Eurovision 2017 – The Draw

Eurovision 2017 – After getting all 26 finalists, it was down to the production team to decide the final draw for the contest, and have their proposal for “best show” approved by the board of the EBU. So here it is!

01 Israel IMRI I Feel Alive
02 Poland Kasia Moś Flashlight
03 Belarus Naviband Story of My Life
04 Austria Nathan Trent Running On Air
05 Armenia Artsvik Fly With Me
06 The Netherlands OG3NE Lights and Shadows
07 Moldova Sunstroke Project Hey Mamma
08 Hungary Joci Pápai Origo
09 Italy Francesco Gabbani Occidentali’s Karma
10 Denmark Anja Where I Am
11 Portugal Salvador Sobral Amar Pelos Dois
12 Azerbaijan Dihaj Skeletons
13 Croatia Jacques Houdek My Friend
14 Australia Isaiah Don’t Come Easy
15 Greece Demy This is Love
16 Spain Manel Navarro Do It For Your Lover
17 Norway JOWST Grab The Moment
18 United Kingdom Lucie Jones Never Give Up On You
19 Cyprus Hovig Gravity
21 Germany Levina Perfect Life
22 Ukraine O.Torvald Time
23 Belgium Blanche City Lights
24 Sweden Robin Bengtsson I Can’t Go On
25 Bulgaria Kristian Kostov Beautiful Mess
26 France Alma Requiem

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191 comments on “Eurovision 2017 – The Draw

  1. Mans has spoken:

  2. Normal Croatia should be draw in first 4 countries since Jacques sang in 11 th place at second semi. Also Belgium have the worst draw from favourite to win countries. Belgium sing after the host country song who are strong and rock and before 2 other favourite countries , the strong in televoting and juries Sweden and the favourite to win Bulgaria !

  3. So Bulgaria is in the second half…Good!
    Kristian was also TT on Turkish twitter last night!
    I like the draw,funny to see Azerbaijan performing after Portugal,it was the opposite in the semi😀

  4. How about the voting running order?

  5. Ooh and I dont care, they obviously just want the big names/ the best qualifiers from the televotes in the last possible spots as to not make the televoters fall asleep. In the end just like so many years before it, it doesn’t really matter.

    So a little off topic: I am now ready with my preliminary non Q list with my song + Live performance score as they dont get another chance to sing and you all probably know who my number one is:

    1. Finland: 10+9 (19)
    2. Lithuania: 5,5+7 (12,5) (Yes I actually enjoyed their performance!)
    3. Georgia: 3,5+8 (11,5)
    4. Macedonia: 7+4,5 (11,5)
    5. Iceland: 8+3,5 (11,5)
    6. Latvia: 6,5+4 (10,5)
    7. Montenegro: 4+6 (10)
    8. Czech Republic: 4,5+5,5 (10)
    9. Serbia: 7,5+2,5 (10)
    10. Switzerland: 5+4 (9)
    11. Malta: 3+4,5 (7,5) (At least she tried, but that was a snoozefest tbh :/)
    12. Estonia: 6+1,5 (7,5) (What is it with Estonia nowadays and their weird af live performances!!?? o.O)
    13. San Marino: 1+5,5 (6,5)
    14. Ireland: 2+3 (5)
    15. Albania: 3+2 (5)
    16. Slovenia: 1+3 (4)

    Now only one day left, cant wait!! :D

  6. They offered another go for Estonia, saying some of the stuff didn’t air in tv as it should have (volume of the backing vocals, Lauras microphone or what not), but our team was like: “nah, let’s not torture the viewers even more. They’ve been through enough as it is”

  7. Screaming Dane will highlight beautifully the excellence of this years top contenders. You can breath, while Anja surely isn’t.

  8. The trio of BEL-SWE-BUL might look bizzare but in 2013 we got an even ”craziest” draw

    AZR – 1st of SF2
    GRE – 2nd of SF2
    UKR – 2nd of SF1

  9. The nonsense one can hear about ESC on Greek tv is really amazing.

  10. D day III is approaching. 11th it is then. I am feeling numb and bracing myself for whatever happens.

  11. Chev comes across as level-headed and rational, even when I do not agree with him:

  12. I will be following stuff today, because I won’t go out this afternoon; the Pope is here and the draconian security measures will cause chaos. The dress rehearsal is about start. Good luck!

  13. Preview of finalists in running order

  14. It’s interesting that BGR, BEL and SWE are all losing ground in the betting odds despite being in the 2nd half whereas PRT has come close to catching ITA.

    • I know; Ive just been checking them as well. I was epxecting to see Bulgaria second by now. The Bulgarian entry has corporate money behind it and they are gunning for the win.

      • I have the feeling that only 2 countries started the ESC season with the aim to win: BGR and ITA. PRT more or less unintentionally stumbled into the scenario we have now …

        • What surprises me the most is what “Amar pelos dois” brought to Eurovision. They must be quite surprised too.

          • Everyone is; don’t be fooled though – the bubble and the more conservative fans are not very pleased; for them ESC must only be about europop, screaming divas, pretty boys and pretentious ballads that adress today’s issues with lots of phoney emotion – à la reality tv.

            • Can we stop slamming offensive generalizations against people just for the next 2 days or am I asking too much ? The bubble loves Portugal btw. There are reasons for that. It fits some esc stereotypes like a glove. On the other hand it does not get enthusiastic about Bulgaria -there is also a reason for that – it is foreign body to what the old esc guard is used to

            • I am not here to fight. Do not go down that road. If you do, I will not follow you.

            • Then let’s not characterize people and enjoy the music we like without the need to belittle others for what they like or what we think they like. Its outside the spirit of the contest itself. Shall we ?

            • That is always what I do. What everyone does around here, actually.

            • I know that. But it’s quite impressive the audience they’re reaching thanks to Salvador. I’m sure they’ll take notice of that.

            • I hope so.

            • +1000

          • It is an extremely typical eurovision entry in its own way.

        • Luísa wrote ‘Amar pelos dois’ as she usually does; she never imagined the song and Salvador’s live rendition would become such a massive hit. No one did, actually. I still remember the first time I heard it; I wrote here that I loved, because that is the kind of music that I like to hear – something that resonates, that makes me feel powerful emotions.

    • Same as last year with Ukraine losing ground for no obvious reason…Good sign for Kristian :-) !

  15. A few notes on semi 2:
    Very happy for Hungary and Belarus.
    If I could just make a suggestion to the hungarian presentation would be to not include the smiling violinist (or telling her to not smile). It looks quite strange and not matching the mood of the song.

    Surprised and a bit sad with Estonia elimination: it was my guilty pleasure of this year…

    Of the 3 entrys I had as “I absolutely want as NQs” (Romania, Croatia and Denmark), they are all in… :-( Such a nightmare!

    Can’t really see anything special about Bulgaria. It sounds so much déjà-heard a 1000 times, one more Justin Bieber impersonation, overproduced, with no authenticity and emotion at all.
    In fact, I can’t even understand why Bulgaria was a sure Q and Ireland was not: they both try to appeal to the same teen audience, but at least Brendan has a voice that matches his face, had ballons on stage and better lyrics for a 17 year old boy.

    • Yay for Belarus and Hungary! :) <3
      Boo for Romania and Denmark! LOL
      I can live with Croatia because my parents liked it and because Jacques' qualification means that all songs that do contain a language other than English have made it through. :)
      I hope that this will make some countries think, first and foremost Serbia, who had fantastic results with local songs performed in Serbian. Why the hell did they think it was a good idea to buy some MF reject from Sweden?

      • Have you noticed that only one song performed in the country’s official language did not qualify? :)

        • 2: Ireland and Malta …

          • Oh, yes, and Malta. I always forget they have English as official language too.

            • All the non-English songs are in. :)

            • On Malta, a lot depends on where you are. In the cosmopolitan area of Sliema/St. Julian’s, where I lived, many people use English in daily life too whereas people mostly speak Maltese in the agricultural villages. Sometimes, it is a question of class and political affiliation too.

  16. Woke up more determined than ever to see Kristian holding that trophy by the end of the evening on Saturday :-)

    It would be such a huge reputation boost for esc and and would make such a deserves winner. Kristian proved last night how much potential he has to shine outside the esc universe even. He has star quality imo and I can see great things for him in the future. If all goes well my votes on Saturday will be :

    10 to Bulgaria
    9 to Belgium
    1 to Denmark (Anja deserves it for standing out as classy and talented in between terribly overrated esc stereotypes – especially the novelty act it comes after – the contrast is staggering on who needs gimmicks to attract attention and who does it solely with their vocal talent and ability to command an otherwise empty stage with their charisma).

    I am hopeful the right result will come out on Saturday and juries have to do their job as well of course.

  17. Anja is screaming her head off again.

    • So finally some good vocals in the line up after Kasia :-) Much needed. This is going to stand out SO much. She is one of the most talented singers in this edition.

  18. Salvador is improvising and playing an imaginary trumpet.

  19. HUN

    To complete a top10
    FYRoM – she didn’t sing last night…but the song is still there
    EST – unlike everyone else I don’t find their live bad…
    ISR – works on tellie but it could have been better
    SNM – it was really engaging!
    ROM – if there was less stupidity going around I would have ranked it higher
    SRB – terrible live
    LIT – engaging
    MLT –
    IRL – bad voice and staging
    SWI – horrible staging

    • I still haven’t recovered from the Swiss staging. I never thought that “Apollo” was anything special but it was a decent effort (by Swiss standards) that comfortably sat at 6/12 on my list before last night, in particular because I liked the classy and intimate staging in “Die grosse Entscheidungsshow”. Last night, they got everything wrong. A staircase? WTF? A hideous Big Bird frock? WTF? Apollo’s harp in the background? WTF? Tacky suits for the boys? WTF? It was quite embarrassing to watch, and as a result SWI17 dropped to 3/12 on my list, barely managing to keep ahead of screaming Anja.

  20. The first break will take place after Portugal, I see.

  21. Just realized following the first dress rehearsal how empty the first half feels for me. Other than Denmark, Azerbaijan and Austria – possibly Poland as well – there is little of interest here….

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