Eurovision 2018: Lisbon Set to be Announced Tomorrow?

Eurovision 2018 – It was announced earlier tonight that there would be a press conference tomorrow evening, where it was expected that we would discover the venue and dates for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. It now appears that the announcement has been leaked early by local newspaper Observador. 

In the Observador it was stated that, perhaps unsurprisingly, the MEO Arena in Lisbon will host the contest, and the contest will take place during late April and early May. This means that the dates could be 1st, 3rd and 5th May 2018 which is earlier than recent years. The other cities in the running to host the event were Gondomar, Santa Maria da Feira and Braga.

Portugal’s national broadcaster RTP will hold the official press conference tomorrow,  Tuesday 25th July at 18:30 (CET) and we’ll let you know as soon as we can the confirmed dates and venue.

15 comments on “Eurovision 2018: Lisbon Set to be Announced Tomorrow?

  1. Mayday, mayday! :P

  2. RTP were clever and wise; they visited all the above mentioned cities and went for the obvious choice. The local mayors will be able to say to their voters that they fought hard for the right to stage ESC in the coming campaign for the local elections (October 1st).

    It’s the ideal venue; all the events can be organized right there, in Parque das Nações.

  3. Will the slogan be “Agreed and signed”?

  4. Will we be able to call it the MEOW arena? :p

  5. I don’t think anyone expected anything different really.

  6. Some sites now saying most likely dates 8.10, 12 May. Wish they’d hurry up. I want to confirm my hotel booking and be done with it.

  7. Lisbon 2018:

  8. So Lisbon 8,10,12 May. What a surprise. Not.

    I am honestly not looking forward to this. At all.

  9. Excited about the news as I’m hoping my agency will give me accreditation to go to Lisbon 2018 if I can come up with a reasonable excuse as it’s Iberian peninsula! :-) am working on it..any reasonable excuses here welcome :-) !

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