Should ETSC 8 Go Blind?

ETSC – We’re still debating what can be done to make ETSC a better experience and the question of having a blind edition has been raised once more. It’s a time as good as any to ask people how they feel after ETSC 7, which had no changes of rules, happened. So, should ETSC go blind?

In the last polls, having a change in the rules was voted for ETSC 8 and not before. So ETSC 7 happened and as I said, I would wait for the feedback of that edition to know if we should change some rules. The results came in, some issues heated the discussion. In the poll, for sure, the blind edition was the closest result. So I asked a few random people, from regular HoDs to more newcomers, how they felt about having a blind edition: so thanks to Shevek, PJ, Hjallis, Dimitris, Donnie and Patrick for their feedbacks. With a few others, we discussed it a bit as well but not at length.

However, the feedbacks were very divided as well, in just a small pool of people. There are arguments against: people can’t defend their songs with promotion, feedback, stories about their entries, of course with lyrics and translations which all would have to go through me first (or stats about their own draws). Moreover, they won’t be able to show and discuss their selected countries with spokespersons, venues… It means much less comment, less fun, less occasions to digress. However, it can be very fun. We haven’t tried it out, and people against it often argue “it won’t change a thing” which can be interpreted in favor of it, if it can’t hurt it, what’s the harm in trying it out at least once?

Have your say:

We also had discussions about the predictions. People complained it made an official “taste” and in a way implied a predicability in our results. At the same time, ETSC 7 was less well predicted than ETSC 6 (where we had the full Top 5 right just not in the right order and 8/10), and had many surprises (Italy Top 3 wasn’t in the predicted Top 10, Finland was only 17th in predictions). More importantly, no one will stop others predicting once the voting is over, it’s the main and hot topic for the few days I need to do the scoreboard. One year, we said “hey, what’s the overall prediction, how did we do, who did better?” and there are no other ways to do it than with math. I can stop posting a prediction article, but I will still do the math to know how this time’s prediction went and who did the best. It might look less professional… You can discuss in the comments.

ETSC 8 signing up article will be published before the weekend, and the actual signing up can happen by the weekend or the day after.

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124 comments on “Should ETSC 8 Go Blind?

  1. When you have an early lead but at some point you realise that it won’t last long:

  2. (late reply for the FDLC thread)

    Thanks for the link guys!
    Yeah, I might enter, if to keep the fun of the contest format~
    And if my Plan A here doesn’t fall through, it just might there :)

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