EuroStarz: 2017 Line-up Starts to Take Shape

EuroStarz – The annual off season EuroStarz concert will take place in London on 19th August 2017.  The event will take pace in The Star of Kings pub in Kings Cross, London. Hosting and performing at the event will be Karl William Lund, one of the six acts to take part in BBC Eurovision You Decide in 2016. 

Also announced to date is Anjeza Shahini (Albania 2004) and MIHAI (Romania 2006) with lots more acts t be revealed, so put the date in your diary.

Twitter: @starzconcert Website: www.eurostarz.co.uk

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125 comments on “EuroStarz: 2017 Line-up Starts to Take Shape

  1. Monika Linkitè’s voice is as great as it has always been:

    She was one of the first names I knew when I came here for the first time in late 2009. I became a huge fan. :)

    • It’s a sweet ballad plus you reminded me i should listen to “Po Dangum”.It’d been a while. :P

  2. What do these 2017 acts have in common?


    ANSWER: They all used fireworks and or pyro effects.

  3. Till the end of july the dates and the venue of esc 2018 will be announced.Most probable dates are 8,10 and 12 May.

  4. The answer to quiz No. 3:

    It referred to the number of songwriters behind the winning songs. A is 1, B is 2, and so on.

    There were a couple of uncertain examples though. F.e. according to the Wikipedia article Alexander Rybak wrote “Fairytale” with somebody else, but during the actual show, it was only credited to him.

    Another example is “Hard Rock Hallelujah” which is credited to all band members in Wiki, but – if I remember correctly – only to Mr. Lordi during the show.

    There might be more.

  5. A truly expert! I’ll go to Nisa tomorrow and buy you a big cheese!

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