Full Jury Voting Results Revealed

Eurovision 2o17 – The full scores of all of the jury members has now been released. As expected the Armenian and Azeri jurors all gave the lowest marks they could to each other, but there was added controversy this year s the Azeri jurors gave their second lowest points to Cyprus… whose representative Hovig is from Armenian descent. 

The EBU has already been challenged on this almost impossible probability and its response has not impressed Eurovision fans. Journalist Tobbe Ek from Sweden’s Aftonbladet asked the following:

Armenian and Azeri juries have a history of ranking each other’s entries at the very bottom. It is consistent and looks the same every year. How can the EBU and PWC still consider this as part of a valid result, that no matter what the song sounds like it always get ranked the last?
This year, the Azeri jury also seems to have ”punished” the Cypriot singer because of his background, all Azeri juries ranking Hovig as second from bottom in the semi-final. In the final the individual juries vary their rank a bit, but their combined ranking is still second from bottom. Are the EBU still considering this being a valid result?
Did the Azeri jury members get a warning between the semi and the final regarding everyone ranking the bottom two exactly the same?
Has the Cyprus delegation filed a protest against the Azeri jury?
This is the reply he got from ”a Eurovision spokes person”:
The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest is decided by televoters and juries (comprised of music industry professionals), who each have a 50% stake in the outcome. Each juror signs a declaration, stating they will judge the songs independently, based on a number of criteria, such as the song, the lyrics, the performance and hit potential.  They understand that their judging also excludes any personal views pro or against a performers personal background.  We expect them to, and are happy that they do, respect these rules in order to keep the contest clear from (geo) political influences.

Other controversies included

  • Every member of the Moldovan jury placing Romania 1st place.
  • The Greek Jury gave their 12pts to Cyprus
  • The Cypriot Jury reciprocated and gave their 12pts to Greece
  • The Denmark Jury gave their 12pts to Neighbour Sweden

You can find all of the individual scores by jury members HERE.

Do you think these jurors bring the contest into disrepute? Do you think the EBU’s non-response makes them complicit in all of this? Let us know in the comments below.


164 comments on “Full Jury Voting Results Revealed

  1. “…hit potential…”

    Seriously now?! :/

  2. Jury system has to change…We don’t need juries from every participating countries!
    Most of them are one big joke…not any better than the televoters!

    • You can’t have anything else in Eurovision but vote by country. Anything else will be even more divisive. There can be no impartial referee in cultural matters. Everybody has a background and they are influenced by it.

    • No, Mermaid, jurors are needed; and I say this knowing that the current ones have done a lousy job. They balance each other.

      • I never suggested 100% televoting,shevek I say we don’t need juries from each country…EBU can hire several “real professionals”to do the job!

        • That would be even worse, I think.

          • I don’t think so

            • What are real professionals? Coming from where? Anglo-Saxon countries? Trying to impose their views on everyone who does not hear music the same way? It would be a very dangerous minefield. No, the juries must come from every country and must be made accountable for their actions. The flag voting must stop.

            • That flag voting won’t stop unfortunately…I think music experts no matter what their musical background is can detect “quality”That’s why they are called professionals!!!
              What is your suggestions for zero/douze pointers or contender blockers?

            • Flag voting will never stop, but it could be fought more effectively, by stating clearly that anyone who would accept to be a juror must follow whatever guidelines are established. It would be a very slow change, but one has to start somewhere. Making their names and decisions public is a very good first step.

            • Didn’t they know their votes were gonna be published?They exactly knew what was gonna happen and that did not change anything in their voting

            • If this keep being done, things will change with time; the EBU should ask them for clarifcations or simply tell them that their job did not respect the established criteria.

            • You are too kind to say “dismiss them!” 😊

            • That might work as well. :)

            • Yes…come to me with solutions! 😀I am in for it as well if it will help to change some things

            • There are no easy solutions; a culture of respect for the credibility of the contest must be put in place by making people accountable; things will change very slowly.

      • These p[articular ones are not needed at all. There isn’t a single positive thing they are responsible for this year, apart from rescuing Austria from a non-deserved zero in the televote.

  3. (repost from Highligts and…)

    Here is a table comparing the discrepancies between Televote and Jury.
    When Jury is responsible for the discrepancy I signed it with (J), otherwise it’s the televote.
    Up to you to analyse it:

    Australia 34,3 (J)
    Romania 33,7
    Moldova 31,3
    Belgium 29,9
    NL 24,4 (J)
    Hungary 21,1
    Norway 20,3 (J)
    Austria 18,9 (J)
    Sweden 18,7 (J)
    U K 17,7 (J)
    Italy 16,7
    Croatia 15,9
    Denmark 12,4 (J)
    Bulgaria 12,0
    France 9,1
    Armenia 7,5 (J)
    Azerb 7,3 (J)
    Israel 5,9 (J)
    Greece 3,9 (J)
    Poland 3,7
    Belarus 3,5 (J)
    Ukraine 2,4
    Portugal 1,2 (J)
    Spain 1,0
    Cyprus 0,8 (J)
    Germany 0,0

    (those values correspond to the difference between the % of votes given by Televote and Jury)

  4. “based on a number of criteria, such as the song, the lyrics, the performance and hit potential”

    Actually in the rules they state only four criteria: vocal capacity, performance, song originality/composition and “overall impression” in that order (hence all their love for screaming female ballads). When did “hit potential” become a criterion? Slipping tongue?

    Other than that, they are basically washing their hands off this. Since everybody is signing a piece of paper everything is good and it is up to the national brodcaster to enforce the rules.

  5. I will go through these in a while.

  6. By the way, the finnish jury also gave 12 to Sweden, not just the danish one. In fact the top-3 combined votes for Sweden (jury+televote) were Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Denmark is first because they also gave Sweden their televoting 12!

  7. Paschalis yesterday mentioned the jury ranking of Azerbaijan in semi 1.
    Cypruslina mentioned Chiara and her ranking of the Hungarian song in semi 2 and then all of a sudden to love for the same song in the final.

    • Chiara who?

      • The Maltese singer. She had Hungary 13th in the semi and 2nd in the final.

      • Mermaid I gave as an example Chiara votes ( the singer from Malta who was juror ) . Chiara in 2 semi have Hungary in 13 place ( from 18 countries ) and next day suddenly change dramatic her mind and in Grand Final have Hungary in 2 place ( from 26 countries !!! ) with 10 points . Is that normal ? Will be normal if she have Hungary in 18 – 21 place ( in grand final ) since she have Hungary in 13 th position in semi . But even and if later like the song will be more normal if she have Hungary in 8 or 9 or 10 position and not in 2 position from 26 countries !

        • Hmmm I don’t know…If she says “I was mesmerized by his final performance “what can you say? You never know when emotions strike😬

          • You never know where cooking the votes may strike :-P

            • I am glad chiara voted Hungary 2nd…He was great!

            • I agree, but how could she only discover this in the final?

            • There were people all over twitter writing how little they cared for Portuguese song but they changed their minds with his final performence …This kind of things may happen of course what you are implying is also possible

            • Have ever heard of the… Holy Spirit?! :D

  8. Nothing can be done with juries giving Zero or Douze points to one another every year…
    Nothing can be done with juries voting down their rivals(contenders) as well…
    They would say “This is our judgement,we didn’t like the song,performance etc.”
    I think when it comes to voting televoters (not diaspora) are fairer than the juries…that’s why televoting winners always get more positive feedback

  9. I will stay in Malta’s jury voting and Hungary. Maltese jurors in 2 semi have Hungary in 17 th place ( from 18 countries ) and in one day all Maltese jurors change mind and in Grand final have Hungary in 8 th place ( from 26 countries ) with 3 points ! I m pretty sure that if i check and the rest countries juries votings i will find similar suspicious things….

  10. Completely off topic, but tomorrow at this time I am in Turkey. :-)

  11. About Azeri jury. I don’t really thing that if the singer was Greek Cypriot or any other nationality that Azerbaijan is going to vote for Cyprus. Last year also Azeri jurors in semifinal have Cyprus song second from last although all rest countries voted for Cyprus song. Azeri jurors most probably voted political and in case of Cyprus too, because of Cyprus / Turkey conflict they don’t recognise the Republic of Cyprus ( same goes to FYR Macedonia ). But i have to admit that this year Azerbaijani people didn’t follow their jury political blocking of Cyprus and in semi have Cyprus song in 11 th place and in Grand final they have Cyprus in 14 th place. Thank you very much Azerbaijani people for this !

    • I think Azerbaijan’s not voting for Cyprus has got nothing to do with Turkey…That makes no sense!!’
      Among all participating countries Cyprus has never been strong enough…Come with a contender then judge their voting

      • Mermaid sorry but don’t agree with you. Last year Cyprus good and strong song and ut least much stronger from San Marino song ( ut least in semi ) and Azerbaijani jurors have Cyprus second from last ( although all countries have voted for Cyprus ) and they award San Marino with 8 points ( although San Marino took only a few points from 3 – 4 countries juries ), and don’t tell me that those 8 points from Azerbaijani jurors to San Marino wasn’t because the singer was from Turkey. :)

        • That’s your thought!!
          Of course they voted SanMarino for Serhat…He is also known in Azerbaijan as they are familiar with him from Turkish TV Cyprus is not doing well in general so maybe you should look for answers somewhereelse

          • Ok ! I will try to find the problem to ALL the rest countries who voted for Cyprus. Most probably the problem is to them. Thank you anyway….

            • You only focus on same countries for years…Cyprus send good songs most of the time better than Greece but If they are not doing well,this can’t be because of one specific country,right?

          • You didn’t have any problem when i speak for Malta’s jury but when i say my opinion for Azerbaijani jury you attack me ! Can I say my opinion or its forbidden to say something who you don’t like? You always support Albanian, FYR Macedonia , Bosnian and Azerbaijan songs in ESC ( whatever songs is this ) did i say something bad about this ? So stop to attack me because i say my opinion for Azerbaijan jury, Azerbaijan National Tv Station put them there, so they must make their “job” correct .

          • Her point is smth else. How the Azeri NJ is treating specific country. You haven’t provided an answer on the evidence she is giving u…

            • What evidence?

            • The one I provided yesterday.


              AZR jurors, not televoting.

            • 3 out of 5 jury manners put Cyprus second last most probably because of Hovig…what is so surprising or shocking in this I don’t get…You all know both Azeris and Armenians can’t stand anything coming from each other

            • Second last in the SF as well. All of them

              1st. Hovig is not representing Armenia.

              2nd. Marking down anyone because he is Armenian or Armenia’s entry out of that principle is wrong and goes against the criteria they are asked to rank certain entries.

              I believe e agree they could rank Hovig otherwise. Not necessarily first :p

            • Of course it is wrong and stupid just like giving 12 to a country because of religious/cultural ties every year…
              Why are you Cypriots are coming on me for this I don’t get…Me saying “I understand why Arm-Aze gives Zero to one another every single year” doesn’t mean I find their actions right!You should have know better!

            • Finally, we agree.

              But, we do understand as well why they do it but pointing that out as well isn’t wrong, IMO. EBU should take an action against them.

          • yes i am delusional because i say my opinion…

            • I never support Albania,Macedonia,Bosnia and Azerbaijan all the time…That’s your wish and even if I do,I Won’t prove you anything! Who are you to judge my music taste? You are the one obsessed with flags afterall

          • ” Why are you Cypriots are coming on me for this I don’t get ” . Because only you came to support Azerbaijan jury by attacking me. When I mention Malta’s jury you didn’t say anything , but when i say something for Azerbaijani jury you came to attack me ! And then you say that i am who are obsessed with flags. This undercover Nationalism make me crazy !

            • 1-I replied Maltese jury and even made fun of them first but you did not get it

              2-I never protected Azerbaijan just wrote my thoughts because you put them on the table and I answered like anyone else

              3-I’ll continue to love all the good songs coming from Albania,Macedonia,Bosnia and Azerbaijan…If you cins this nationalistic,that’s your problem,I don’t even care!

              4-You speak perfect English…stop writing in intermediate level with spelling errors(I thing )everytime to cover yourself ;)

              5-This is the last time I respond to you…Talk to yourself from now on or to me from another account of yours ;)

      • ” -You speak perfect English…stop writing in intermediate level with spelling errors(I thing ) everytime to cover yourself ;) ” . I know that my English are not perfect and I don’t feel shame for this. Their Presidents who don’t know a word of English ( like your president ) and anyhow at least i didn’t offend you in any way like you do in any change for me. Good speak of English don’t make people to have immediate high level and I really feel shame for you for how you threatening people and especially when they say something who make your Nationalism instincts to come out.

    • Lol about the Maltese jury! but i am sure Chiara is not the only one one who did that !!!About the Azeri jury obviously for political reasons they will never vote for Armenia or viceverse but about Cyprus personally i know many Azeri people who really loves Greece and Cyprus a lot, coming almost every year for holidays and saying many positive things about us, they even offered me a free holiday in their country, all people that i met were very beautiful inside and outside so i don’t think their vote last year for Cyprus was something political. They really like our music and usually vote for Greece especially when we send an uptempo dance song.

  12. ”Hit potential” actually explains a lot tbh, cause most of the songs in the juries top 10 has hit potential except perhaps Austria (11) and The Netherlands :P Even Moldova to some extent has that. So maybe the criteria has changed over the years, cause imo the juries worked better at the start of their journey and then progressively got worse. It feels like the ”Hit potential” has become the major criteria nowadays and that explains the finnish 12 place in the semi. It didn’t sound like a ”hit” and the artist would never comercially suceed… It makes a lot of sense actually

    So we cant soley complain against the jurors of some countries and call half of them corrupt, cause we didn’t agree (of course some like the Azeri or Armenian one, but not all of them) as the criteria is in favour of countries like AUS, SWE and BUL! I still dont agree on the fanwank of AUS or SWE, but at least this article explains a lot and clearly that criteria needs to go or be ranked lower then the other ones imo!

    • My latest comment was supposed to be a reply to this comment of yours.

    • Please. As if all the trite female ballads they vote for (Holland, Denmark, UK, Malta etc) have any “hit potential”…

      • I am not saying that every song has the ”Hit potential” mark all over it, i’m saying that their major criteria is the ”hit potential” one clearly imo.

        • The criteria should be composition, lyrics, vocals, performance and visuals. The official rules don’t mention lyrics at all and have vocals and performance first and second. That says a lot in itself. As for “hit potential”, it can only encourage voting for imitations of familiar radio hits.

          • But if the vocals and performance section is first and second, why did the jury have for example Australia in their fourth place? That performance and his vocals were in my bottom 5 this year. His song was in my top 10, but overall I ranked it 30.
            If my criteria had ”hit potential” in it, then I would have probably ranked him 15 and counting out some semi songs 12 making his vocals and his performance slightly irrelevent.

            So imho I would like the ”hit potential” criteria to completely dissappear as it’s only a criteria for commercial success. At least rewarding good vocals is a musical trait in the end.

    • I have read that the “hit potential” recommendation is only oral and not written in the guidelines given to the juries.Plus,hit potential is such a vague phrase.Anything can have hit potential.Look at Portugal this year.It’s the best charting song ever since it was performed in the first semi.

      • But as I said it explains my reasoning quite on point actually. Even if it is written in the guidelines it still doesn’t explain AUS fourth place in the final and this written letter tbh. Why even write ”hit potential” if it’s not in the criteria. I dont think the person who wrote the letter is delusional, so some truth of it clearly is at work here.
        It also doesn’t explain Finlands non-Q as the performance and vocals were on point, when so many other countries weren’t that jury night, like for example AUS.

        • We already knew that the “hit potential” guideline existed but it’s not in the written guidelines given to juries.They say it’s more like an oral recommendation.I don’t know how it explains Australia’s very high ranking though.It’s not even in the top-10 songs charting,atm.That’s why i think it’s wrong.It’s like asking judges in figure skating to also predict if the skaters will have a big career ahead of them and score them likewise.It’s a dumb thing to do.It only enhances the prevelance of songs that sound radio friendly and very mainstream.

  13. “So we cant soley complain against the jurors of some countries and call half of them corrupt, cause we didn’t agree (of course some like the Azeri or Armenian one, but not all of them) as the criteria is in favour of countries like AUS, SWE and BUL! I still dont agree on the fanwank of AUS or SWE, but at least this article explains a lot and clearly that criteria needs to go or be ranked lower then the other ones imo!”

    This is even worse than voting for your neighbour. This constant overrating of everything that sounds current and radio friendly (code for Swedish factory music).

    • I think that if just the criteria changes a major bit, then the jury will work better in the years to come. Individually everyone has different taste levels, but the criteria does a lot of difference in their voting and it clearly shows, more then the political ones imo. Of course there is a lot of work after that like having a stronger EBU that punishes countries who clearly votes political, but I mean it’s a damn good start tbh.

    • DNK came 11th with the German jury but dead last in televoting. The jury gave 5 pts to Australia while Isaiah only came 15th in the televote. The juries apparently have no clue when it comes to “hit potential”. *cough*

  14. My profile pic was taken in Lisbon 😀
    I think it is a perfect match for esc2018!

  15. CYP05 has just come up in my playlist. *grabs the broom and does the Konstantinos routine*

  16. Wikipedia says only Russia is confirmed for 2018! LOL :D Portugal is not on the list! :P
    Now comes to my mind, is it possible host to withdraw? That happened in the history of ESC?
    Have just seen Shevek’s comment that FdC asks for composers for next year so particpation is confirmed.. :D

    • Israel withdrew in 1980 because the contest was held on national holiday Yom Hazikaron. The Dutch helped out and the contest was held in The Hague.

      • If Israel withdraws for good do you think countries not participating due to Israel may return?

        • I don’t know but I want Israel to stay. ESC wouldn’t feel the same without them. I have a conservative side too. *blush*

        • Who? Lebanon?

          • Yes along with Tunisia and Morocco

            • Jordan may as well participate. I have a song I will most likely enter with in ETSC :)

            • I doubt all three would enter but then again, maybe. Perhaps Israel might have sorted something sooner or is that not possible?

            • I don’t think they will enter even if Israel is out…Maybe Lebanon shows interest…I prefer Israel though with more rakbishvilos than I feel Alives😊

            • Quite. A few years of shakey shakey has been fun but I would like to see them come back with something less so. They can always revert back to type in due course. Bring back Moran indeed, she has unfinished business, she needs to make that final :)

          • LEB or MAR.

            • I am pretty sure that the new Israel channel is going to become full member of EBU by end of this year. They say that their going to send application to EBU by end of this year…

            • Of course they will do.

          • Moran Mazor is so like “Blackbird” this year..extremely quality and hyped before contest, and flop! :( Unlike Verona and some other entries which are not quality amd are hyped by fans too, but also flops in the end..

    • It is, don’t worry. :)

  17. In case anyone can read German. Here is the final review of my favourite ESC blogger aufrechtgehn.de. It is full of hilarious word play and spot-on puns:


  18. I hope Sada Vidoo will take part in Dansk MGP 2018 with AMAZING entry as “Northern light” was, and represent Denmark in Lisbon! :)



  19. @ Lina & Mermaid, Love Love Peace Peace ♫♪♫ :)

  20. Off-Topic: I’ve done my first (will not be the only one, I promise) post-Eurovision final ranking. It didn’t change THAT much from my original ranking. I think Norway was my boggest grower and Ukraine the one that fell most of all.

    1. Portugal
    2. Italy
    3. Armenia
    4. Moldova
    5. Hungary
    6. Belgium
    7. Azerbaijan
    8. France
    9. Belarus
    10. Norway
    11. Sweden
    12. Ukraine
    13. Australia
    14. United Kingdom
    15. Austria
    16. Cyprus
    17. Bulgaria
    18. Romania
    19. The Netherlands
    20. Poland
    21. Israel
    22. Germany
    23. Croatia
    24. Denmark
    25. Greece
    26. Spain

    • Great top 10! But I would switch Italy with Bulgaria :)

      • Bulgaria is just another casting product imo.

        • I know you are not fond of it but I quite like it🙂Very well performed and even this is enough for me to put it into top10

      • Dear Mermy, I can understand that you got quite emotional in the discussion with Lina but I don’t think that we should point the finger to anyone who does not have excellent command of the English language. And even if Lina rubs you the wrong way sometimes, we all know that she is a lovely yet outspoken lady and a respected and loved member of our ET family. :)

        • Did i rub her ? She came to attack me and she offends me. And she also say that I am somebody else and I have multi profiles just to attack her. Most probably she means that Dino and me we are same person !

          • anyhow … I have stop to talk to the site for long time and most probably it was foolish of me who starting again.

          • I suggest to simply stop and relax. You and Mermaid are 2 lovely ladies and even if you get into a cat fight now and then, many people would be very sad if you left ET. Don’t take things personally. I have had terrible fights with guitar f. e. but I still want him to stay because he is part of the family. :)

          • ”Most probably she means that Dino and me we are same person !”

            I rest my case :)

        • LOL Quite the contrary I believe her English is better than mine…She/he pretends it is not good!
          I wasn’t born yesterday dear,I am aware of many things going on here…just waiting the perfect time ;)

          • You behave like your President ! You running after Ghosts ! Please stop to speak to me or to mention my nickname . Your full Nationalist and i don’t like Nationalist persons !

          • As I said to Lina, I don’t like antagonism. You know that I have had terrible fights with Guitar but I would miss him terribly if he left. He is part of the ET family after all. :)

            • Mermy? First time hearing it from you…
              You have a word to say to me but nothing to the person making disgusting accusitions about me being a nationalist…Fine!
              If I am a nationalist,then half of this site is ultra nationalist!

            • I talked to Lina too. Why are you so worked up? You know that I know that you aren’t a nationalist. In fact you know that I love you. :)

            • Toggie,I really don’t care what people think about me!
              I don’t like political correctness and I really don’t have to like or welcome “nicknames” coming up on spesific times to make a point or back someone up…I am not buying those sh*t,I never did,never will…I kept my silence to this day but I don’t want to be seen as “fooled” anymore!
              I can find tons of things to say but this is not esctoday and I am not 15!

            • Honestly, dear Mermaid, I think that you are wrong on this occasion. I have been wrong in the past too, and it doesn’t hurt to admit that one is.
              G’night. Sleep tight. :)

            • I may have been wrong every now and then but definitely not in this occasion :)
              And I am glad that it came out now everything is more clear!

            • I don’t understand what you mean and I think that you are overreacting. Sorry.

            • and you are overprotecting

            • I am protecting noone. I simply don’t understand what happened.

          • I think you’re really wrong when it comes to Lina.She had a contact with Toggie anyway so he can confirm she’s a very real person and not someone else pretending to be Lina.

  21. I am here now. Been busy since Eurovision – what did I miss? Was there any drama anyone can fill me in on. I cannot be bothered to scroll through all of the stories so I want to hear about all the fall-outs!

  22. Does anyone know the last time Portugal received 12 points prior to this year’s contest? I’m assuming 2010 (for semi-final), but for a grand final I’m not sure (1996? Lol)

  23. Just, out of curiosity, I checked some random articles and the comments, on wiwi site.
    Bad idea. Some of them reminded me of those dark Esctoday days.

  24. Mermaid, Donnie, Morgan and Razzy: Have any of you seen Alien Covenant yet? I saw it on Friday and would love to discuss it with any fellow film fans!

  25. There was a lot of whining in the Romanian media and among Romanian fans about their jury not giving 12p to Moldova… apparently they see the Romania – Moldova points exchange as some sort of holy tradition.

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