Switzerland: National Final on 4th February

Switzerland – The Swiss national broadcaster, SFR, has announced the first details about its selection process for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. It will initially focus on the song, and consider who will perform it at a later date, plus give preference to Swiss artists or residents. Other changes include the introduction of an international jury and the removal of regional voting. 

A national final will be held on 4th February 2018 by SRG SSR, where six songs will be performed by various artists to see who sings which song the best. The final vote will be 50% public / 50% international jury.

Eurovision hopefuls will be able to submit their songs from the 1st of September 2017 until the 22nd September.

Switzerland has not won the competition since 1988 with Céline Dion. Since 2000, Switzerland has only once reached the top ten, in 2005 with the girl band Vanilla Ninja finishing eighth. Since the introduction of the semi-final round in 2004, Switzerland has failed to qualify for the final ten times.

23 comments on “Switzerland: National Final on 4th February

  1. The Comedy of Errors is now in my calender! 😃

  2. For a moment I thought it was Pablo organizing a NF for his entry…

    • LOL this comment made my day.

      I mean, for my entry I kinda had to organize a NF… with one band… and one song… with five versions of that song… <.<

      I am still gettin about 15 bad songs submitted to my door every day

  3. They should check FdlC. Switzerland has never missed the top 10 there. :)

  4. No internet selection this time?

    It means that there won’t be an entry from Männerchor Steili Kressä :/

  5. The usual disaster of NF is back!

  6. DISCLAIMER: I got nothing to do with this one!

  7. I am bracing myself for a see of glittering and hollow plastic. I hope I am wrong. Good luck!

  8. I wouldnt blame Switzerland if they withdraw soon. A country constantly providing quality entries treated like that result wise is shameful imo.

    I d say stick to your guns and do what you do. Everyone told Portugal to do the same and it worked for them. Switzerland provides immensly better entries so maybe they will get their turn soon. They definately deserve it. Good luck !

  9. I have just read PB’s extensive coverage on Switzerland, which includes a long interview with the HoD, and can provide some additional information. First of all, the HoD admitted (in a very diplomatic way) that the last 3 ESC entries weren’t strong enough. Insight is always more than welcome. The Swiss delegation had a workshop with the MF people (aka Björkman) and as a result they have come up with some new ideas which can be summed up as Swiss TV decides everything. As soon as you submit a song, you forfeit all rights to your song. Swiss TV is allowed to say: “Thank you for the nice song, but now you can go home. We don’t have any further use for you. Someone else will sing your song. Enjoy the show.” And that’s it. Moreover, neither the composer nor the artist performing the song in ESC will have any influence on how the entry is staged or how the artist is dressed. Alas, I am no fan of this approach at this point but we will see how it works out come February 2018.

    Good luck and Hopp Schwiiz!

    • Sounds a bit tired and very far fetched. It’s wrong address.
      First of all Switzerland doesn’t have world’s third biggest music export industry, which is well in known of all the possible and impossible trends regarding the entry. SVT surely makes the final decisions, but it’s more than easy to say to this bunch of professionals. That’s why their ESC friendly pop is always by miles better than their competitors.
      When it comes to Sweden and their ESC pop, they also have biggest advantege of them all – the Nordic family. Their entries are always well marketed all around Nordics, which turns into high points in all of the neighborng countries in jury and televote. Professional all out marketing in “home market” but also abroad one of the key reasons Sweden keeps doing so much better than those copy catting wanna be Swedes.
      That’s why I like them, even though I don’t always like their entries. I expect so much more from them as I have gotten during past two years.

      • As for Sweden, I appreciate the huge effort they make but alas, except for ‘Euphoria’ there has been very little for me to enjoy ESC-wise since 2010, and this year was a new low imo. :(
        I really loved MF until 2010, and even after things had started to go wrong, they always had some songs in MF I totally love: Anna Järvinen, Daniel Gildenlöw, Emilie Irewald, Pain of Salvation, Sanne Salomonsen & Marie Bergman and Sara Varga (2011). In the last two editions I couldn’t even find a song to support in MF anymore. :(
        As for Switzerland: They should have picked Fraissinet or Carroussel internally imo. Now we can only hope for the best … LOL

        • Shame it’s you and not Mr. Björkman telling them that! He knew this bit wanted to have big fat fee and eliminate one competitor. Swedes are ruthless when it comes to ESC. See what kind of mess he consulted for Ukraine 😃
          Seriously, Belgium have done so beautifully with internal selection and can only mean that the producer not only knows contemporary pop culture inside out, but is also very well connected in local market. It’s a difficult road, but with enlightened dictator you can make the difference.

          • I agree. Belgium has been fantastic lately … and if you consider where they came from. :) With the exception of Tom Dice they had been totally clueless since 2004.

            • If YLE had professional producer for ESC, of even one who knew ESC on some level, I would really love to see them take this road. We have very good indie and alt pop scene here. Both totally unheard of in UMK. It will be insanely bad next year, thanks to Blackbird’s crash.

            • I remember that I wrote that the blackbird would never get off ground when I first listened to the song in studio version. However, over the months the song grew on me and ended up in my top 10. Well, always trust your first reaction when it comes to ESC …
              I hope that Finland gets back on track. They have never done justice to their music scene when picking ESC entries. On the other hand, I have more Finnish than Swedish songs in my non-ESC playlist although I have to admit that all Nordic countries feature quite prominently there. My top 5 are: Greece, Italy, France, Turkey and Portugal … and then come Norway, Finland, Iceland and Serbia. I had very few Danish songs in my playlist until Anders started HoDing his home country. They haven’t quite caught up yet though …
              And because I seem to be stuck with Slovakia in ETSC, I have probably the most extensive Slovak playlist in Germany. LOL

            • Honorary music consul of Slovakia 😃

            • UK takes top spot easily of ESC countries followed by Italy, Sweden, France, and Iceland.

      • I agree with what you said, also noticed a huge drop in quality in MF since 2010 like Toggie, and a drop of musical substance over tv substance: I understand but I don’t like it. Swedish music is too big not to have milestones in MF (JayJay Johanson in 2013 for instance) and I usually like every other Swedish esc entry (or so). Plus MF is such an enjoyable package as a tv show I love it. I just don’t think it should be anything but a Swedish thing and I think CH should, as Guitar said, stick to their guns. Only Swiss can figure out how other Swiss will find their own masterpiece to win esc…

        • Nothing coins Swedish developement towards fantastic tv better than Heroes. I loved it, totally loved it, but only as live TV. As for the song outside ESC universe I couldn’t have cared less. MF is my favorite saturday entertainment and musically it will interesting to see what kind of directions it find after Björkman. Even more interesting to see if Björkman will get his crowning moment. He won’t change the strategy. Why should he? New Heroes or Euphoria might already be in the drawing boards of Swedish record companies. Who knows he might be playing the demo of it at this very moment 😃
          Then again after Ukraine 16 and Portugal 17 SVT might and should do some soul searching. Days of Sweden reigning supreme might be over as ESC friendly pop might not be the way to steal the crown anymore. Televoters weren’t too happy this year and sentiment might spread to juries.

  10. Lena’s victory is to my appreciation that exception to the rule saying something like “you can’t win with that terrible format”. Haven’t they LEARNT from what happened to Germany this year? How hard is to get that personnalities, stories, maybe even more than songs themselves (which come together to make the “package”), have been those rewarded recently ? Or is it that they just can’t resist the fun of playing match makers to make someone who supposedly is meant to make a song part of who their are, defining their whole personnality in just a couple of months cry in front of cameras the day following the contest, trying to keep it together while thinking that what could have been the greatest opportunity of the life actually turned out to be their biggest mistake ?

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