Eurovision 2017: Results of Semifinal 1

Eurovision 2017 – Tonight we finally saw the first semifinal, with 18 entries participating and 21 countries voting all together chose the 10 finalists! Find out which they are! Comment, discuss and analyze with us!

This was tonight’s running-order:

01 Sweden Robin Bengtsson I Can’t Go On
02 Georgia Tamara Gachechiladze Keep The Faith
03 Australia Isaiah Don’t Come Easy
04 Albania Lindita World
05 Belgium Blanche City Lights
06 Montenegro Slavko Kalezić Space
07 Finland Norma John Blackbird
08 Azerbaijan Dihaj Skeletons
09 Portugal Salvador Sobral Amar Pelos Dois
10 Greece Demy This is Love
11 Poland Kasia Moś Flashlight
12 Moldova Sunstroke Project Hey Mamma
13 Iceland Svala Paper
14 Czech Republic Martina Bárta My Turn
15 Cyprus Hovig Gravity
16 Armenia Artsvik Fly With Me
17 Slovenia Omar Naber On My Way  
18 Latvia Triana Park Line

Italy, United-Kingdom and Spain were be able to vote in this Semi Final as well.

After a 2h show that made us see the rather good stage in action, one of the worst ever openings in the Eurovision, three boring and anonymous hosts, the ten countries that qualified were finally announced. And they were:

  • Moldova
  • Azerbaijan
  • Greece
  • Sweden
  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • Armenia
  • Australia
  • Cyprus
  • Belgium

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617 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Results of Semifinal 1

  1. Omg its jury rehearsal for semi 2 today..Cant catch a breath can we ?

    Should we leave the semi 1 aftermath and get in semi 2 mode :-P ?

    • As you can see below, we already are. I am cheering on Anja atm … but for all the wrong reasons. LOL

      • So I noticed. Now that Blanche is through I am much more relaxed for semi 2 :-) And GOO Anja (for all the right reasons for me ;-) )

  2. Btw, if we get a Nordic and Baltic wipeout in semi-final 2, Robin will probably do much better than I expected him to do.

  3. YouTube views

    POR 205k
    BEL 171k
    GRE 130k
    POL 109k
    MDA 107k
    AZR 89k
    ARM 85k
    SWE 80k
    MNE 79k
    CYP 76k

    LAT 74k
    AUS 63k

    FIN 37k
    GEO 33k
    ISL 26k
    ALB 25k
    SLO 21k
    CZR 16k

    • Salvador and Blanche are very popular, it seems. I am having a very late lunch and I still have to work until around dinner time. I will miss almost everything today. :(

      P.S. – people are getting excited here with ESC!!! That is unheard of.

    • Could Montenegro be in the televote top 10? :o

      • I don’t know. Did anyone provided a cross-check last year?

        • Let’s wait and see. It wouldn’t surprise me though

          • I always maintained MNE would reach the audience somehow, thus escaping bottom3 overall. However, 9th in televote alone it wasn’t smth I had in my mind.

  4. Can I say first of all, is it just me or is this year’s show one of the most mediocre since 2003? The hosts weren’t funny, were incoherent and their English was questionable to say the least. Not to talk about them milking out the last qualifier (Belgium) at the end, really wanted to rattle the guy almost…. >:(

    I thought that most artists performed better live than on the studio version (like Portugal, Poland and Moldova), although there were plenty of vocal flops too *cough AUSTRALIA cough *. I must say I’m pleased with the outcome overall, as I had predicted 9/10 right before the semi-final took place missing out on Finland for Cyprus. In terms of my personal qualifiers, I lost out on my precious Finland and Latvia.

    Overall these were my impressions of all acts after the semi-final:
    SWE – Staging was great and the camera angles were well thought through. His vocals might not have been as good as in rehearsals, but easily came Top 3 with the tele-vote!
    GEO – Her vocals were great and hit all the notes, but little bit on the “safe” side in terms of staging and being a typical Eurovision-balled we tend to see in each contest.
    AUS – This was my flop of the night. His vocals were way off and the high “screeching” note in the middle was awful, I think this was saved by coming Top 5 with the jury.
    ALB – The “Copy+Paste” ballad we hear from Albania every other year. Good vocally and stage-wise quite interesting, but not enough edginess for a competitive semi-final.
    BEL – I really like the vulnerability in her voice when she sang, plus her black dress suited her right. This was Top 3 amongst jury and televise I believe, I was rooting for her to get through as the last qualifier.
    MNE – Weird, crazy and wonderful! Vocally he was good, but not enough to earn a place in the Grand Final for my liking.
    FIN – CRIME OF THE YEAR! I don’t understand how Norma John didn’t get through with that stellar vocal and visual performance, I really think they were unlucky coming before Portugal and with the running order. I think this came Top 10 with jury, but bottom 5 with the tele-vote so ending up somewhere 11th or 12th in the ranking. Swap this with AUS or CYP any day…
    AZE – Great show and props, shame about the camera angles though. This won’t make the Top 10, but Top 15 for sure.
    PRT – My winner of the night and the contest! Thank you Salvador for a great performance, it was the favourite with my household as well. This will be Portugal’s best result in the contest ever, predicting a Top 4 finish in the final for Salvador. I believe this ended 1st with juries and Top 3 with the public, well done.
    GRC – Better than expected, with decent show and vocals were OK for me. Think it will be another ‘Aphrodisiac’ for Greece this year. :/
    POL – Kasia was AMAZING vocally, the last note she did was excellent and the staging was better than anticipated. Although I didn’t have her as my personal Q before the show, she really convinced me and think this will make the Top 10 in the Grand Final. A clear Top 5 with Jury and the public I think based on her performance and odds.
    MDA – They had great fun on stage and vocally one of the best when performing live. This was my parents #2 and we danced with this all the way through, it will open the final and make a Top 15 result. Clear Top 5 with the public and Top 10 with jury’s!
    ISL – Svala did a good job I my opinion with what she had, she sounded great and looked edgy and cool. Just a shame about the staging and the song…
    CZE – This was my grower of the night, Martina was a pure class act! Her vocals were soothing and got a warm reception with the audience despite being a “slow song”. If the Czechs had changed her outfit, improved her staging and been delegated to SF2, she would have had a better shot at qualifying. Think this was 8th with the jury and 13th with public, resulting in a 11th place and near-qualification.
    CYP – Most improved song of this SF, it was my 11th of the night and always suspected this would be a Q if he nailed his staging (which he clearly did). Although I preferred to have Finland in the final, I would replace Australia before Cyprus as Hovig had an effective song. Most likely ended up as the 10th place qualifier.
    ARM – I’m in love with Fly With Me and Artsvik’s live performance was great and made the song more dynamic. A clear Top 5 with the Jury as well as the tele-voters, hope they can improve the staging a bit before the final!
    SLO – Surprisingly good live show and vocals. Omar deserved a better song, but he should be proud of his performance, no matter what result he got in the SF.
    LVA – One of my pre-contest favourites and greta radio tune for Europe to enjoy. I had them as my 10th, but with only Belgium left to announce I realised that Latvia were not going to make it. The energy in their NF performance and engaging with audience weren’t evident yesterday, think having them finish the show also damaged their chances of qualifying. Jury: 12/13th and Tele-vote: 9th.

    I think Belgium deserved to qualify, despite her questionable performance according to some. I really liked her vocals and felt she was more vulnerable in a good way, she opened up more and not only because “she smiled”. This going to give Belgium their third Top 10 finish in a row. I really liked Australia’s study version and video, it was in my Top 10 of all the songs for a long time. However, seeing their rehearsals and Isaiah’s disastrous vocals yesterday, I honestly feel disappointed to say the least. If I had to be 100% honest and solely base it on live-performances, I would have kicked out Australia (despite me liking the song) over Cyprus for Finland to come back. Reason being that Hovig’s vocals and stage show was enough to convince me, despite knowing he will end up in the bottom 5 on Saturday. If Norma John need up between 13th and 18th in their SF, it will make Finland re-consider their priorities and change their NF format hopefully to produce more accessible and unique songs.

    Sorry for the long post! :P

  5. So there is going to be both a horse and a gorilla in the Final. ESC had gone to the dogs you can say.

    Glad the little engine that could in Moldova made the final. Nothing was more fun than them. They went there to entertain themselves, and were unapologetic in what they were trying to do.

    Bonus points for getting the mic’s in the bouquet. I’m stealing that gimmick when I’m the head of delegation for someone one day. Lol

    The utter disgrace of Finland shows that in some cases, countries matter. Had Australia or Sweden entered this, it would have been seen as a favorite.

    Let’s be honest, Sweden and Australia qualify 99% based on then being those countries. Having the machine behind you helps.

    What was good about either song/performance this year?

  6. And I agree with everyone else: hosts sucked.
    Pure amateurs.

    • Yes especially yhat Alex with the googly eyes lol

      Three men is as bad as three women were in Austria…

      • You hit the other ones that were bad too, the Austrians.

        Why do you need 3 people if you don’t have even one competent one?

        Screw it, just let Petra host all of them.

        I need to start a petition because he gives Alex’s all arround the world a bad name. Lol

        • I liked Austria’s show, especially the songs (best edition since 2009 hands down) and of course Conchita in the green room. But those ladies and all the glitches during the voting segment were pretty bad.

  7. Taking into account the feed back after semi i really think that if Blanche had some charisma Belgium would have won this year.
    Our yesterday’s votes:
    My brother voted for Belgium, Mother and Me for Finland, me for Portugal aswell, brother’s wife for Sweden. Hovig recived biased votes from my dad and brother.

    Some black humor posts about Armenian entry by Eurovision haters :
    1. “Listening to our song I thought it is really nice idea to be represented with an entry sounding and looking like the songs of Mongolian conquerors of Armenia ”
    2. “Our song was so bad that I really started to believe that it may win such contest like Eurovision is”
    3. ” Looking like Medusa Gorgon certainly is a fantastic idea to attract votes”
    Hopefully in general feedbacks were positive for Artsvik.

    The most beloved entry in my Facebook timeline after the semi was Portugal. Actually Portugal was the only one that made many friends of mine to write posts in Facebook.

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