Junior Eurovision Winner to Wow Britain’s Got Talent Tonight

Junior Eurovision – The winner of 2015’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Destiny Chukunyere from Malta, has auditioned for the Britain’s Got Talent TV show and her audition is due to be aired tonight, 20th May. Destiny performs an Aretha Franklin song, ‘Think’, to impress the judges. 

“I came to Britain’s Got Talent because I would love to perform for the British Royal Family, it’d be an honour for me,” Destiny says on this evening’s episode.

“My dream is to win, who knows, maybe it’ll change my life,” adds the teenager.

Judge Alesha Dixon will say,

“For me that is a knockout. That is one of the hardest songs to sing, and you are 14 and you killed it!”

Simon Cowell concludes: “Destiny, I’ve been waiting for someone to come out who we think could be a star and guess who it is? You have soul.”

Up to 9 million people are expected to tune in to see Destiny sing. The winner of Britain’s Got Talent will sing on the Royal Variety Show in front of the British Royal Family.

Source: ITV


21 comments on “Junior Eurovision Winner to Wow Britain’s Got Talent Tonight

  1. She’s probably Malta’s only hope for an ESC victory in the forseeable future.

  2. I wish her luck, even if I’m pretty bored of all these people coming to BGT to sing big songs. When I think of talent shows, I want to see something spectacular or bizarre, like someone who can jump through five six ribgs with a blindfold, or lick his own elbow or something… Not a lot of middle aged guys singing a self-made guitar ballad or precocious kids singing Whitney Houston or Celine Dion.

    But again, good luck. I’d like her to represent Malta in the future.

  3. She is truly amazing. And I agree now that Malta has inherited the title of longest participating country without a victory Destiny is the one who can do it.

    Good luck to her !

  4. Her performance:

    • She’s a force of nature … sort of an onstage tsunami. :)

    • She must be nurtured and allowed to develop but this girl will make her mark just don’t rush it. Malta’s destiny lies with its very own Destiny if they do this right.

      • She may feel that Malta is too small for her.Nowadays you have to start building a career before 18.

        • I think this is more about exposure and experience. She still has a long way to go and she’s still only 14. She could be ready by 17 of course. She has the potential and the talent.

    • She has great vocals. We’ll see what songs are thrown her way. Good luck!

  5. No doubt she’s a very good singer for her age :-)

    I’m personally not a big fan of Aretha Franklin. Too gospel-like for me. I have other preferences when it comes to soul music.

  6. If she goes to Eurovision one day, I fear it will be too much about her, and too little about the song – an unfortunate influence from talent shows on the contest. Hope they will find a good one that proves to be worth something in itself.

    • I did however think the song she performed in JESC was really good, it suited her vocals really well and her performance was not really that ott, which it can get when you’re that young. I think as Togravus says that it’s the only chance Malta has of winning in a near future and hopefully a great song will carry her to the victory :)

  7. Lisbon will most probably host ESC 18, but Santa Maria da Feira (Porto’s metropolitan area) is making its bid knwon; the venue would be the Europarque:

    Porto’s mayor expressed no intererest, because Pavilhão Rosa Mota is about to be renovated and there won’t be time to finish the project in time for ESC. Santa Maria da Feira is near Porto and all the city’s facilities would be available. We’ll see what happens; MEO Arena is very sought after and we do not even know next year’s dates.

  8. Salvador gave his first post-ESC concert last night in Marco de Canaveses (it was free and a part of a local music festival):

  9. ‘Amar pelos dois’ in Swedish:

  10. Maraaya and BQL working together on new project to be revealed in June :


    Super excited about this one !

  11. Luísa Sobral went bacck to her tour based on her lastes album ‘Luísa’:

    She performed in Coimbra, where more than 1 thousand people payed to listen to her music. She says that she has been receiving invitations to compose songs for several singers.

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