Portugal wins Eurovision 2017!

Eurovision 2017 – Europe, we have a winner! And it won both juries and televote! After a long season and a very nerve-breaking vote, Salvador Sobral has won the contest for Portugal with Amar Pelos Dois! This is the first victory for the country, and their first top 5 ever!

You can rewatch the winning entry from its final performance here:

The rest of the results are as follow: Bulgaria 2nd (2nd in both jury and televote), Moldova 3rd (third in televote, lower in juries), Belgium 4th (4th in televote, low top 10 in juries), Sweden 5th (3rd in juries, 8th in televote), Italy 6th (similar in both jury and televote), Romania 7th (6th in televote), Hungary 8th (thanks to televote’s top 10), Australia (thanks to juries’ 4th place), Norway (thanks to juries’ high rankings). The juries’ 5th was Netherlands and they got 11th for the second year in a row. France was 10th in televote but much lower with juries and ends up 12th.

Belgium gets Top 10 for the third year in a row, with two 4th in three years. The entire Top 3 got their best results ever in the contest. Portugal, like Lordi for Finland before them, gets its first win and its first Top 5!

Big disagreements of the year: Austria and Denmark, very high in juries, were in the bottom 5 of televote. More importantly, Australia, the juries’ 4th, was 25th with only 2pts (Austria was 26th with 0).

Sadly, Big 5 Spain and Germany end up 26th and 25th respectively. Spain had 0 with juries, 5 with televote. Germany picked 3 in juries (all from Ireland) and 3 from televote.

Interesting fact, Greece won the European championships in football in 2004 in a big upset against hosts Portugal and won Eurovision the year later. Now Portugal did it too after winning the Euro in 2016 against hosts France!

Another interesting fact, both Ukraine and Portugal have won after returning to the contest. Neither is a song written for the charts, and both have non-English lyrics. Actually Portugal joins Serbia 2007 and Israel 1998 as the last winners without any English language in their lyrics!

The travesty was still around with some juries: Greece-Cyprus (exchanged 12), Australia-Uk (exchanged 12 and 10), most Scanny juries gave 12 to Sweden (which did end up 3rd overall in juries, but still…) Romania-Moldova exchanged big points, considering that televote would support these novelty acts in the end, it mattered!

Will Lisbon be our next stop, as Salvador is a huge Benfica supporter? We’ll find out this summer!

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668 comments on “Portugal wins Eurovision 2017!

  1. Yes real music won for both the jury and the public! Fuck yeah! And all of you guys doubting Portugal wouldn’t even qualify! And even with a joke entry Moldova got third wtf, thats how bad the live performances were this year! Australia still overrated by the jury and Austria as well!

  2. Hello everyone first of all congrats to Portugal, despite i don’t like the song i am happy for Salvador, he looks like a really good person and singer. On the other hand what i think about the voting is pure COMEDY, i will give only one example and probably everyone will get what i think Australia!!! what a coincidence that all the european juries admired to that masterpiece(!) but none of the europeans liked it .Congrats Ebu that showed what is going on behind the scenes . In general Greeks have a sympathy to Australia because there are many Greeks immigrants there and most of us have either a friend or relative in Australia but despite it i haven’t heard or seen anyone who kind of liked the Australian entry this year! And looks like rest of european televoters agreed with us but juries thought it deserves a top 5 !!! There are other examples like it… And after yesterdays jury votes nobody can say me juries are fair and they only vote for the voice-song etc lol they are much much worse and biased than the televoters. I really want Greece to withdraw till %100 televoting comes back, Ebu can keep babying Australia and some others with the votes of juries…

    • I am seriously sick of the juries voting a certain type of songs more but seriously, the 100% televote era was a disaster that made the contest reputation sink very low in most of European countries (especially West) and Greece, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia assured almost a top 10 every year. It was SICK and I want NONE of it. We need to CHANGE the juries system, not take it away.

      • Please read my comment below and see that i am really honest i did not type the criticism about juries because i am from Greece. As you can see below i am criticising our singer and i find it also ridiculous that Cypriot and Montenegrin juries gave a 12 points to us, supposedly they are there to destroy the friendly and diaspora votes lol For sure Greece did not deserve any 12 points from anyone with that song and performance (despite some Greeks will disagree with me ) Juries did not change anything, they made things even worse because it is easier to control 10-20 people than a whole country. And the countries that you typed above Greece Turkey Russia Ukraine were mostly making my top 10, they did well when they were sending songs that many people were loving .

      • Juries need to be held accountable, just as in gymnastics, artistic skating, etc. I now taste can differ and you can be allergic for certain voices and styles. But somehow there has to be a way in which juries have to rank certain aspects of a song/performance.

        • Indeed; what happened with the Australian and Finnish entries, for instance, is insulting and ludicrous and it has to stop.

      • Exactlu, Morgan; most of us have always said so here in ET. The juries must be more diverse and stop their systematic support for certain countries – no need to say which ones.

        • What should the juries be? only real music expert? Niclas spotted a Montenegro just who’s supposed a doctor in classical music who had Greece 1st… and if the EBU choses specifically the jury members, then it’s more conspiracy theories! i am clueless what to do!

          • There is no easy answer; that PhD guy did not take the contest seriously, so he just voted for what he thought the contest was about and made a fool of himself. I can only hope that Salvador’s win will encourage people to vote for quality, not plastic.

      • Exactly my thoughts…
        I am absolutely against 100% televoting but we don’t need jury from every country either,most of them suck…EBU can hire several professionals and they can do the job right way!

  3. About Greece i am gonna make a very honest and objective comment: first time a Greek singer did not make even a single move during a uptempo song. Remember all those Greek singers Helena, Kalomira, Sakis, Koza Mostra, Sarbel ,Giorgos Alkaios even Eleftheria …They were dancing like crazy and singing at the same time and we can’t say their songs were harder to sing than This is love! But Demy was like a statu, she made the usual tactic that i criticise many times, show your legs put some naked dancers and wait for the votes . Yesterdays comment from us was ‘Don’t blame Kontopoulos, he made the right thing . Remember when Demy said Dimitris (Kontopoulos) knows me very well. He knows what i like to sing and what i can sing( my voice limits)! This is love is the perfect song for me !.
    Despite now all the Greeks would bash me i say that Demy is the worst Greek singer that we have sent recently ! She could not sing a simple song properly despite all she was doing is raising her hands time to time!!! Sorry Eleftheria for what i thought for you! Eleftheria was the cheap act because she was using nudity to get votes, what Demy did was not different yesterday and Eleftheria is much better performer than Demy, at least she achieved to sing while dancing heavily. If you don’t trust your voice you can’t go to esc with an uptempo song and stand there without doing anything like a statu!!!! Despite that she wasn’t good vocally especially in the chorus ! When we are so harsh on some other singer why we feel like we can’t criticise her, Demy is just so overrated! Now i will be the target of many people but i don’t care because i am honest weather is very good here and i am going out to have coffee. Have a nice day everyone .

    • Hm. Eleftheria could not sing while dancing actually. I genuinely think all the names you had were awful performers imo that got overrated. Demy is the first one that got the actual result she deserved and that makes me kinda sympathize her!

      • If you really think that all those Greek singers that i mentioned were awful performer including Helena Kalomira , Sakis , Koza Mostra then i would think that you have something against Greece in eurovion, you may dislike their songs since it is matter of taste but calling them as ”awful performers” is just not fair at all.

        • Helena was a good example in which things went well, as was Sakis first attempt. Performances that were simple and effective. No unnecessary props on stage and just very limited use of gimmicks.
          Koza Mostra were great by the way.

          • Thank you stommie. Also personally i was not a fan of Kalomira’s song, it was not something so special but with her performance she made me to like it a lot , this is why i say a singer can create a big difference. I am really not happy because maybe Greece is the country who loves and cares about esc most and being successful in esc makes us really happy, We have this chance we have great musicians and performers we will see what is gonna happen, i have to leave now, have a great day .

        • Koza Mostra were fantastic and my mom’s winner that year. :)
          Morgan and Greece/Cyprus do never go well together. I think it is a cultuire thing …

        • Koza was passable. All others down awful from 2007 onwards.

    • The problem wasn’t Demy. The problem was the song and the same formula that is used by the Fokas/Kontopoulos duo over and over again.

      • Fokas did what he could and Kontopoulos made that song because it is the type that Demy likes to sing and it suits to her voice ( this is what exactly Demy told) . But Demy was like a statue who even did not move ! Sorry of you are in esc with an uptempo dance song you can’t do it. All we saw last nite was a girl smiling, showing her legs and raising her hands 3-4 times , and still not being successful vocally .Fokas and Kontopoulos did many great things in esc, they are the dream team so i will not put a black cross on their name just because of 1 unsuccessful year . I still believe if Helena sang This is love , she could make a great difference on every aspect but this is what i think and i am a minority because in my country Demy is being considered as princess of Greek pop .

        • I fear that you won’t find much support fro the Fokas/Kontopoulos duo. Things look so tired and forced by now. Everything has already been shown, there are no surprises anymore and most of all, the contest has moved on.

        • I think all the points Greece got was due to Demy’s charisma and nothing else. Kontopoulos gave her the crappiest song he ever sent at Eurovision and Fokas really ruined his reputation with that fetus hologram and the inflatable children’s pool.

          Unfortunately she is a Kontopoulos/Panic Records creation and has obviously no artistic input in what they decide. Also what happened is the direct result of ERT’s decision to completely outsource this year’s entry to them in order to spare expenses (as if they ever spared expenses when it comes to paying thousands of employees who barely show up at work or produce anything meaningful). There should have been a live national final, either with many artists from various labels or Demy performing songs from different composers (like Paparizou in 2005). Giving carte-blanche to one team means they have no competition to fear and therefore they spend minimum effort.

          • I agree entirely. Demy at least lookeg good for what it was!

          • Hello I know that Greeks hate me when i say this but i really never got what is so special about her to me she is way too much overrated. She does not have a very strong or special voice, i know that in Greece we don’t know many cute faces with blue eyes and long legs but still these doesn’t make her special to me. She is a pretty, smiley , positive person but not charismatic at all.
            Also Greece passed as 10th despite the song was one of the few uptempo songs and we had Cyprus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Albania. Australia, Montenegro in the same semi, even i can add Italy and Georgia to that list (All these countries give us points almost every year with some very few exceptions ) . And again in the grand final we got votes from the same countries that almost every year vote for us, on the other hand some certain countries that are used to give us kind of high points did not even give a single point so i don’t think Demy was successful actually it is the opposite in this case. As a performance i still think she was bad. A smiley statue with no move that could not sing a simple song properly . TBH i feel underrated when we think she is our best young female star, Greece has better talents, i know you disagree but please no offence i am already tired of Demy’s fans who attack everyone who criticise her or even type that europe hates us because Demy couldn’t win :((

            • Why should I be offended? :) I am not a crazy Demy fan but I liked her voice, confidence and stage presence, not just her looks. Sakis had a lot of money at his disposal those days, not just his charisma…

            • Lol thank you for not attacking, i am really done with some young Demy fans who don’t accept any criticism about her :SS I find her voice average not bad but also not something special , i don’t find her confident because skip dancing she could not even dare to walk while singing , about her looks i know it is kind of rare in Greece to see a girl like that but there are some countries that she can pass as an average girl on the street ( actually there were some comments from other countries who were calling her female Nicolas Cage :SS) , about Sakis i really think that he has the star light and charisma, i think he is the type that would get all the attention wherever he goes. Charisma is actually smth different than beauty, there are some very beautiful people with zero charisma or vice verse. Demy is on the pretty sweet singers side for me, Sakis is on the sexy charismatic side but of course i respect what you think, beauty is something subjective overall just i made my criticism about Demy as a performer , i find her vocals and performance as one of the worst ones yesterday but i know many Greeks disagree with me, just please don’t attack me .

            • Lol, why should I attack you? :) I don’t think she would pass unnoticed anywhere in the world and I find her very likeable. But that is just my opinion!

            • I also think she would pass as cute in every part of the world i don’t think someone can call her ugly :S what i want to say is just some people can consider her very charismatic very sexy very attractive etc and some people like me can think she is a sweetie with a cute face and a good body but not a wow factor that can turn all the heads and i don’t find her a charismatic or sexy as a singer. Problem is if you say it to Demy fans who believe that she is the most beautiful thing in Greece ( mostly the young ones ) they directly start to attack and swear , thank god this site does not have them lol, anyway i am off for a while, i really hope everything will be better for us, we deserve to be happy at least once in a year lol

            • Yes young queens are very fanatical with their divas :)

            • Believe me, we have many Greeks on ET, and all are fair and reasonable, and therefore no “young Demy fans” lol

          • To me the best example for charisma votes is Sakis and This is our night, it was not a better song than This is love but despite it Sakis achieved to get votes from many countries just with his stage charisma and performance (if it was another singer it could be at the bottom of the scoreboard) but Demy could not even get votes from the countries who have a tradition to vote for us…

        • I couldn’t disagree more.Greece’s placing was good considering the song we sent and it was all thanks to Demy and Fokas.Kontopoulos was given a carte blanche by ERT and he messed it up as he had previously done in 2009 when he served as “This is our night”.Demy has stage awareness and shines on stage.She didn’t need to dance.Despite the song’s low quality it was vocally demanding.

          • This year Only 9 countries out of 42 voted for Greece and one of them is Cyprus.
            On the other hand 21 countries voted for Greece despite in 2009 there were much better uptempo-dance songs compared to this year( just to name some Norway, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine,Romania,Spain,Armenia) despite it Sakis achieved to get the 7th place .This was all about Sakis charisma and performance because there is almost no difference between This is our night and This is love in terms of music quality and genre( actually personally i prefer This is love to This is our nite in terms of melody ) . Yesterday all i saw shining on Demy was her smile and her dress and legs which were full with shiny glitters :((

            • the difference isnt Sakis or Demy (btw Sakis has never sung a single song in tune), but the DATE: 2007 IS NOT 2017

            • In 2007 there were also juries and there were 42 countries as well . The genre of this is our nite and this is love is something that europe had, have and will always have so i don’t see a difference. I am sure Sakis would sound very good vocally if he was standing like a statue instead of dancing .You may prefer Demy to Sakis but i can’t even compare them as a performer .

            • Sorry for the typo, the year was 2009 not 2007

      • The problem was, it qualified unfairly to the final with one of the worst performances both visually and vocally. Let it be Georgia or Finland, but one of them should have upset it!

    • Aegean, Demy’s singing voice is not right for that song nor is her personality, I think; she should have said no, thank you. I hope she comes back with a much better song in Greek and no pointless half naked men on stage.

  4. According to some Swedish journalists at the press centre, the Spanish fans there were CHEERING when Spain finished last. Still pissed because of Mirela. :p

    • I suppose the same Spanish fans that are completely delusional when Spain sends an overhyped diva with an over the top performance.

    • They will always be pissed about that as will the Portuguese fans who supported Viva La Diva.

    • Spain, and especially the 2 corrupt jurors that picker Manel, are probably in the worst position right now. Last while their eternally losing western neighbour won leaves little place for blaming anyone but Manel and his label.

  5. I’ve just checked ESC Tracker and ‘Amar pelos dois’ is nº1 in several countries, especially in Eastern Europe – Kyrgyzstan, for instance. Luísa and Salvador really managed to tap into the emotions of millions of people.

  6. Ok some thoughts about last night.

    – Portugal won a very well-deserved victory even though I slightly preferred his semi-final performance. I hope it means more stuff with musical integrity and more songs in different languages in the future. I also hope we don’t get inundated with ballads since they took the top two spots this year. And if we do get more ballads I hope they are as warm, beautiful, organic, heart-felt and interesting ones as Salvador’s is.

    -I find it very interesting that the artists rewarded most are the awkward anti-star ones with no obvious television charisma: Salvador, Kristian and Blanche. On the other hand, the sleek, show-business, conventionally beautiful types did much less well than expected: Robin, Alma, Demy, Imri and you can add Francesco with his immense charisma. I think it says a lot about how Europe’s tastes are evolving. On the whole, my personal view is that we are going from one extreme to the other.

    -About Italy, I said yesterday I don’t think Portugal and Italy can both take Europe by storm. It could only be one or the other. There is only so much room for idiosyncratic non-english songs in a latin language. So I think Francesco’s basic misfortune was being in the same contest with Salvador (and so close to him in terms of running order). I hope Italy’s haters are happy now that Moldova came third. I always knew they would do well and said so many times, but third and above Italy is way too ridiculous any way you look at it.

    -I also find interesting to note one basic schizophrenia in the jury vote: On the one hand they hugely reward an 100% natural, jazzy performance heavy on the ad-libbing. And on the other hand they give the coveted seal of modernity to Norway and its canned, processed vocals (6th in the juries while they only came 15th in the televote – yet another time that Norway’s entry is boosted by the juries). So do they want more natural or less? I hope this huge unfairness (so many other delegations had to strugle with their vocals, while a huge part of the norwegian song was pre-recorded) will not leave its imprint in the future but I highly doubt it. And of course jazz (even old-fashioned jazz) may be cool with the juries, but ethnic is still a big no-no: Hungary only finished 17th in their vote, while televoters gave it a very well-deserved top10 placing. Shame…

    -Another interesting fact is that countries always suspected of getting a heavy boost from diasporas in the televote did not do so this year: Armenia, Greece, Azerbaijan and Poland. On the whole, it seems that Greece and Azerbaijan have completely lost their ESC top-10 mojo (diaspora or otherwise) in recent years, even though Azerbaijan (like Romania) has not yet been hit with a non-qualification.

    -Speaking of Greece, the two main gay-baiting entries this year (Israel and Greece) failed, while on the other hand Moldova’s bachelor party did exceptionally well! Is Eurovision getting more straight or are gays getting tired of gay-baiting tactics?

    -As for the juries, plenty of regional and neighborly bias this year that practically negates their whole raison d’être and a lot of tactical voting as well from the main favourites. Also yet another year of huge flag bias towards Australia and Malta (Malta got zero points from the public in the finals – top10 with the juries). They also gave a huge boost to all the scandis (Sweden, Denmark, Norway) except Finland that had to fall on the sword of their Australia-boosting. Killing Estonia instead of Croatia in the semis is also another huge tarnish on their record as far as I am concerned. No matter what anyone thinks of the “Verona” soap-opera, Jacques’ entry has single-handedly eclipsed anything bad that I have ever seen in Eurovision.

  7. First of all congratulations to Salvador!
    What a beautiful song and performance. I can’t wait to see our beloved Eurovision Songcontest going to Portugal next year.

    The final show was very underwhelming, especially the three “hosts” were really cringeworthy. What was that guy doing in the green room?
    All those pauses were also very annoying.
    I do like Verka Serduchka, but i really need to recover from and overdose Verka.
    Can anyone still remember the “new” songs of Ruslana or Jamala?

    I can live with the overall results. I only don’t understand why Sweden and Australia did get such a high score. Azerbaijan deserved a much better score.
    Good to see Norway getting a fine result with such a “modern” song. I voted for Portugal, Azerbaijan and Norway.

    Last but not least really happy with the result of Belgium’s Blanche.
    A very strong result, especially after the 0 points giving by the press after the first rehearsals. City Lights will become the biggest European hit of this years contest.

  8. Fan-wanks this year (OGAE top-10 that failed to do that well): Estonia, FYRoM, France and Finland. On the other hand, OGAEs failed to see the public appeal of Moldova, Romania and Hungary.

    Jury fodder: Australia, Norway and Holland (both serial offenders of going safe in recent years), the UK, Denmark, Austria and Malta in the semis.

    • Malta since 2009! And we are talking about the same thing here. Dated pop ballads!

      • Indeed. Malta has been hugely boosted by the juries every single year of the 50/50 system no matter what they send. I can understand that they may have this unhealthy obsession with female pseudo-diva ballads to an extent (it explains why they fell for Holland and the UK) but this goes way beyond that.

    • Alma came 12th, which is a good result. I wouldn’t call France a fan-wank.

      • Yes, but she was much higher than the other three in the OGAE vote (4th). She was also an automatic qualifier.

    • well after all it’s more like their own taste, so they fanwanked their bubble but they dont HAVE to see any appeal: and Estonia, France and Finland were all top 10 in televote in either their semis or the final!

    • Come on Italy by any standard was a fanwank – it was not even in the top 5 !

      • They had Italy and Portugal the other way around from where they ended up. Which is why I said there was probably no room for both of them to do well.

  9. Also about the australian fan’s mooning incident: the EBU only issued a statement that he was arrested and questioned. They still have not released the video of Jamala’s performance. Huge kudos to her for being unfazed in the face of so much rudeness and disrespect.

  10. I am still heart-broken by the Finnish unjustice doh and I feel that their misplacement is a perfect way of telling that there is clearly something wrong with the jurors! I mean their live performance and song were one of the best this year. Australia for example had one if the worst if not the worst live performance of the year..

  11. DNK qualified with 5 miserable televoting points. ROFL That’s probably a first one. Very popular act indeed … I guess that reactions in living rooms across Europe were similar to the one in my parent’s living room: “WTF is she doing in the final?”

    • inn both semis the 10th only barely made it, and therefore either jury or televote can, with big boost, push one in

      • Indeed. Btw, have you seen that San Marino got their 1 pt from Germany? We always care for the tiny ones … LOL
        It was probably Mr. Siegel’s gentleman friends power voting from Munich …

    • Even after hearing the Danish song a few times I still can’t remember it.

    • That’s what the juries are there for :-) When televoting ignores talent for yodelling gimmicks to throw some spotlight on real talent. Another indication they are essential to the contest imo.

      • I agree that juries are essential in ESC, but definately not the ones we had 2009 onwards.

        • I think they are doing their job fine for the most part – and if anything I have reasons to be mad at them given how they could have taken Blanche in the top 3.

          And I am probably the only person pointing out the 100+ difference by which Salvador won the jury vote – if the same thing happened with Bulgaria and given how close they were at televoting – everyone would be growling manipulation.

    • “Muti! Professional juries of ESC defines this kind of screaming as singing. Collapsing out of breath on the floor makes this even more appealing to ESC juries. Singing shouldn’t be effortless, it should look and sound difficult master!”

  12. Day after and still the first thing that comes in mind is Moldova 3rd overall. I knew it would be popular, everyone loved it last night where I was but 3rd ? Wow.

    I am immensly glad it won the “fun” vote over Italy – thats part of the beauty of esc though – if I said Moldova would be top 3 and Italy out of the top 5 a month ago O would probably be seen as a crazy person.

    Lets address voting issues : Yes there were problematic juries but very few thankfully. Th danish, finnish, greek, cypriot and moldovan juries need to be given warnings and the people picked for them never be chosen again at least not the ones producing those results. The 2 members of the greek jury for example that had Cyprus first must never be chosen for jury duty again. That said the overwhelming majority of juries transcended such political limitations and props for that. What I appreciated especially in the case of Belgium is the progression of the jury vote given the rehearsals and Blanche’s progression at the same time – from NQ in the semi to top 10 in the final (yes she should be higher and juries should have helped her overtake Moldova to 3rd but anyway).
    We already dont hear any of the “oh Portugal got a very large safe difference from juries” – which would lead them to victory even if they lost televoting to Bulgaria (could be done as the 2 were close – much closer – in televoting) – but that was to be expected. Portugal was liked around here, Dami Im was never liked. Huge difference I guess, enough to change criteria. Instead the focus is Australia yet again of course. I ll jusy say Isaiah was much better last night and only 2 points from televoting while even Spain scored better is a travesty of epic proportions. And let’s not go to Lucie’s televoting score which is even more enraging. At least she got a well deserved jury top 10. And of course Nathan getting a zero with televoting is absolutely disgusting. In general once again and with few exceptions the balance leans against televoting.

    Levina was mistreated by both televoters and jury and she also deserved much better. Ukraine gets its worst result ever and tbh I saw it coming given that all songs after that were televoting top 10 and 3 of them overall top 5.

  13. Serious German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reports that Kristian K. said before the show that he would smash the trophy if he won. He would do this in Moscow in order to protest Russia not being allowed to participate this year. Lovely young man indeed …

    • I heavily doubt that. Sounds like slander if anything else.

      • Well, it’s Germany’s most respected newspaper. They brought the FIFA scandal to light among other things. I’ve been reading them every day for 30 years and there hasn’t been a wrong news item published by them yet.

        • I will remain skeptical I am sorry. I have watched many interviews and blogs with Kristian and I would never have him saying something like that. Last night during the voting at every phase he was shown he appeared thankful and humbled even if he knew he had a very good chance to not win this.

          • If you are interested, you can find Kristian’s “It has all been a misunderstanding. No everyone understands my humour” apology on his Instagram account.
            I never thought that you of all people would support a Putin puppet …

            • Oh come on now Kristian a Putin puppet ? That’s a stretch by any means. Anyway even if he said it and apologized I am fine. We all make mistakes and its good to own up to them. He is a 17 year old teen after all, he is allowed to a few mistakes and it takes maturity to own up to them. Others give winning speeches demeaning all other artists in the competition but unfortunately I dont see any apology coming from there anytime soon :-(

    • Apparently he later said that it had been a joke … which doesn’t make it any better imo. I guess that his delegation forced him to.

    • And Salvador is accused of being arrogant… Go song for Putin young man then.

    • Well, we don’t know the context. It may have indeed been some kind of bad joke that has been misunderstood. I doubt the bulgarians would celebrate their first victory like that.

      • He is acting like a teenager; he’s only 17 and has probably lived most of his life surrounded by pro-Russian media, washing his brain on a daily basis.

    • It’s true.He already apologized about that saying it was a joke.Ok.Sure!

  14. SF1 results:

    I am glad Finland was close from qualifying. If only Australia was not around…Poor result for Iceland and even poorer outcome for the Latvians. Only 1pt from the national juries. I am also happy at how well Cyprus scored in this SF. I never thought it would be top5 but I knew the public vote will support it better. What happened in the final – points wise is smth I can’t get.

    SF2 results:

    So happy my top2 managed to secure 1st and 2nd place :) Belarus was not that strong in the end while FYRoM didn’t achieve anything remarkable…


    Of course two of my favourites (FIN and ISL) were not there already. I of course included in my top10 Portugal, Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, Hungary. France made it at the last moment in expense of the ailing Latvia and that did well too. I can leave with Sweden in top10 which too saw gains after the lives. Moldova improved in my rankings but it was far from achieving anything significant though.

    I am really gutted about Armenia’s result (although I am not happy with their live) and that Dihaj (Azerbaijan) failed to impress. Too much in your face?

    Overall ranking:

    ITA – the live didn’t impress me but still I liked it
    AZR – too much in your face
    BEL – a lot of improvement in the final helped it go ahead of FIN and ISL
    ISL – overshadowed by BUL and BEL after the lives
    FIN – gains after the lives
    ARM – nosedive after the lives
    FRA –

    Just missing out: SWE, LAT, BLR (I am quite upset with their vocals, especially in the final).

    • Definitely not too much in your face but a lot of sloppy camera work I’d say…For Azerbaijani staging,the camera angles were playing very significant role and they failed to help to tell her story…
      Still,the song is definitely one of their best and staging is something extremely artistic and unique for Eurovision standards…They should ignore the result and keep up the good work!

      • What do you think of Cyprus?

        • Cyprus was good enough to qualify but I knew they would not make the cut in the final…the line up was pretty strong and neither the song nor the staging was original enough to make people vote for it

  15. Oh and I think after congratulating Portugal and all some attention must be put on Salvador’s winning speech :

    A moment of victory should be a graceful moment not a moment to be petty and rude towards your fellow contestants and the genres of music they represent – or any other kind of music in general. I dont expect much humility from now on given his victory but I hope a commercial, contemporary song wins next year. The contest really needs it after the last 2 years and I want to see Salvador giving the trophy to an artist that belongs to the categories he slammed last night. And he should talk less from now on and let Louisa do the talking. I doubt she differs much in terms of opinions but at least she is diplomatic.

    • But you will agree that many songs at ESC are not really composed, they are engineered with vote count as the goal function. I didn’t feel he’d slammed any of the artists there, but just those who turn music into industry.

      • He is in no position to slam anyone. He is no better and what he does he does it for profit as well as this is his job.

        He was inappropriate insulting and petty.

  16. Meryl Streep, Caeteano Veloso and J.K. Rowling cogratulated Salvador and Portugal for their win:


  17. Mexican fan reacting to Salvador’s win:

    P.S. – why not invite a different country every year, instead of having this Australian overrating all the time?

    • Because Australia has been a devoted eurovision attendant and viewer since the 1980s and Mexico probably hardly acknowledges the existance of the contest ?

      • Fair enough; but the contest is seen and heard all around the world; if the EBU want to open it to the rest of the world, they should invite a different country per year, or something along those lines.

  18. Oh and my very final comment on Italy as I think I wasted enough time with this FFF (I m going to use polarizing rhetoric that solely expresses my personal opinion so anyone offended by that stop reading now) :

    Let that be a lesson to arrogant RAI (promoting esc as the event during which gabbani would take over Europe or something) and to everyone out there who thinks about bringing arrogant pseudo intellectual joke entries to the contest again. Their era has finished for good and it was long overdue. Whatever Gabbani tried to serve nobody really bought – always compared to what was expected – neither in televoting or in juries. And I have to say to Gabbani : he is lucky people ony saw that entry as a joke act with a dancing gorilla and did not understand his superficial arrogant lyrics or he would be even lower I suspect. To that respect I approve of a genuinely fun imo song like Moldova with no 2nd or 3rd supposed readings behind it grabbed those votes.
    Now back home Franscesco and I hope Italy goes back to its quality roots soon enough – it almost ruined the contest this year.

    • era finnished? Moldova, Romania, Croatia and Italy were all televote top 10! that’s four out of 6!

      • Croatia did it mainly because it was the last of the balkan block left imo so any entry in the same position would do it I think.

        I can live with Moldova. It was gimmicky indeed but slick – if it missed the wedding gowns which I always detest it it could pass as groovy even. If it was any uptempo entry that should do well it is this one.

        As for Romania and especially Italy the fact that they did worse than expected televoting wise is encouraging.

        Yes it is after all is said and done 4 gimmicky entries in the televoting top 10 and that is a very good argument against televoting this year but it could be worse.

        • 4 joke/novelty acts, if you add that the lives that got top 10 in televote also included the treadmills’ amazing performance and the Swedish slick pop (which as you know I like much), it means that Portugal, Bulgaria, Belgium, Hungary France all got top 10 in televote on emotions and the singers’ merits only! Cheers to them

          • Still little comfort. And Hungary was gimmicky. Traditional and authentic to what it is but gimmicky in its own way.

            • Maybe so (I would agree), but they thought it more genuine in its style than Armenia for instance. And I understand them (as I dislike both but definitely prefer Hungary to Armenia).

      • Italy has nothing in common with the 3 other entries you know.Witty,satirical pop music served by a charismatic superstar.

        • Hm. It was presented as a novelty act and got the points as such. If it was indeed what you said, it could have won as OGAE or TEKO expected it to.

          • It was presented as a satirical pop song.It was fresh and vibrant.People can be narrow-minded and conservative regarding what’s legit to be presented in esc and the esc juries are like that in the end of the day.

    • Why are his lyrics superficial? The worst I can say about them is that they are adapted from previous work. Unfortunately, some really good lines were cut out (“tutti tuttologi”, “oppio dei poveri”) and the second verse made little sense. You mean – ruined the contest by winning it? I agree with that, I hoped it wouldn’t win – but it’s still one of the best of the year.

      • My opinion on this forum about the italian joke act and its superficial, naive and offensive to western people lyrics is well documented on this forum for anyone interested.

  19. Probably the best moment last night: Artsvik in tears, crying “bravo”, as Salvador finishes his performance <3 <3 <3

  20. Bay, this one is for you:

  21. All the TV channels opened their 13.00 news programmes with Salvador’s win; all of them compete with RTP for the best ratings; Salvador will land during the afternoon and RTP and SIC, at least. will be broadcasting his arrivel live.

    Simone de Oliveira is about to be interviewed by RTP; Lúcia Moniz was just interviewed by SIC.

  22. Alexander Rybak covers Portugal 17:

  23. The Anders, here’s a Danish cover of ‘Amar pelos dois’; it’s beautiful, one of the best I’ve heard so far:

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