Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezić to Slay UK XFactor?

Former Participants – Hot on the heels of Saara Aalto’s success last year in the UK’s XFactor, another name well known to Eurovision fans looks set to take part in this year’s series… Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezić! No stranger to the X Factor format, Slavko found fame in his home country when he entered The X Factor Adria in 2013. 

Slavko is currently in London, where X factor are filming their boot camp, suggesting he has got through to that round at least.

Lucy Jones, a Sun reporter, bumped into him along with ESC Insight’s Lisa Jayne at Wembley Arena this week, posting the following photo on Instagram.

Source: Daily Star

12 comments on “Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezić to Slay UK XFactor?

  1. This makes me very happy lol

  2. He is most certainly more talent show material than credible artist. Enjoy the experience!

  3. He will sail to finals as in X Factor UK one slot is reserved to effeminate gay campster with loveable personality. They come as solo or duo. The part of the deal is that you get axed on very early stage. Only Rylan Clark could make career out of it, but then again he was the most loveable obe of them all.

  4. I wish him good luck, but I am not at all interested in his approach to music.

  5. Off topic – Sergey Lazarev is in Portugal, Porto to be exact, recording a video.

  6. Whatever. I don’t watch talent shows, and I found Slavko’s stage persona way too calculated and overdone.

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