Eurovision 2017: Results of Semifinal 2

Eurovision 2017 – Tonight we finally saw the second semifinal, with 18 entries participating and 21 countries voting all together chose the 10 finalists! Find out which they are! Comment, discuss and analyze with us!

This was tonight’s running-order:

01 Serbia Tijana Bogićević In Too Deep
02 Austria Nathan Trent Running On Air
03 F.Y.R. Macedonia Jana Burčeska Dance Alone
04 Malta Claudia Faniello Breathlessly
05 Romania Ilinca ft. Alex Florea Yodel It!
06 The Netherlands OG3NE Lights and Shadows
07 Hungary Joci Pápai Origo
08 Denmark Anja Where I Am
09 Ireland Brendan Murray Dying to Try
10 San Marino Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson Spirit of the Night
11 Croatia Jacques Houdek My Friend
12 Norway JOWST Grab The Moment
13 Switzerland Timebelle Apollo
14 Belarus Naviband Story of My Life
15 Bulgaria Kristian Kostov Beautiful Mess
16 Lithuania Fusedmarc Rain Of Revolution
17 Estonia Koit Toome & Laura Verona
18 Israel IMRI I Feel Alive

Germany, Ukraine and France were able to vote in this Semi Final as well.

After a 2h show that made us see the rather good stage in action, a better opening, some very kitsch and colourful suits for the still boring hosts, and a really good Apache Crew interval act, the ten countries that qualified were finally announced. And they were:

  • Bulgaria
  • Belarus
  • Croatia
  • Hungary
  • Denmark
  • Israel
  • Romania
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Austria

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421 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Results of Semifinal 2

    1. Israel
    2. Poland
    3. Belarus
    4. Austria
    5. Armenia
    6. The Netherlands
    7. Moldova
    8. Hungary
    9. Italy
    10. Denmark
    11. Portugal
    12. Azerbaijan
    13. Croatia
    14. Australia
    15. Greece
    16. Spain
    17. Norway
    18. United Kingdom
    19. Cyprus
    20. Romania
    21. Germany
    22. Ukraine
    23. Belgium
    24. Sweden
    25. Bulgaria
    26. France

    • I thing that my draw was better from official draw :P .

    • lol I was right about Poland :P

      Bulgaria 25th WTF ? And a row of Belgium, Sweden and Bulgaria ? I feel this is bad for Robin. Croatia did THAT well in the semi to get the pimp spot ? Scary af. Greece and Australia must have been really low while Romania very high.

      Denmark in between the overrated ones feels like an act of resistance at least to me – go Anja :D !

      I am dumbfounded on Bulgaria since 25th usually goes to songs that placed bad in the semi but it may help them I don’t know.

      It is a good spot for Blanche coming between very different songs. Lucie is also in a great spot.

    • Also Hungary before Italy and Croatia after it is not good news for Italy – neither is running so close to Portugal imo.

      • Poor Denmark…

        • I was not planning to vote for Anja but she is getting a vote from me now only because of this draw. Resistance ! :)

          • She stands no chance. NLD will get the power vocals vote. :P

            • I am still voting for her given she got that treatment. Should not come as a surprise that imo she is by far the most talented in that trio of 9th-11th and has by far the best song ;)

              Anyway I am more positive that Bulgaria has the best chances to run away with it now so it’s all good :)

    • I find extremely unfair what they’ve been doing to Poland

  2. Belarus, Armenia, Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria, Greece and France have good draw ( especially Armenia, France, Bulgaria, Sweden and Greece ). On the other hand Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Denmark and Belgium have the worst draw ( especially Belgium ) !

  3. Romania and Ireland rule too. Too bad Ireland always gets a raw deal. They almost always send something good. And it almost always gets rejected.

    Is this Valentina a newcomer to esc btw?

  4. Wow so the results of the draw is not too dissimilar to what I imagined it would look like:
    1. Israel
    2. Poland
    3. Belarus
    4. Denmark
    5. Azerbaijan
    6. Hungary
    7. Armenia
    8. Austria
    9. The Netherlands
    10. Italy
    11. Croatia
    12. Moldova
    13. Portugal
    15. Australia
    16. Germany
    17. Belgium
    18. Spain
    19. Bulgaria
    20. Norway
    21. France
    22. Ukraine
    23. United Kingdom
    24. Sweden
    25. Cyprus
    26. Romania

    Maybe I should be a part of the EBU reference group and see what ideas I can bring to the team! :P

  5. Norway has the tightest lyrics of any entry this year. Well done. We need more like this at ESC. Hopefully them making the final opens the floodgates.

  6. Who styled Switzerland? Albania?

    They butchered the girl too. Unbelievable.
    Follow Apollo not the stylist for sure.

  7. Belarus an their bundle of non English language fun.

    Damn this show has to be the greatest semi ever.

  8. Justin Bieber at #15. You need that young demo. The one that votes early and often. Lol

  9. Lithuania. Listen to me, I’ve spent more time watching your selection shows than almost anyone. No more games. It’s time for Ieva.
    I’ll give her a loud ovation in Rome, I promise.

    Estonia you know I love you unconditionally.
    If we aren’t in Italy next year, I’ll be in your county cheering on your winner.

    Good going sound people. You had one job, to turn on Laura’s Mike before she started singing. And you managed to screw it up. Amateur hour.

  10. So I am now ready with my preliminary non Q list with my song + Live performance score and you all probably know who my number one is:

    1. Finland: 10+9 (19)
    2. Lithuania: 5,5+7 (12,5) (Yes I actually enjoyed their performance!)
    3. Georgia: 3,5+8 (11,5)
    4. Macedonia: 7+4,5 (11,5)
    5. Iceland: 8+3,5 (11,5)
    6. Latvia: 6,5+4 (10,5)
    7. Montenegro: 4+6 (10)
    8. Czech Republic: 4,5+5,5 (10)
    9. Serbia: 7,5+2,5 (10)
    10. Switzerland: 5+4,5 (9,5)
    11. Malta: 3+4,5 (7,5) (At least she tried, but that was a snoozefest tbh :/)
    12. Estonia: 6+1,5 (7,5) (What is it with Estonia nowadays and their weird af live performances!!?? o.O)
    13. San Marino: 1+5,5 (6,5)
    14. Ireland: 2+3 (5)
    15. Albania: 3+2 (5)
    16. Slovenia: 1+3 (4)

    Now only two days left, cant wait!! :D

  11. Israel ending on a happy note.
    They are staring to get breaks they didn’t early on in the decade.

    That’s it. This semi reminded me so much of why I fell in love with ESC I the first place.

    Felt so 2000’s. Great music, gimmicks, crazy songs, crazy acts, horrible outfits in some cases. Awesome.
    A 20 out of 5 star show.

  12. If curring betting odds are to be trusted this is how the qualifiers ranked in their semis.

    SEMI 1 :
    1. PRT
    2. BEL
    3. SWE
    4. ARM
    5. MDA
    6. AUS
    7. AZE
    8. POL
    9. CYP
    10. GRC :)

    SEMI 2 :
    1. BGR
    2. ROU
    3. HRV !!!
    4. NLD
    5. HUN
    6. DNK
    7. ISR
    8. AUT
    9. BLR
    10. NOR

  13. Regarding OGAE poll this year.
    They already missed their #5, #8, #10 and #12
    Moldova qualified from 0 points! Netherlands from 3p!

  14. Just watched the qualifiers announcement again. Brendan’s reaction is heartbreaking. Isn’t he the only one of the very young participants who didn’t qualify.

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