Lisbon Confirmed and Grand Final on 12th May

Eurovision 2018 – It has officially been confirmed that Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will take place in Lisbon on 8th, 10th and 12th May 2018.  The venue has also been confirmed, unsurprisingly, as the MEO Arena.

Jon Ola Sand, the EBU’s Executive Supervisor for the Eurovision Song Contest, said

“We are very pleased to announce that RTP will be hosting the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. The City has presented an exemplary proposal, and we look forward to working together to make Portugal’s first ever Eurovision the most exciting one yet. We would like to congratulate RTP on their professional and detailed assessments of all the bids.”

Gonçalo Reis, the CEO of RTP, said

“Hosting Eurovision 2018 is a great opportunity for Portugal, Lisbon, the entertainment industry, and RTP. We look forward to organising an event that will show our creative capabilities.”

34 comments on “Lisbon Confirmed and Grand Final on 12th May

  1. So, no Mayday :P

    Good luck, Lisbon!

  2. I’m looking forward to see how they are going to do this :)

    A personal wish list for the shows:

    Turn the sci-fi aesthetics down a bit, and make the visual effects more moderate: Less flashing lights; no pyro. If LED backdrops are used, make them more discrete – they can indeed be very effective when used right, but the way they have been used is often far too aggressive.

    More relaxed camera work. In other words: give the viewers some time to relax and reflect on what is going on. Less is more, and intimacy usually works better than the spectacular. It becomes tiring to watch if there are a hundred things going on at the same time.

    A warm visual aesthetics rather than a cold one. Soft organic lines usually feel more open and welcoming than a big imposant stage.

    Avoid making the grand final too long. In Vienna it lasted more than four hours, and that was all too much. There doesn’t necessarily have to be 4-5 interval acts.

    • I more or less agree on all :)

    • the interesting part is, we know RTP and the Sobrals’ views on the contest; we know EBU’s personal agenda (getting Australia in, making the draw themselves…): the question remains, what will esc 2018 look like? is EBU stronger than each broadcaster or not when it comes to Eurovision?

    • The Portuguese can be extremely chatty and I remember FdC going on for hours with nothing obvious happening in the past. It was very relaxing and just wonderful. Sometimes I even forgot that I had to rise early the next (same) day. On the other hand, the EBU has come up with a very strict corset for ESC, which has made the show quite tedious unless the entries or the voting are on. Nobody at our party pays attention to the hosts or the interval acts these days. It was different in the past … In fact, all the contests have been more or less the same since 2011. Oslo 2010 was the last one that had a distinct flavour imo. There isn’t much diversity when it comes to the format anymore and ESC has become the equivalent to business hotel chains, where you can’t tell whether you are in Berlin, Tel Aviv or Buenos Aires when you wake up in the morning: they are identical, clinical and void of personality. It isn’t easy to survive in such an environment for works of art, and that is the reason too why we get so much glittery plastic ware these days. Luckily, both Jamala and Salvador have proven that things might change for the better. :)
      Anyway, I believe that RTP wants to do some things differently, and let’s hope that the EBU will be open to suggestions. I’d be happy if ESC 2018 had a stronger focus on the songs and less interval acts.

  3. Hotel booked Hurrah Lisbon here I come! :)
    I shall also do a week before the contest elsewhere in Portugal.
    Whatever of the contest, it will be an historic occasion to be at Portugal’s first hosting and am sure the Eurovision village/stage and various cafe/clubs will be wonderful.
    Looking forward to this very much :)

  4. Guimarães will host Festival da Canção 2018.

  5. RTP has to choose this day to make the big announcement! I am finally home, cake has been eaten, wine has been drunk. :) There’s more work waiting for me tomorrow, early in the morning.

    Terreiro do Paço (formally known as Praça do Comércio after the 1755 erthquake, but the old name is still widely used) will be home to the opening ceremony (red carpet) and the Euro Village.



  6. Hotel Roma will be another good hotel for you to chose. It’s in Alvalade (where I live, quite near my home, actually):


    There is an underground station nearby.

  7. For all of you who cannot find vacancies in Parque das Nações: there are many, countless other choices in other areas of Lisbon and in nearby towns, such as Póvoa de Santa Iria:


    It’s very close to Estação do Oriente. There are a few ‘banlieue’ towns to the East of Parque das Nações with easy train and bus connections available.

  8. What I think would be most useful is a stage that can adapt itself to the needs of each entry, so that intimate entries can benefit from more intimate staging, while the more show-offy ones can be as spectacular as they want. Something like this perhaps:

  9. link from my dear euro friend:

  10. I’m counting on Shevek to be our very own private tour guide through all of Eurovision 2018 :)

  11. I love Lisbon…Definitely one of my favorite European cities…I think most European cities are very alike but Lizbon is quite different…it has a totally different soul,nature,people😊

    Happy to those going there❤

  12. I’ll probably be there, since my website team mates want it sooo much

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