Eurovision 2017: Predict Your Final Top 10

Eurovision 2017 – Today is the day. The best day of the whole year. It’s the Eurovision Grand Final People!!!! Hands up… Who is excited? We are. Today we would like you to predict who will make the Top 10 in tonight’s Final. Please read on to see how this works.

In the link below you will go to a Google Form which will have ten questions and a bonus question. You will need to give 12pts to the Country you think will win, 10pts to the country you think will Runner Up and so on until your Top 10 is predicted.
The Bonus Question is for you to predict who will come 26th (Last) in the 2017 edition of the Contest as well just for a little fun.

If you need a bit of help below shows the Top 10 with the bookies. The below comes from the Oddschecker website so the Odds quoted are the best being offered. (NOTE: This is as from 10:30GMT 13-May)

Italy 2/1
Portugal 2/1
Bulgaria 10/3
Belgium 22/1
Sweden 35/1
United Kingdom 60/1
Romania 60/1
Croatia 70/1
France 150/1
Moldova 175/1

In last they have Spain with odds of 1000/1.

You can vote for yourself by clicking here: https://goo.gl/forms/eFEFqDdd8N2d1IIN2

Results like these take some time to analyse so the Poll will close at 17:00CET (18:00GMT)

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

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292 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Predict Your Final Top 10

  1. I’ve just had a sponsored advert pop up on my Facebook feed from Francesco specifically mentioning the UK… Italy are clearly paying for adverts and targeting people in specific countries with personalised messages! I wonder who else is… will keep my eye out for any others!

    (Switzerland made great use of Whatsapp this year, messaging us all the time with updates.)

  2. Boa sorte, Shevek!

    Good luck to everyone!
    … And may it all end with the best song, right?

  3. Enjoy Eurovision my dearest europals! Just starting to organise our food, drink supplies, it could be a long and emotional evening ahead! :-)
    I won’t predict a winner as it’s usually the kiss of death but you know who I’ll be voting for I guess! Good luck to everybody! Mucha suerte, bona sort ! maybe catch up later in the aftermath if I have chance!

  4. The main jury backers of Bulgaria last year are scattered(most of them early in the order,though).But that was a totally different song.I believe Portugal won the jury vote.I can definitely see the Czech Republic and Ukraine supporting it,f.i.

  5. The commentators poll for the final:


  6. Prediction : Jury ranking
    1. BGR
    2. PRT
    3. BEL
    4. NLD
    5. ITA
    6. SWE
    7. MDA
    8. GBR
    9. AZE
    10. ARM
    11. AUS
    12. POL
    13. HUN
    14. HRV
    15. FRA
    16. ROU
    17. DEU
    18. ISR
    19. DNK
    20. CYP
    21. NOR
    22. BLR
    23. GRC
    24. AUT
    25. UKR
    26. ESP

  7. Televoting (Prediction)
    1. ITA
    2. BGR
    3. PRT
    4. BEL
    5. HUN
    6. MDA
    7. ROU
    8. HRV
    9. POL
    10. SWE
    11. ARM
    12. NDL
    13. FRA
    14. ISR
    15. GRC
    16. BLR
    17. GBR
    18, UKR
    19. CYP
    20. AZE
    21. NOR
    22. AUT
    23. DNK
    24. AUS
    25. DEU
    26. ESP

  8. Finnish fans have come dressed as Verka this year.


  9. Overall :
    2. PRT
    3. ITA
    4. BEL
    5. MDA
    6. SWE
    7. ROU
    8. HUN
    9. ARM
    10. POL
    11. HRV
    12. NDL
    13. GBR
    14. AZE
    15. FRA
    16. AUS
    17. ISR
    18. GRC
    19. DNK
    20. NOR
    21. DEU
    22. UKR
    23. BLR
    24. CYP
    25. AUT
    26. ESP

  10. I still believe it will be either Portugal or Italy!

  11. Hey guys here is my prediction for the final:
    1. Portugal
    2. Italy
    3. Bulgaria
    4. Belgium
    5. Armenia
    6. Romania
    7. Sweden
    8. UK
    9. Azerbaijan
    10. Hungary
    11. Moldova
    12. Netherlands
    13. Croatia
    14. Australia
    15. Israel
    16. Ukraine
    17. Greece
    18. Austria
    19. Poland
    20. Denmark
    21. Cyprus
    22. Norway
    23. France
    24. Belarus
    25. Germany
    26. Spain

  12. And here we go ! Enjoy everyone and may the best win !!

  13. Here we go…..
    Top 12 Prediction before: Portugal, Bulgaria (could nick this), Italy, Romania, Belgium, UK, Armenia, Hungary, Sweden, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Moldova
    Last: Spain.
    Enjoy everyone :)

  14. I think I finally get Portugal….god..

  15. POR all blue ITA all red and joint 3rd with BUL.

  16. That was painful. #spain

  17. CRO 5th to win…

      • It will not happen but I don’t get them. UK is not doing well with the odds – at last hype died.

        • UK always get betting HYPE for NO reason.

          • In the end I placed them in my top10 at the last moment :p

            • Should have known better. I predicted 8th with juries and bottom 7 with televoting for UK and it actually happen. Did you see my prediction . I got the whole top 8 right :D

            • I didn’t do anything from 1 to 8 but I missed AZR, ARM and UK only.

              Romania was the one I was thinking to place in instead of UK. Never thought about NOR and AUS is the one I placed 11th-15th.

              All in all we know how the top10 will look like but it is down to the points.

              Did you see that YT views agreed with most of the countries – actual televoting top10.

            • I used your YT views list in my algorithm so you get an honourable mention :P

            • It helped me too to compile my top10 but I didn’t bother getting suspicious about AZR’s and ARM’s fate :p

            • I hope people understand that there are no definite televoting superpowers (see POL, ARM etc…)

            • Tell it to Lina :p

            • And MANY others. I mean people last year were moaning that ALL those 222 points for POL were diaspora votes…How many exactly did they get this year? 40…?

            • I tried to inform ppl that Poland was huge already in the public televote. I even used evidence from youtube to prove but nothing. The will never listen.

            • The only thing that bothered me this year and I mean A LOT, was the favoritism for AUS from juries….Grrrrr!

            • They follow a pattern though. Last year. BEL, NED, UK, AUS got a lot more from the juries. All about English and west….

  18. Farewell to Italy. My friends who are fresh liked


    • they literally hated Italy.

      • Italy was the only country among the “favourites” I didn’t place a bet on. I only did for PRT, BGR, AZE and (ARM 0.5 E). Overall I won 45 E this esc season (NFs included) with small bets of 0,5 to 2 Euros!

      • Neither my mom nor my brother liked Italy. I didn’t initially like it in San Remo that much either. Lyrics are the asset of this song and it takes time to grow on you when it comes to melody

        • It was not a bad song but I never understood it being seen as a contender since day one!

          • I never saw Portugal as a contender either but it had got nothing to do with the song…but the Eurovision itself…I am happy to proven wrong for this one😊

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