Barbara Dex Winner Announced

Barbara Dex – The winner of the 2017 Barbara Dex Award has been announced. The award is for the worst dressed representative(s) from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and is now hosted in its new home of songfestival.be. Check out ow who won… 

The winner was…

Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezić.

In second place was Triana Park from Latvia and in third place was Martina Barta from the Czech Republic.

131 comments on “Barbara Dex Winner Announced

  1. It was one of the valid choices. Croatia should have also been high though.

  2. Meh…I don’t approve!!!!
    Voters don’t understand what Barbara Dex is
    You need to think you are stylish or trendy whereas most people think the opposite!!!!

    My winner is definetely Albania in that sense

  3. He didn’t look that bad tbh! There was far worse outfits this year. I mean his buttocks looked beautiful in those letherly pants 👅 and I Kinda liked the top as well, so meh not deserved imo.

  4. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  5. I haven’t voted but my vote would go to Albania,Serbia and the Czech republic.

  6. So many choices and they went for the man with the braid?

  7. it’s ALWAYS like this in BD Award: people vote for things they don’t LIKE ignoring that it was a concept first, when the rightful winners are those that try but look ridiculous or dated (Ireland 2010 for instance)

    Albania, Serbia and Switzerland was the rightful top 3 imo (regardless the final order): all 3 TRIED to look good and failed miserably when Montenegro, Czech Rep and most of all Latvia all PURPOSELY looked how they did

  8. The internet is full of covers/versions of ‘Amar pelos dois’; Hulluna and Morgan may stop me whenever they see fit, but I truly think that these myriads of versions explain why the song did so well with both sets of voters:

  9. And the single most ambitious cover of “City Lights” (video, vocals, production) :

  10. Hm, the question is, did they just vote for the outfit, or for the performance in general?

  11. And still think the Latvian outfit was cool :-)

  12. This girl has made piano covers of multiple esc entries and Eesti Laul entries among others and does a pretty good job – here is Anja’s “Where I am” :

  13. This would be the ideal place to post Slavko and his ponytail taking off but I can’t find it. It made me laugh when I saw it.
    Delighted he won something lol.
    I would have handed it to Lindita.

  14. The eurovision youtube channel 4th most popular in the world this week: http://www.tubefilter.com/2017/05/21/top-50-most-viewed-youtube-channels-worldwide-05-19-2017/

  15. Think he did whole choregraphy

  16. Off-topic, viewerships in most countries took a nosedive for this year’s Grand Final. Add to that the contest not being broadcast in Russia and the numbers are quite dire: 1,6 million less viewers than last year in Germany, 800k less in Sweden, 500k less in the UK, 400k less in Austria, 300k less in France, 200k less in Spain (the lowest viewership figures in 10 years). The only countries bucking the trend were of course Portugal (2,5 million tuned in for the final which must be a record), Greece which had about 1,8 million viewers (about+800k compared to last year’s non-qualification), Italy (+400k), Hungary (+200k) and Norway. Belgium, Holland and Poland showed no major change in the viewership figures compared to last year

    Top viewership figures in total:

    Germany 7,8 million
    UK 6,7 million
    France 4,7 million
    Netherlands 4,1 million
    Spain 4,1 million
    Italy 3,7 million
    Sweden 2,8 million
    Poland 2,7 million
    Portugal 2,5 million
    Greece 1,8 million
    Belgium 1,7 million
    Norway 1,4 million

    • Looks bad, how did they comment?

      • The EBU you mean? I am not sure they have. How many million viewers have they lost from Russia alone? On the other hand Greece single-handedly wiped out half the drop in Germany’s viewership figures. We should be getting some kind of EBU medal :-P

        People do complain to me left and right that “Eurovision has gotten boring”. I love both winners from 2016 and 2017 but the whole thing might be getting a little too artistic for mass audiences. It is a a 3-hour show after all, and I must admit even I was bored during a great part of it.

        • plus western countries like the contest much less (even if they regained interest a bit with the juries, germany winning etc), so when they’re the big favorites (this year, italy and portugal), they dont pull a lot of new viewers as when the east is a favorite or is trying to win (baltics then balkans in the 00s, ex soviet and caucasus afterwards…)

          • What the juries giveth, the juries taketh away. Even for a hardened contest fan like myself, having to go through entries like Holland, Denmark, Australia, Germany or the UK was quite a struggle this year. Entries that have no real artistic value and no real entertainment value either are the worst of the worst.

            • ESC lives and dies with entries as we saw back in 90’s. As I have said any times before it’s these jury friendly entries, bland imitations of not so current pop music, that will aliniate viewers. As charts and televoting prove, they are not fooling anyone. EBU isn’t the greatest A&R department of world.
              Thank god the 3 minute rule has prevailed. Imagine Anja screaming and Isaih “strutting” in Nikki French’s coat for close to 4 minutes!
              When beige music tapestry is combined with duration whicj exceeds all current trends in time consumpition and TV entertainment, troubles may arise.
              Most worrying of course are the figures from UK, Spain and Germany. Big payers need good numbers, bit at the same time this merry threesome served us biggest bland bombs of the year.
              Would love to see demographies.

            • Well I had to go through Italy, Portugal, Croatia and Montenegro and cannot complain – I got through it – the lack of any artistic or entertainment value was a problem but then this is mostly the results and continuous damage of the 100 % televoting era. Thankfully by the years such effects will minimize further.

        • I got mainly bored because the show was so poorly produced. Anyway, there have always been ups and downs in ESC’s popularity, and we will see what happens next year. It’s a tricky thing because young people have been socialized by talent shows where everything is huge and melodramatic throughout. On the other hand, it might be a good idea to stick to the old ESC formula of a slower pace because it makes the show stand out. Anyway, in our current world of disposable pop culture (and I am not referring to quality here Salvador style but to the fact that the cultural universe has accelerated to a point where sth is a hit one day and forgotten a couple of days later regardless of the song’s merits) ESC should not follow the trend imo. Charts and downloads don’t have much information value f. e. because most people (even the ones my age) use streaming services these days. I think that ESC should set a counterpoint if it wants to remain the world’s most favourite music show. It’s about magical moments and not about radio friendliness or download statistics, it’s always been like that, and the EBU should finally understand that too and advise the juries accordingly. Anyway, the contest has proven to be very resilient in the past, and thus I don’t fear that it will be on a downhill track in the long run. As much as I hate to say this because it is borderline racist (but alas, the society I live in still is racist) but a contest held in Lisbon will be much more popular in Germany f. e. than a contest held in Kyiv.

          • I don’t think production values matter that much to be honest. Not even the hosts matter a lot, commentators speak over them all the time. For example, I am surprised people here complain about Vienna, because the feedback I got for that contest from everyone around me was “wow, great songs!”. The only thing that can keep you for 3 hours is the songs and performances. Which is why it matters a lot what sort of entries the voting system encourages. A lot of beige and people tune out. Simple as that.

            As for people preferring the contest to go to a country that is more interesting to them from a tourist’s point of view, I think that’s normal and expected, not racist.

    • It was bound to happen, I mean over the last years the viewing figures had hit record highs year after year and imo production value and JT in last year’s final really boosted the whole thing.
      Add the absence of Russia this year and a possible boycott from russian speaking communities accross Europe and it makes sense – for some countries more than others e.g. Spain had a really unpopular contestant noone believed in, France hit record highs last year due to an immensly popular song – still very good for France this year.
      In Norway figures were at a 70 % share for the night – highest it has been in years which is good.
      Belgium were about the same and if the trend of success continues the interest will remain. But belgian people now really woud like a victory at this point or at least break in the damn top 3.

      • I can easily see Belgium winning in the next few years :-)

        • I do not tbh. First it is VRT’s turn, next year at least, and if they decide to follow Portugal’s trend…I fear for the worst. I only hope we wont be back to the Patrick Ouchene and Ishtar era but at this point it seems like a very good probability….

    • You can add to that, Ireland will be definitely down, I would say.

    • Increasing viewing figures in Denmark though. Some 400.000 more than last year.

  17. 8 days after the contest,Portugal charts in more countries but Belgium has the most top-10 placings.Moldova is in 3rd place.

  18. As for the radio-friendlyness thing: The question is how much impact the radio really has on people’s taste when it comes to the crunch. As far as I am concerned, most people just use pop radios as background noise without paying any attention to the music. I am strongly against using music that way because 1) it means that people aren’t used to silence anymore and 2) it’s a big devaluation of music as an artistic and aesthetic way of expression.

    I never used music as background noise, but a lot of people don’t understand it. Music is something I listen to. I have met people who were shocked to learn that I don’t put music on when f.e. I have to write something. But I really can’t concentrate on thinking if there is music. I just end up listening to the music instead of doing what I have to do.

    I remember working in a nursery (plants) some years ago where there was always a radio on – something that really annoyed me. There was a particularly horrible song that was played again and again, and I spoke to some of the others about that song, and none of them knew what I was talking about. They clearly weren’t listening.

    Moreover it just plays song after song after song, and often there is no one to tell you what it is, so you wouldn’t know where to start if you want to buy it.

    I never listen to the radio by myself. If I want to listen to music, I do it for the sake of that, and I’d rather decide myself what to listen to, and so I put a record on, or turn to Spotify.

    • I kinda (dis)agree with what you say. I normally use music in the background several hours a day. I even read or sleep with it. However, it’s always music I’ve already listened to and known before cause as you would agree, the first time you listen to a specific song, album or project you DO need your full senses and concentration!

    • I never use music as background either. When I listen to music my focus drifts to the song I cant do anything else. If while I am listening to music I am distracted by other things it means the song is not interesting enough and I take that as an indication on my opinion on the song as well.

      One of the worst things you can say about a song is call it “elevator music” imo – the kind of low key melody you would listen during an elevator ride.

  19. “1) it means that people aren’t used to silence anymore and 2) it’s a big devaluation of music as an artistic and aesthetic way of expression.”

    I couldn’t agree more. I only listen to disposable music when cleaning the house f. e. … not to real music. I have to admit though that I was listening to Verdi’s ‘Don Carlos’ on infinate loop when writing my PhD thesis. It gave me a lot of inspiration …

    • I sometimes listen to music while cleaning too (not when vacuuming though), but that’s because cleaning doesn’t acquire so much concentration of me, so I can still concentrate on the music.

  20. Slavko on Facebook:

    My pleasure.
    Art is art.

    Very often the most powerful art has been misinterpreted.
    And there you go. Still, the conquered award on evroviziji, to my great pleasure.
    The Famous Hollywood Actress Sandra Bullock received a golden raspberry and an Oscar one year.
    Eh, I had no idea that my being would create a distraction at this year’s.
    I love it. I love it.
    My Art.
    And I create. I’m writing history.

    And I did it!

  21. I expect everyone dissapointed with viewing figures and success of the contest this year to hold their horses for next year and expect a rough ride from now on. I expect very low attendance first of all (in terms of actual ticket sales and fan presence) compared to previous years and lower viewing figures taking under consideration that russia will be participating of course and adapting it to that. The contest needs a commercial breakthrough. Not hopeful at all but I hope it happens, at least in terms of a victory. And it will need a unifying winner for sure, someone with artistic and moral integrity capable of communicating a positive message. There is a lot of catching up to do.

    • Low attendance? In Lisbon? Well, we all know that you want to see Portugal punished but I suggest a reality check. Won’t happen, mate …

  22. Have you seen Céline Dion at the Billboard Music Awards? And people call ESC kitsch. LOL That’s a BD outfit imo.

  23. I like this version Sergey Lazarev in duet with Helena Paparizou http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOHwzd1wizw

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