Latest Betting Odds

Eurovision 2017 – With 7 hours to go before the jury final tonight, we’ve taken a look at the latest betting odds now both semi-finals have taken place. Has Portugal overtaken Italy at the top or is Francesco and his ape holding on? Who were the winners and losers from the semi-finals? 

Are the UK bookmakers overestimating the UK’s potential success (again)? Here’s the latest betting on oddschecker which looks across many different bookies:

Italy 5/4 11/8 6/4 5/4 11/8
Portugal 15/8 15/8 9/5 2 7/4
Bulgaria 10/3 4 3 7/2 4
Belgium 14 16 18 16 20
Sweden 28 22 33 28 28
United Kingdom 33 33 40 25 25
Romania 33 33 40 33 40
Croatia 50 66 90 66 66
France 50 80 100 66 80
Armenia 66 66 80 66 100
Moldova 100 100 150 66 100
Netherlands 80 100 100 80 100
Denmark 150 150 150 100 100
Hungary 125 100 200 150 100
Azerbaijan 150 150 150 125 100
Australia 125 150 250 100 100
Germany 150 100 250 150 100
Israel 150 150 300 150 100
Norway 250 200 300 150 100
Austria 250 200 250 200 100
 Cyprus 300 250 250 200 100
Greece 300 250 300 200 100
Poland 250 250 250 200 100
Ukraine 300 250 300 200 100
Belarus 250 200 200 200 100
Spain 500 250 500 200 100

According to the betting it is a three-horse race this year between Italy, Portugal and Bulgaria.

Where do you think the bookies will get it right and wrong?


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536 comments on “Latest Betting Odds

  1. Blanche’s brother was just inteviewed on ESCxtra.

    • What did he say? I am only reading because I am still working on an article …

      • I was not paying much attention, I only caught them saying good bye to him.

          • I was reading the reactions to Salvador’s live rendition. lol

          • And here media are full of Jacques Houdek today! Now I’m reading, all singers are prsiing him, especially in Croatia of course, the main article is that even Toni Cetinski with whom Jacques doesn’t have good relation wrote everything positive about his performance.. Tajci who represented Yugosavia, from the USA also wrote everything positive, that was in media, Vlado Kalember who sang for Yugoaslvaia with izolda and many more..Marija Serifovic again, it is 10th aniversary since Marija won for Serbia in Helsinki now..she supports Jacques so much (good friends)..
            I really like Jacques, as singer, person and everything, but this performance didn’t work for me.. :(

            • I hate all that nationalism in ESC … It’s the same here in Germany. Everyone supports the German song, no matter if it is good or bad. Nationalism/Patriotism is the opposite of being a decent person imo. :(

            • Hmmmm…I suppose it is partly due to results of Croatia in all previous years..it seems many ppl feel the best results in years for Croatia is coming..I personally prefer last year as a composition, but vocals were weaker..Nina was one of faves before the semi and later she started to drop on the odds, while Jacques Houdek totally the opposite…

  2. I have to say tonight’s vocal performances were top notch for the most part. If juries are still doing their job and we go on merits and the rest of the criteria Bulgaria must win tonight hands down and by quite some margin. This entry has everything an esc winner should have in 2017 : proffesionalism, fine song crafting, contemporary minimalistic stage approach and above all a very promising performer with a very bright future ahead of him. If someone who is 17 years old can pull through such performances now I can’t imagine what’s the limit. This is the future of esc as it should be if it wants to build relevance and credibility and he just has to make. Let’s do this Kristian ! :)

    • Oh and with that said goodnight people – tomorrow is a big day for the future of esc. Can it make it, slightly shake it but stand up or break it completely ? Wishing for the best.

    • Can you please stop lecturing us and give us your opinion instead? I am sure that everyone would enjoy reading your comments then. Have you ever heard of phrases like “I think”, “I believe”, “I hope” or “imo”? That’s much more appealing than speaking ex cathedra like the bloody Pope.

      • I use all these phrases more frequently than anyone here I would say and this comment expresses my personal estimation as much as yours making the case for Portugal expresses yours. It’s a pity you haven’t noticed.

        And today I refuse to take any kind of criticism from anyone given the treatment Kristian and Bulgaria have got. Conspiracy theories, scenarios about the EBU “backing” Bulgaria, scenarios about how and if and why he did or did not mix the pot or swirled left or swirled it right or I don’t know what.

        As I said the forum has already made its case and formed its narrative to completely dismiss a bulgarian victory.

        Please allow one person to make the case for Kristian. Please.

        • Of the members Mermaid, Morgan and me have been and are very strong advocate’s of Bulgaria. No forum narrative there, just opinions of individual members like always.

          • I was at one period as well, he was my number 2, but after the semi I lost enthusiasm for it a bit, I still like it very much, but he dropped on my list..
            You from Finland and me from Serbia will watch the voting in the final without our countries,,it won;t be that exciting… :D

            • True, it won’t be that exciting and show is also quite bad. Actually I’m quite disappointed. Will be watchung in Milan with my Swedish friends. At least I have something to laugh about when Robin does Robin S. Well maybe a bit better, but then again 😃

          • This is not about individual support it’s about result estimation.
            Bulgaria since it occured as a strikingly likely favourite after his performance last night is barraged with all kinds of accusations – from having the backs of the EBU to fix this in their favour to Kristian announced intentionally first and the knowing exactly which piece of paper to pick from the pot for the running order. Of course all that without any solid evidence to support it.

            It is clear that a bulgarian victory does not sit well with many people here and that is fine. I don’t like an italian or portuguese victory either at all but if it happens it happens – will I criticize it ? Sure – but on the merits of the actual vote not base it on theories about how Sobral or Gabbani won because the phone lines were rigged or they bribed the juries or I don’t know what else. This is petty to say the least.

        • “I use all these phrases more frequently than anyone here”. Yes, you are the Mr. Trump of ET … always the best at everything … Best comments on ET ever. Truly amazing. I know that and everyone else does. Truly incredible … ;)
          I like BGR17 too btw … you would know in case you cared reading my comments …

          • And no I don’t know that you like Bulgaria 17 – even if I did having you cheer for the conspiracy theory of the day did not help. I guess if it was about Portugal it wouldn’t have such enthusiastic support….

            Honestly I am the verge of hoping that Kristian does not win. The amount of online bullying he will have to go through will be incredible – and he is just a 17 year old kid. Thankfully he seems resilient enough.

            • There won’t be any bullying because some people have good manners. :)
              Good night. *sighs* It’s hopeless … insinuations, slander, assumptions and innuendo …

            • Once again censored *sigh*

              My manners are very good.

              I wont try any longer. This is way too emotionally draining writing the same stuff again and again.


          • I am once again censored so lets do this again :

            Dont call me mr. Trump again – its not funny. I am not corrupt, racist, homophobic, white supermacist megalomaniac. I stand strongly against all that.

            I am actually a very humble person here and in my real life. I wish you took some more time to read my comments and see this.

  3. PB described Bulgaria as cold …

  4. I went through several sites and the only one that does not give top marks to Salvador’s performance this eveining id ESC Daily – they never really liked the song over there.

  5. Croatia, Belgium, Bulgaria and Portugal are doing well in the odds, atm.

  6. #Toddlerfor3rdplace :)

  7. Eurovision.tv spoke with some of the non qualifiers and here’s what they had to say:

    • I am shocked Tako had nothing to say.not :P
      I can picture them trying to get a reaction and having all kinds of stuff thrown angrily at them lol.

  8. Kostov is charting very low in Bulgaria and in Russia; isn’t he supposed to be a big star over there? Even if he isn’t, I was expecting to see him doing better in said countries.

    • Russia is not even participating so I don’t see how his semi performance in a non televized semi final would make him chart now. He is one of the best charting artists for now and it will probably pick up after the final that the songs get more exposure – especially if he wins this.

  9. Interesting pic of Björkman’s post it notes. Some interesting notes too, like Poland: “musical ballad, female, angry”. Lol.

    And also some strange mix of Swedish and English on the Aussie note: “kille – alone”.


  10. Does anyone have any idea when the voting order will be announced?

  11. Have you seen this:

  12. It will be interesting to me to see is Spain will give 12 to Italy or Portugal?
    Portugal is probably a bit closer to them..
    Italy can give 12 to Portugal me thinks..
    San Marino to Italy?

  13. I thing that Cyprus jury will vote like this:
    Bulgaria or Italy 12 points
    Bulgaria or Italy 10 points
    Portugal 8 points
    France 7 points
    Sweden 6 points
    Greece 5 points
    Armenia 4 points
    Azerbaijan 3 points
    Belgium 2 points ( maybe 3 – 4 or 5 points )
    Croatia or UK 1 point

  14. What a hard battle for the worst vocals n ESC history – Slavko Kalezic vs XXL! :P :D

  15. Meanwhile Sweden remains the most rotated song by a local radio station! A eurovision flashmob from that Radio station DJs

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