Semi-final 2 Rehearsal – View From the Arena

Eurovision 2017 – The full dress rehearsal of semi-final 2 has just finished and after 2 false starts we eventually had an almost problem-free run through giving us an idea of what tomorrow’s show will look like.   

The show starts with two of the hosts deciding to play traditional Ukrainian pipe and accordian and do a Eurovision hits medley Ukrainian-style, eventually helped by Ukrainian dancers in national dress and a choir. We get ‘Euphoria‘, ‘Fairytale‘, ‘My Number One‘ and ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘. They had to re-start twice due to technical issues.

Postcards were unmemorable and no-one stood out as anything special. The hosts were similar to yesterday, same standard of jokes.

All of the acts breezed through their performances except The Netherlands who came in slightly too soon.

Serbia – See through dress is quite effective  stage and screen. Other than that, nothing memorable. Smattering of applause

Austria – Nathan on his moon. Doesn’t look as good in the arena. Lots of support, but due to his popularity rather than the song I think.

FRY Macedonia – The plus side of being at the back of the arena is you can’t see the bad dancing up close.

Malta – Breathlessly… more like easily. Claudia nailed it and it was big and impressive in the arena. Emotional.

Romania – Colourful, fun, energetic, will have the arena rocking tomorrow night. Alex managed to wheel his cannon on and jump on it successfully. Big applause.

Netherlands – Everything about this screams fake to me, no passion. The vocals didn’t do it for me live. No energy. Not the best camera work. Dull in the arena.

Hungary – Well performed, some energy, visually interesting and different language also makes you watch and listen. Not sure of mass appeal. Lots of pyros.

Denmark – Vocally fine, visually same as ever. Golden waterfall behind her at one point.

Ireland – The balloon swayed around a lot at first. Nice vocals. Split response in arena = marmite entry.

San Marino – They were having fun. Jimmy got his arms out. It was as bad as always but it doesn’t matter as they’re loving it.

Croatia – I can’t decide if it’s genius or a car crash.

Norway – The mask didn’t light up, not sure if that was intentional. I think it looks utterly dull in the arena.

Switzerland – How to take a half decent song with potential and ruin it by getting the staging totally wrong. The yellow stairs and dress still look awful and out of place. Looks bad in arena.

Belarus – Energy, fun, everyone singing along and waving arms. Looks good on screen and in the arena. Happy days.

Bulgaria – Great light show in the arena, loses it a bit on screen and the half-baked special effects look like they’re not finished. Flawless vocals, big round of applause in the arena. Staging could blow it for him on TV though.

Lithuania – As dull in the arena as it is on the screen. Hardly any applause.

Estonia – Very popular, large applause. They still look like they don’t know each other.

Israel – Lots of pyros. Pyros everywhere at the end. Pyros. More pyros.

Verka is back for her second segment during the voting, showing us around Kiev and she raised a few laughs, and then another interpretive dance routine.

France, Germany and Ukraine shot their performances for tomorrow’s interval too.

France – Very different perspective in the arena of the backdrop, it works much better and you see what they were trying to do with the huge swirling city and buildings. It the arena is distracts you from Alma and the song though.

Germany – Sounded good, but so much grey still has you questioning why. The special effects at the end are fireworks coming down from above like golden shooting stars.

Ukraine – Sounded shaky at the start and almost thought they would re-start. Lacklustre. Works on screen and not in the arena as well.

Everyone now filling time in the press centre before tonight’s jury final. Romania and Estonia came out to do interviews after performing. There are lots of guided tours going on and we feel like we’re in a zoo as tourists keep taking photos of us.

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278 comments on “Semi-final 2 Rehearsal – View From the Arena

  1. They’re discussing Portuguese cuisine on ESCxtra!

  2. Guys, you should definately check Anders’ top100 list!
    I so f…..g loved it!

  3. Here’s my ranking for the first semi after having watched the videos again:

    1. Portugal
    2 .Finland
    3. Armenia
    4. Azerbaijan
    5. Iceland
    6. Czech Republic
    7. Sweden
    8. Belgium
    9. Moldova
    10. Poland
    11. Australia
    12. Latvia
    13. Cyprus
    14. Georgia
    15. Greece
    16. Albania
    17. Slovenia
    18. Montenegro

  4. Bulgaria’s odds were not affected by what happened this evening so far. Australia, Azerbaijan and even Armenia are doing poorly though.

  5. A nice video.Morgan’s favorite dancer feauturing in it.Is this herpes on poor Brendan’s lips?He must be really stressed:

  6. Peter Urban on Sweden: “Robin wants to sell luxury cars in the future. He’ll be good at his job.” :)

  7. PU on Georgia: “A performance in Georgian colours and flames. The Bond movie to it still has to be produced.”
    I love his benevolent irony. :)

  8. On Belgium: “Dark and mysterious. A cool indie number.”

  9. FIN: “Heavy and beautiful mourning in black lace.”

  10. wow..”conquistador” has some really offensive lyrics…How was that allowed to compete ?!

  11. Good night, everyone!
    :D :D :D

  12. PRT: “tender, intimate, touching and immensely beautiful”

  13. Jana Burcesa sounded better than earlier, today during the dress rehearsal..

  14. Have to go as well. Will be here tomorrow to follow the second semi. :)

  15. Robert Miles died at the age of 47.May he rest in peace.One of my favorite songs from my school years. :(

  16. The feeling in the arena:

  17. Current betting odds for 2nd semi (To Qualify)
    1. BGR 1.01
    2. ROU 1.10
    3. NLD 1.12
    4. EST 1.15
    5. DNK 1.20
    6. ISR 1.22
    7. HUN 1.25
    8. AUT 1.40
    9. NOR 1.40
    10. BLR 1.45
    11. SRB 1.60
    12. HRV 2.15
    13. CHE 2.40
    14. MKD 2.50
    15. IRL 3.50
    16. MLT 3.50
    17. LTU 7.00
    18. SMR 9.00

    I believe current top 7 is secure, statistically speaking. However, FIN stayed behind from semi 1 at @1.25… So maybe HUN or even ISR could be the shocking NQ!

    Looking at the runing order now :
    1. SRB probably NQ (11th)
    2. AUT I believe it’s a Q
    3. MKD NQ
    4. MLT NQ
    5. ROU Q
    6. NLD Q
    7. HUN Q
    8 . DNK Q
    9. IRL NQ. The strike of qualifiers in first half should come to an end here and with IRL, which means 5 Qs from first half. If we get down to 4 Qs from fist half, it’s either HUN or AUT to miss it.
    10. SMR NQ
    11. HRV ?
    12. NOR We need a Q to mark the first Q of the second half. It’s either NOR or HRV at this moment
    13. CHE NQ
    14. BLR Q
    15. BGR Q
    16. LTU NQ
    17. EST Q
    18. ISR Q
    (5 Qs from second half as well)

  18. So I’d say (prediction-wise)
    1. BGR
    2. EST
    3. ROU
    4. NLD
    5. AUT
    6. DNK
    7. BLR
    8. HUN
    9. ISR
    10. HRV
    11. SRB
    12. NOR
    13. MKD
    14. MLT
    15. SMR
    16. IRL
    17. CHE
    18. LTU

    • So good news for Switzerland, not coming last. Luckily, they are much stronger in FdlC… :P

      • Switzerland will come very close to last I believe again. They should definitely try more. Maybe some Tog advice would help them. Or even Mermaid’s. You both have made the country proud in FdlC so far :)

  19. My predictions before S/F 2: Aut, FyroM, Rom, Ned, Den, Ire, Blr, Bul, Est, Isr.
    Will check and see if there are any changes once I’ve watched the last song.

  20. The accredited press and fans poll before the jury rehearsal:

  21. Lithuania, San Marino and CH could all get last! That’s incredibly hard to predict. Also I could see Croatia pulled in by televote and Malta by juries. At the expanse of “expected” to Q Hungary.

  22. Norway really troubles me on its Q chances especially after Latvia failing since I can see similar markets for those 2 and so does Israel each for different reasons.
    Then there is Belarus which is very worthy but it could be a tad niche in a way at the end and come across as a bit too chaotic.
    Then the trio of Serbia-FYR Macedonia-Croatia..I feel it could be balkan wipeout again but I feel all 3 have a marginal chance. The safest would be Serbia but she is such a generic performer I just dont think she will be remembered at the end. Croatia needs OTT televoting because I dont think juries voted for this anywhere near Q. On the other hand if others’ vocals were as bad as reported could it pulled some based on that ? And FYR Macedonia has improved imo, the song has potential but will it be enough ?
    Denmark should make it but its not set in stone either.
    And Malta – this one is giving me a headache but its stands out in a very non elegant semi as classy. Will it be enough again ?
    And is Hungary too niche as well ? I think it is relatively safe but not set in stone either.

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