Portugal: Festival da Canção Moves Cities, National Final 4th March

Portugal – With next year’s Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Lisbon, national broadcaster RTP has announced that their national selection, Festival da Canção, will take place this year in the city of Guimarães. This year’s winner of Festival da Canção will go straight int the ESC grand final as the host nation’s representative. 

This year’s Festival da Canção will see 20 songs chosen and these will battle it out in two semifinals on 18th February 2018 and 25th February 2018. 10 acts will make it through to the grand final. Voting will be 50/50 televote  and jury. Multiusos de Guimarães is the venue to host the final on 4th March 2018.

RTP also says that a different city will be chosen each year for four years to ensure Festival da Canção is hosted around the country in future, which is good news for fans of Portugal as it shows a commitment to continuing to particpate in the contest for some time.

28 comments on “Portugal: Festival da Canção Moves Cities, National Final 4th March

  1. It’s good that the win boosted the country’s love for Eurovision and Europe with football too! So, a socialist government can do wonders ;)

  2. If they go after the Sobral trend this is bound to be one of the worst nfs of the next season with any glimpses of hope that appeared last year gone I am afraid.

    The concept of moving FdC around the country (a cheap version of what MF has been doing for years) is positive though.

    • I dunno, I get that you don’t like Sobral but they had a few other good songs in their NF more up your alley like cutie Pedro :p

      • Pedro and Fernando saved FdC 17 for me. It was bad even for FdC standards imo and that says a lot imo given what I think overall of FdC as an NF. At least with Pedro a glimpse of a pop song in english however mediocre made its way to FdC through all the folk/dated tunes. I hoped they would build on that and we would some better examples of that break through to FdC but it seems unlikely after Sobral’s victory.

        I mean I dont blame them, it worked for them. I am talking on a totally personal level here.

        MF produces succesful entry after succesful entry and it continues its recipe naturally. Does not mean anyone changes their mind on it either.

    • Why ‘cheap version’?

      • There are surely many cheap and tacky wanna be Swedens in ESC, Denmark and Switzerland being the worst.

      • I meant MF is held over 6 different cities in one year while they plan for FdC to be held on a single different city throughout each year. Its much more costly to set an MF kind of production in 6 different venues over a month and a half.

        • You meant economically, but “cheap” can have a pejorative meaning too

          • I should have made it clear. Last thing I want is to get people worked up. Lets talk ETSC instead ! Half an hour left ! (And I got a 5:30 am wake up call lol)

        • It is just a different approach, and while I understand why those in charge of MF want to reach as many people as possible live, staying in one place has advantages too: You create a festival atmosphere you won’t get when you do the travelling circus thing. There are always two sides to matters like these. :)

          • I just should have made clear my use of the word cheap aimed at the financial aspects solely that the 2 concepts entail.

            On the reaching audiences matter imo it is more than that – MF brings the spotlight even for a night on some smaller towns and establishments. In an era of accelerating urbanization and degredation of the living quality in more rural communities such gestures carry some meaning imo (plus they generate revenue from possible mf fans attending from around the country ?)

            • I understood that after having read Morgan’s comment. Guimarães is a small town too and we should not forget that Portugal hasn’t many venues that can host FdC … at least not the kind of FdC you hope for … :)

          • ESC is national sport of Sweden. MF’s position is totally different to any other NF’s. It’s self made jewel in SVT’s crown, a great way to legitimize licence feed and reason to be. It’s as much about SVT’s brand as it is about music. Most of us loves MF just like me and even more people love SVT’s Malmö 16.

            • Yes, I know that. However, whatever works in Sweden won’t necessarily work elsewhere. Sth like MF would be mostly ignored here in Germany f. e.

            • That’s my point exactly. You need a nation that takes pride in being the ultimate champ in ESC. Tabloids have big Mello sections for whole season. Only in Sweden 😃

            • Celebrate diversity! :)

            • Indeed! Let’s see how the diversity fits ETSC 😃

            • The lesson from SVT for every broadcaster is to take it seriously and do your best from the begging Ning to (bitter) end and come back with same spirit. That’s why I have been so happy with new Bulgaria and Belgium. They are not playing and they get results.

            • And they do it in a totally different way …
              There is more than one way to skin a cat. Gosh! How I detest this idiom. It is much nicer in German: Viele Wege führen nach Rom (Many paths will bring you to Rome).

            • That’s actually much better. I have to start use it with my Swiss accent 😃

  3. They did it their way and they won. Go FdC!

  4. here in Spain we know very well such things about Portugal/ Iberian peninsula and obviously about voting etc , and obviously above comments re Portugal win,
    Salvador won NF thanks to jury vote, and in the end ESC, via solo televote would have got a screamy choir ended up in last positions

    • = never underestimate the power of a jury when it suits you versus the power of televoting when it suits you :-) so many examples, so little time…

  5. It’s a good thing. Hopefully they’re keeping the good songwriters contacts list close tho.

  6. Please pick Simone de Oliveira for Lisobon 2018!!!! Her 2015 FdC entry is MAGICAL! That woman and her wonderful raspy voice give me LIFE!

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