I have the feeling that people did not react because it is only Israel … In fact some decided to join the bandwagon because it is always fun to side with the bully. That IS bad but most people will still keep quiet because an online song contest is more inportant than respect for every single country and persoan … and well, let’s put it out in the open: decency and humanity.
      There is heated personal style: personal insults, assumptions etc, and yes we have had a lot of those in the past. They aren’t half as bad as what happened last night imo.

      • Yes and I imagine that an Israeli ESC fan could potentially agree with many of the points. Firstly they cannot deny some of the historical facts and secondly there are MANY Israeli’s who support BDS either from within Israel or in exile (I have spoken to several and, importantly, listened to their views whilst trying to understand it myself). As I tried to highlight in previous messages everyone has different priorities and opinions based on their own personal experiences. I still fail to see how this is populist, hate-filled or prejudiced or jumping on a bandwagon.

        • I don’t really have an opinion on it all as I am just an ignorant hater who likes to jump on a bandwagon because I clearly cannot have an opinion based on hearing experiences of those actually involved, reading articles and books and paying attention in history classes. The last objective opinion I had was in 1984.

      • Yes, I would feel hurt by the discussion if I were an Israeli ESC fan. No doubt about that. I have never said otherwise.

        I just pointed to the words used by people on all sides of this discussion. When I feel hurt by something that is written here (like the example you mentioned above), it has not made me want to use strong words or things like that.

        • Hello from the lovely island of Mainau. I totally agree on personal insults which I simply ignore most of the time. This affair is totally different though because it isn’t a personal thing but about a whole nation. The implicit message to any silent reader from Israel was: I don’t want you here if you are Israeli because there is no place for Israel in ESC. That qualifies as plain racism in my book.
          I am very said that only Tecku and I spoke up against racism and that the editors obviously think that what happened last night wasn’t a big deal.

          • Seriously Toggie? When I have had time to read all the comments fully on here and to consider carefully what to say I will respond to your private email on the matter and also post a response here. Until then I would appreciate it if you do not presume what I think.

            • Sorry, hulluna. I have not checked my e-mail. I am in a really bad shape atm because I only defended Israel’s right to participate in ESC. I would have done the same if sb had posted that Palestine should not be allowed to particpate. I never talked politics and did not even reply to Dino’s historic lecture, which is mostly correct btw but has zero relevance for Israel’s ESC participation. Spain and Portugal participated when they still were fascist countries. Nevertheless, people acccused me of several things like being biased in favour of Israel (which I am not because the Israel-Palestine conflict is far too complicated for me to take sides. I only want it to end as well as possible for everyone) and for pinkwashing Israel. I most certainly did not pinkwash Russia when I was supporting their participation after tthe annexation of Crimea. This discussion is a good point of referrence btw. Only Guitar wanted Russia to be banned. Everyone else said: Keep politics out of ESC. So all this anti-Israel sentiment in the context of ESC must be down to factors totally unrelated to ESC. We are facing double standards, to put it mildly.

          • But I think you may be reading some things into people’s words that they didn’t mean.

            • Then they shouldn’t say them. Perhaps being German makes me extra sensitive to these issues but that is a good thing imo.

            • But one can not always tell how other people will understand ones words. I mean, if we go by that, then we wouldn’t be able to say anything about anything. And that is not exactly healthy.

        • Dimi too … in an ironic way. :)

      • Don’t worry, Dino. I am able to research the information I read about.

      • This fight should stop.

  5. Well Asiavision sounds interesting, but a little weird having Australia in both of the competitions doh :S But high hopes here about it ✌^-^

  6. I am glad I did not catch what happened last night. I still think that ET has more positive things than bad ones. We should focus on what we have in common – our love for music. Am off to the beach.

  7. Wow, what a mess of some people advancing academic liberal left reading of Israeli Palestine history after their views being challenged.

  8. Louis has given Conor the thumbs up, have you?

    • Hjallis & Martin: Bad news :( X Factor will not start until 2nd September and there will only be six live shows instead of 10. And contestants will be send home on the Saturday and Sunday :(

  9. Some posts on this thread have now been removed, as they included personal attacks on individuals. We want to make ET a welcoming and friendly community, where people feel they can contribute and post their comments.

    It’s easy to misinterpret posts when you’re not there in person, can’t see people’s facial and body language, and also sometimes when English may not be your first language. Please always try and look for clarification where possible rather than launching into presumption and an argument, especially when people try to explain what they were trying to say. Please also respect that others have different opinions, especially on topics such as politics and religion.

    We’d therefore like to remind people of some of our basic rules which are in place to try and ensure ET is a vibrant place to discuss ESC:

    – comments with xenophobic, racist, pornographic content will not be published or deleted as soon as an administrator is alerted to them.

    – Respect Your Counterpart: The discussion should be founded on mutual respect. You can disagree, but never get personal! Disagree without being disagreeable.

    – Respect Your Fellow Participants: Acknowledge the points made with which you agree and suggest alternatives for those with which you don’t. Be thoughtful and generous in your response to other people’s messages – try to consider what might be useful in what they are trying to say even if you disagree with it. Some would say this is the most important guideline of all!

    – No Flaming: Criticism must be constructive, well-meaning, and well articulated. Please, no tantrums. Rants directed at or about any of your classmates or other Eurovision sites are simply unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

    – Respect Diversity: It’s a multicultural world in which we live. Use no language that is offensive—or could be construed as such— toward others.

    Please note that moderators cannot monitor the form in real time 24/7. We also really don’t take any pleasure in censoring posts. We’re just Eurovision fans like yourself that have found a community we enjoy talking about ESC with. We don’t always see everything posted or see it quickly, so we need your help as a community to make ET a positive place to hang out please. If you are unhappy with anything you see posted on the forum you can raise it with us if we appear not to be online by emailing eurovisiontimesesc (@) gmail.com.

    Anyone not respecting these general rules will be warned first (on the comments sections with a general reminder) and on occasion by personal email, and can be banned from the discussions for a while or even forever. The punishment for breaking a rule is decided among the members of the main team or an administrator.

    Where we feel the need to impose moderation for a time, we will email the email address you have registered your Eurovision Times WordPress account with. It is your responsibility to keep that email address updated and check it, as we have no other way to contact you privately.

    Many thanks
    ET Admin Team

    • thank you hulluna, you are so right, especially after such a terrible thing which has hit us here in Catalonia, I am not sure what happened here before regarding such matters but I only want to add that we finally found our friend, she got a broken leg and we got to see her in the hospital

      • I’m so glad you found your friend and she is alive. My friends involved in the Bataclan are still suffering quite badly psychologically, so look after your friend and make sure she gets help to talk about it if she needs to.

    • I felt that Dino and I had a reasonable discussion after a few posts, I guess that our interpretations of debate are different.

      • I don’t know what you mean. We haven’t removed any of your posts. There was lots of very reasonable discussion imo on a sensitive topic, but a very mall minority of people made it personal and those are the posts that have been deleted.

        • Τhere was a discussion between Tecku and Dino that seems to have been moderated away. I know because at some point I replied to something Tecku wrote during that back-and-forth and that reply is gone as well.

          • As I can look into the trashed comments, I can say none of Tecku’s comments were removed (neither any of yours), but it’s possible that that conversation was started as part of a reply to one comment that was removed, and thus the whole conversation disappears. It’s how wordpress works, else we ought to leave the original comment with the whole message censored, and that looks a bit bleak imo

  10. thank you so much for your support/advice , in the end I realised/knew being in Barcelona that what matters is what unites us is so much stronger than what divides us

  11. Apparently Asiavision is the name of a pan Asian news show, so that’s why they didn’t go with that name.

    No way will this voting be political. Lol

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