Best Female vocals 2017: and the Frida goes to…

FridaEurovision Times Awards 2017 – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes to the best in every category! After a week in this category, it’s time to announce the winner and hand out the Frida. So who will win?


Technical Awards

Best Female vocals

TheET Awards five entries nominated were:

  • Armenia‘s Artsvik at the Grand Final
  • Czech Republic‘s Martina Bárta at the First Semifinal
  • Finland‘s Leena Tirronen at the First Semifinal
  • NetherlandsLisa Vol, Amy Vol & Shelley Vol at the Grand Final
  • Poland‘s Kasia Moś at the Grand Final


Former winners are: Zlata Ognevich (Ukraine, 2013), Ilse DeLange (Netherlands, 2014), Aminata Savadogo (Latvia, 2015) and Dami Im (Australia, 2016). And the Frida goes to…


Lights & Shadows” was performed by O’G3NE. Representing The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, it was written by Rick Vol and composed by Rory de Kievit & Rick Vol. It finished 11th with 150 points. Nominated three times overall in ET Awards 2017, “Best Female vocals” is its first so far! Congratulations!

You can click here to look at the full recommendations and nominations from last week’s article! There were 52 recommendations for 15 countries in the first round and 154 votes were cast in an open poll, in exactly one week, among the 5 nominees. The complete detailed results will be announced once all polls are closed so in another week!

Now let’s watch the winning entry once more, for Lisa, Amy and Shelley’s vocals:

33 comments on “Best Female vocals 2017: and the Frida goes to…

  1. Seeing who won the other years, I have to say, I don’t think any of them were the best vocalists of their respective years. Ilse de Lange performed the best song in 2014, but vocally I think I prefer f.e. Emma Marone or the singer from Israel (whose song I didn’t like).

  2. Dami Im? Woahhahahaahaa! I’ve totally forgotten 😃

  3. Waiting patiently.

  4. My bet is that The Netherlands won.

  5. Congrats, the Netherlands! I’ve voted for Finland, there was much more emotion there, but I’ve always supported the Ducth trio as well.

  6. I never really cared for the Dutch girls’ vocal exercise and voted Martina Bárta myself

  7. My vote went to the Czech singer. The Dutch trio are fine singers, but it sounds a bit too clean imo.

  8. I voted for the Dutch girls myself, mostly because they managed to bring some life in a terribly sterile song with a fantastic vocal performance. Congrats! But I would have been equally fine with both Czech Republic, Finland and Armenia.

  9. I agree, but would have liked a Finnish surprise! Vocally they were amazing, however it’s hard when it is a group effort as with Il volo 2015. I feel that they get an advantage, when they can rely on each other, rather then if you were alone.
    Still congratz the Netherlands!

  10. No comment.

  11. I would have liked Finland more but a i was expecting a Dutch win,anyway.

  12. Expected winner. They were great but they weren’t my favourites, I liked more Kasia’s and Martina’s vocals.

  13. This was a vote on technics. Not a vote on passion. They sang great, but was there someone behind?

  14. I voted for the Dutch girls. They were vocally flawless and that’s where this award should be going to.

  15. We almost made it, Kasia…
    The girls are great, but I honestly feel like all the rest of her performances outside the ESC stage are much better. Something feels wrong, the audio of the videos, their in-ears, I don’t know.

  16. Oh no! They were technically fine but there was no feeling there …

  17. The “soulless” voices have won, congratulations..

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