ET Awards 2017: Best Female vocals

Eurovision 2017 – This year we resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes (the Fridas) for the best in every category! And you get to vote! Today, we open up the polls with the two “best vocals” categories!

2017 will be the fifth year for Eurovision Times to organize a new contest (you can check 2013’s results here, the 2014’s ones here, the 2015’s ones here and the 2016’s ones here). As with the past few years, our blog hosts now two contests: TEKO which takes place before the contest and the “Eurovision Times Awards” after the contest. The principle of the ET Awards is simple, in each categories, the staff of this website will nominate a few entries per categories and open polls for the public to vote in them so we can reveal afterwards all the winners. The winners recieve an imaginary trophee, entitled the Fridas in hommage to Frida Boccara, the French Eurovision winner in 1969 with “Un jour, un enfant“.

The first award is in the “Technical” category and it’s “Best Female Vocals”. Here are the results of the recommendations made by the regular users of Eurovision Times in this category:

  • 8 Netherlands
  • 6 Malta
  • 6 United Kingdom
  • 5 Czech Republic
  • 5 Poland
  • 4 Armenia
  • 4 Finland
  • 4 Georgia
  • 3 Denmark
  • 2 Romania
  • 1 Albania
  • 1 Azerbaijan
  • 1 Belgium
  • 1 Greece
  • 1 Iceland

However, it’s down to the staff of Eurovision Times to choose the official nominees. But it’s up to you to vote in our poll below which song had the best female vocals this year! You need to click on the country’s name to be redirected to the video of the song. The nominees in alphabetical order are:

  • Armenia‘s Artsvik at the Grand Final
  • Czech Republic‘s Martina Bárta at the First Semifinal
  • Finland‘s Leena Tirronen at the First Semifinal
  • NetherlandsLisa Vol, Amy Vol & Shelley Vol at the Grand Final
  • Poland‘s Kasia Moś at the Grand Final

Rules: the polls will be open for a week. At the end of the week, an article will announce the winner of the category but not the detailed results. The full results will however be given to you once all polls are closed so that you don’t get influenced (we never know) in your following votes. Every IP gets only one vote, please do not cheat, do take in consideration to listen very careful to the vocal performances before voting and do not vote necessarly for your favorite song but vote regarding to the category. Of course, it’s pointless to vote only for your own country unless you’re really certain it should win. May the best win!

56 comments on “ET Awards 2017: Best Female vocals

  1. And the nominees are…!

  2. yes we allow all open criticism on our choices! both Lynn and I got to nominate one, the last 3 are decided in trying to be as objective as possible, also while listening to our regular readers nominations!

    it was a hard decision here with 8 legit candidates

    and the official site did NOT publish a photo gallery of the performances, so we’ll have to make do this year with only ONE available picture per entry (where I used to be able to chose plenty different ones depending on what I wanted to highlight)

  3. A tough one. I would probably root for the Dutch girls since they delivered a really great vocal performance to an almost non-existing song. They sort of remind me of Cayenne from Melodifestivalen 1994 in that aspect.

    But I think all five did well on the big stage. The females were overall stronger than the males this year.

  4. I’m between Finland and Czechia.

    • It was between Finland, Czech Republic and Poland for me. The Dutch singers are very good technically, but I don’t think the did anything interesting with their voices. It was too clean and polished.

      Armenia: I like her voice, but it was a bit too soft and decent for me. Still a great and intriguing song :-)

  5. First impression : Bold move not to include UK here. Personally I agree. I always thought Lucie’s performance was whiny and monotonous. Now let the backlash from British fans begin.
    Also : No screaming divas here(ALB, GEO, DNK) . Good!
    Personally I would have nominated ISL here.
    My vote went to NLD.
    Good luck!

  6. My recommendations were Finland, Armenia and Romania. I voted for Finland.

    As for the worst, I had the FYRoM, Latvia and Lithuania. The last one not because she is a bad singer but because her style of singing is really grating. Same can be said for Holland and Denmark which are only marginally less insufferable. I can’t say I enjoyed Poland either. I found her style of singing shrill and iritating.

  7. My vote went to Finland.

    2nd NED
    3rd CZR
    4th POL
    5th ARM

  8. This category is so packed!! I could’ve nominated easily 8-9 countries. All 5 nominees are strong, but the one that stood out to me the most was Kasia so my vote goes to Poland.

  9. Finland because at the end of the day she was able to deliver not only technically but also convey all the despair for her lost love through her vocal interpretation.

  10. The song that should have represented Poland in Kyiv,imo has an official video:

    • So the 2nd and third gets bumped because a couple of ET staff get the final say?
      Why bother ask us or is that the point, to piss people off? Favouritism at it’s worst.
      Nah, I won’t be bothering with these. Poland over UK and even Malta? ROFL. The result for the UK, especially in the actual contest dispelled that once and for all. Seems it can’t be acknowledged on here though. Oh well looks like it isn’t just Bjorkman who gets to manipulate results. Nice work!

      • Sorry this was not meant as a response to your post Dimitris.

      • The rules have always been perfectly stated. It does require to for one to read them though.

      • “recommendation” is not a “vote” as it is now… you’re free not to vote: it’s not all about the UK and Ireland, you know

      • and last:if you want to call us manipulative, ask yourself WHY we PUBLISH the FULL results of recommendations and OPENLY admit we follow the 5 nominees we try to find objectively and not follow only regular readers’ recommendations who are often unfair (people genuinely vote for their fave entry in most categories)

      • Wow, that is harsh. :(

        • It’s how I am feeling.
          I stand by my post.

          • Hi Martin,
            I always admire when people are not diplomatiic and say genuinely what they feel but in this case it feels a bit unfair to Morgan who puts a great effort into this. Besides, Fridas have been working this way for years now. Please no hard feelings :(

            • I don’t dispute Morgan’s excellent and hard work nor all the ET staff, I appreciate their work for us very much. I don’t however have to agree with every decision or rule.
              Of course I hold no hard feelings and hope that none are harboured. I truly hope everyone else enjoy the awards, just not for me, sorry.

          • It’s OK. We have all had our moments when we lost control of our phrasing. :)
            And btw, Hulluna and Morgan are investing so much time and effort in order to provide this space for us. I am perfectly fine with them having the last say, even if I don’t agree, which I have done on several occasions over the years.

          • You won’t vote? Just because your favourite wasn’t nominated? Come on, Martin. We are your friends, and friends are there to tell you when you have got onto the wrong track.

            • Thank you Togravus, I would like to think I have built up friendships on here over the years.
              Tbh I actually won’t really have the time anyways. I have a lot going on and it would seem I am rather stressed, so it probably is for the best I refrain.

            • I honestly think that the British need to burst the bubble. Popular German blog Aufrechtgehn f. e. listed Lucie’s vocals among the worst this year. He called it a vocal masturbation excercise. I love Lucie and she would win my Frida for most likeable artsit this year but her vocals were technically fine but ultimately stale imo. Regional tastes differ, and there is no need to be self-righteous about it imo. Celebrate diversity … even if you don’t understand why others dislike what you love. That is the hardest but most important part imo.

            • Likeable? Wasn’t she the one who told The Sun “I didn’t know how Brexit was going to affect the vote until I got there. I did notice a lot of Brexit comments” and then claimed on Twitter she was taken out of context? Talk about being a good sport…

              I agree that her singing sounded more like a vocal exercise that conveyed little emotion to me. However that is doubly true for the dutch girls who have even less of an excuse since they were supposedly singing about their ill mother.

            • I wrote sth similar about the Dutch girls further down. :)
              I did not know about Lucie being a sore loser. Thanks for the update. She’s way down on my likeability list now too.

  11. results are currently at 7-7-6 for the top 3! keep voting!

  12. I have just come home after a very busy day. I’ll have a snack now and then listen to the live performances again. :)

  13. Voted. I could have done without the Dutch girls. They were technically great but conveyed no feelings whatsoever to me.

  14. I think Denmark was the best but from these I’d go with the Netherlands. Now back to my research paper yay lol.

  15. Lucie had better vocals than all of these. I hated the song but I came here planning on voting for her

    • I thought she genuinely tried too hard in the final, it just tripped over for me personally. (Declaration if interest: I’ve not nominated the UK act for any Fridas btw)

      • UK 17 is a flimsy song, but I’ve nominated Lucie here, because she managed to improve immensly since we’ve first heard her sing it live; the whinning was eliminated almost completed, her look improved as well (less make up, perhaps, simpler hair?). I do understand why Morgan and Hulluna chose not to select her though.

        P.S. – she changed her attitude on stage as well; she sort of reminded me of Salvador here and there (the hand gestures).

      • To be fair I nominated France once (best female style)

  16. No idea why Armenia is nominated as she struggled in the verse and overall had an ok vocal performance in a not that challenging song to sing imo. Really miss a nomination for Georgia or the UK here as they sang almost flawlessy compared to Poland and Armenia.

    1. The Netherlands (I mean they were flawless tbh)
    2. Czech Republic
    3. Finland
    4. Poland (Perfection in the verse, but wants to much in the refrain and in conclusion it gets too aggressive and kinda tacky tbh)
    5. Armenia (to average)

  17. I voted for Finland; Leena’s vocals are impeccable and convey the content of the song effectively.

  18. Out of my nominations, Finland, Poland, and the Netherlands made it, so I’m sorta pleased with that lol

    Voted Finland, Leena’s performance in the semi-final made me change my mind about Blackbird within three minutes, and it’s still an absolute travesty she didn’t make it to the final. The Netherlands were a close competitor, but they were just a bit too showy for my taste.

  19. […] can click here to look at the full recommendations and nominations from last week’s article! There were 52 recommendations for 15 countries in the first round and 154 votes were cast in an […]

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