Tonight: Eurovision 2017 Second Semi Final

Eurovision 2017 – Tonight we will find out the last ten qualifiers that will join the Big 5 and Ukraine in the Grand Final on Saturday. The anticipation will finally be over. When you sit down to watch it and would like to discuss it, please do so here.

Again, a recap of who is performing in this semi final.

01 Serbia Tijana Bogićević In Too Deep
02 Austria Nathan Trent Running On Air
03 F.Y.R. Macedonia Jana Burčeska Dance Alone
04 Malta Claudia Faniello Breathlessly
05 Romania Ilinca ft. Alex Florea Yodel It!
06 The Netherlands OG3NE Lights and Shadows
07 Hungary Joci Pápai Origo
08 Denmark Anja Where I Am
09 Ireland Brendan Murray Dying to Try
10 San Marino Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson Spirit of the Night
11 Croatia Jacques Houdek My Friend
12 Norway JOWST Grab The Moment
13 Switzerland Timebelle Apollo
14 Belarus Naviband Story of My Life
15 Bulgaria Kristian Kostov Beautiful Mess
16 Lithuania Fusedmarc Rain Of Revolution
17 Estonia Koit Toome & Laura Verona
18 Israel IMRI I Feel Alive
Germany, Ukraine and France will also be able to vote in this Semi Final as well. Whom do you last predict? For whom are you rooting? Time to finally watch Eurovision 2017!

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575 comments on “Tonight: Eurovision 2017 Second Semi Final

  1. Denmark!

  2. Hungary!!!

  3. Israel!

  4. Croatia – vmbuhaha😂

  5. Romania!

  6. Norway!

  7. Norway first surprise imo glad for them ^^

  8. The Netherlands and who else?

  9. Please let it be Austria and not Estonia!!!

  10. The Netherlands!!!!

  11. Austria please !!!

  12. Austria!Estonia is out.


  14. Meh

  15. Estonia does a Finland

  16. Disturbing Croatia is still in😡

  17. Oh well, Staging much improved for Ireland now let’s find a better song and singer and get rid of Louis Walsh and Linda Martin once and for all. We’ll be back again hopefully next year, though perhaps taking a year out might not do any harm, there has been rumours but I’d say RTE will stick with it. There might be a bit of a backlash but most people are becoming indifferent tbh which is a pity.Changes do need to be made if we are to make any impact that’s for sure.
    Not a great S/F tbh but I managed 8/10 so 17/20. Not bad this year, could have been worse.
    Now I can sit back and enjoy the final without worrying about how Ireland would perform again. .

  18. FYRM 😭😢 Sad that a lot of IMO garbage qualified while some great songs from both semis faled! C’est la vie! Somethere some people are happy for all qualifiers. Let it be a lesson to Serbia not to opt imported English stuff next time!

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