Eurovision 2017: Who are the 2017 Spokespeople Updated

Eurovision 2017 – The spokespersons (the people who announce their countries votes) have started to be announced by the EBU and broadcasters. The list will gradually grow but who has been confirmed so far? Read on to see who will have the task of handing out the public votes in the Grand Final.

For the updated list click here

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

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343 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Who are the 2017 Spokespeople Updated

  1. GOSH how I LOVE Loïc Nottet – “Rhythm Inside” and that performance at ESC in 2015! That entry still keeps me in ESC! :)

  2. Alex Panayi,the vocal coach for Greece: An unbelievable unfortunate chain of technical difficulties hitting us over and over again.. BUT the production team #EBU are taking care of it! We will repeat the jury performance after the 18th act #greece #repeat #now

  3. Escdaily predicts that Sweden or Portugal has won the jury vote.

    • I think Sweden won the jury vote and will win ESC 17.

    • It can’t be Sweden. If it is I start to believe every single conspiracy theory!

      • #Rain of revolution #Fusedmarc #Kaunas 2018

        TA(E)KO and Valentina are very close, it will be tough battle till the last second.. :O :/

        • Never underestimate woman who’s super power is star bag! That’s how he got and kept Jimmy. William got inbetween, when the star bag was recharged on nuclear power plant near Kiev.

          • The Star Handbag Saga. Episode 1:

            Valentina the Absent-minded dances happily to some random red carpet music and drops her star handbag.
            Tako the Bitch tells one of her underlings: ‘Pick it up immediately and bring it to me. It’s better than the Holy Grail.’
            Underling bows and scurries away …
            Valentina the Absent-minded does the happy Val routine (waving, dancing and saying things in basic English) while her handbag is picked up and taken to Tako the Bitch by the underling.
            Valentina the Absent-minded notices that her star handbag is gone and tells Jimmy the Hunk: ‘Get it back!’
            Jimmy the Hunk doesn’t pay attention because he is flirting with William the Wiwi.
            Valentina the Absent-minded runs hear and there and eventually faints.

            To be continued. Stay tuned.

            • Hahahahahahhahahahaha this is AWESOME! I told you yesterday that red carpet ceremony was actually fantastic. If it wasnt how would you come up with such phenomenal story like this one…. :D

            • 😃😃😃
              Poor Valentina! She looses both her bag and Jimmy! She never gets it back if Tako Bell has stuck it to same place with the flag. #keepthebag

            • ROFL We should call it Keep the Bag Saga then.
              Val is a dear. She’s so scatty. Will she manage to defeat Tako the Bitch? Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen … ♫♪♫ We’ll see. GOOOO Val! :)

            • Shame there was now magic flute in Serbian entry this year to help dear Val! 😃

            • You never know. Perhaps Zeljko will be some deus ex machina and everything ends well for dear Val. Tako being damned to singing Celebrate with Piero 24/7 until the end of her days.

            • Zeljko is quite deus ex machina! Maybe he dooms Tako to do cruiseship karaoke for the rest her life with Anja in Black Sea 😃

            • Singing duets with Anja? That’s too severe a punishment imo. :)

            • To think of it, it’s a bit gory. We can’t go x-rated here! 😃

            • And then you say about Italy causing debates…Valentina and Jimmy have inspired you to write a poem :) (feat. Tako the Bitch of course – wouldn’t dare to leave her off the the credits would I :P ?)

            • I adore valentina. If only she had better songs for ESC. :(

            • “Crisalide” is in my top 5 for 2013 :) And I liked “Maybe” as well :) Plus she has offered what was probably the most unexpected qualification in eurovision history (ok Lithuania 13 and Malta 12 provide competition in that category but still) and one of the most surreal press conferences after that qualification so.. :)

          • * here and there

      • I don’t think it’s Sweden either.Not because i’d start to believe in any conspiracy theories but because Portugal sounds more like the jury winner.Azerbaijan,Sweden,Finland and Armenia may be the other 4 completing the jury top-5.

        • That sounds very plausible.

        • I’ve never said this before because I did not want to cause a tantrum but I have always believed that Sweden will be among the lower qualifiers this year. I can’t see them getting a top 5 result either, perhaps not even top 10. There I’ve said it. LOL
          Song and performance are sterile and Robin is not as instantly likeable as Måns f. e.

          • Why would someone have a tantrum over that?
            I don’t think it’s a contender for victory either but i think they’ll be top-5 in the semi.

            • You wouldn’t make a tantrum but some others might. You know how touchy those Swden OMG cum fainting can be at points …

            • * fainting guys

            • I’m afraid Quitar will get several reality checks this year cause I don’t see either Belgium or Switzerland near the top 10

            • Hmm…I don’t know about Belgium.I still hope Blanche can repeat what ByeAlex did back in 2013.

            • I need to see it first but I’m not hopeful right now. We will know more tomorrow night

          • If by causing a tantrum you meant me then that’s not the case :) – you are entitled to your prediction as we all are – e.g. Me for my prediction on Portugal not qualifying for example – still after this rehearsal I cannot see how this can defeat 10 other songs in the semi (well even 12 other songs to be honest) – I think the juries have a lot of well performed contemporary songs to vote for in this semi and televoters will find Salvador’s stage persona extremely inaccesible to vote en masse for that.

            But then again Donnie says we will both be proven wrong so let’s see :P

            • Why do you think that I was thinking of you? … others have made tantrums too. Remember HRH Princess Engla? :)
              There are many well-crafted contemporary pop ballads this year, but alas, they all sound sterile if put next to ‘Amar pelos dois’ and Salvador’s interpretation imo. PRT17 is probably the most human sounding entry we’ve head since ‘S’il fallait le faire’.

            • Well that’s a user we haven’t seen since the ESCtoday days :P
              Well we will probably disagree (vastly) on that as you probably know.
              But I have to say hearing Blanche todayespecially at the last minute of the song really made me very emotional – this raw interpretation brings a lump to my throat, there is such an organic realness to it.

              Working on my prediction now and oh my..I’ll fail my esc test this year I feel :( ;)

            • I haven’t heard Blanche today because I was still listening to Martin’s radio show but you know that I have always had faith in her to get her act together when it matters most. :)

            • You… kept the faith that’s true :P

            • In less than 24 hours from now you’ll get a reality check regarding Portugal.I’m a bit dumbfounded.Your personal dislike for the song aside,don’t you get the vibe around it?

            • Well I did not get the vibe around “Horehronie” either but had it in my predictions..That worked out well.
              And I got the vibe around “Hero” in 2008 – love it to this day – and that did not work out either.
              I also got the vibe around “Sognu” in 2011 where the discussion was with what margin he would win – that did not go well either.

              I always try to seperate personal opinion and prediction mind you – but I just feel Portugal is the case of overhyped at home combined with a little of niche esc bubble.

            • So long story short I will go with my gut instinct here most likely when I post my prediction tomorrow if I’m wrong, I’m wrong – can’t do anything about it. But my gut and conventional wisdom tell me otherwise.

            • Ok.We shall see.By the way,weren’t you one of those who really like Tom Daley?

              So… what did you do this weekend?

              A post shared by Dustin Lance Black (@dlanceblack) on

            • Cried a little I guess :P:( Hottest guy around officially hitched..
              But that was such a beautiful wedding – and the place – amazing !

              I swear DLB is the luckiest man on earth – never aging, talented and now married with Tom Daley.

              Life is unfair :(

          • Precisely Thank you for that opinion!
            In Sweden people recognize him and he is quite loveable here, despite the sterile performance and song, but in Europe no one knows him and that will make the act even more impersonal then it already is. The jury might have it in their top 10 in the final, but I think the televotes will be one of the lower ones this year.
            This feels just like the other Robin back in 2014 and I expect a similar result, maybe a little bit better as I think the staging and act is a done more smoother then ”You”, but Sweden is far from winning this year.

  4. After the jury rehearsal I am left more confused than ever…

    I can probably rule out of my prediction : Czech Republic, Montenegro, Slovenia, Albania, Portugal and maybe Iceland but I could see Svala making it.

    I consider more or less dead certain Qs Sweden, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Armenia and Finland.

    Then there is a pool of entries : Greece, Poland, Moldova, Australia, Latvia, Georgia, Cyprus and 2 of those must be left out..ughhh…!

  5. Speaking of bias: 2 out of 3 Wiwi guys have the UK in 1st place. ROFL

    • Where did you catch that?

    • Considering they have never really showed pro UK bias I don’t think it’s bad. Is it bad that Shevek’s first place is Portugal or mine Belgium ? :)

      • Yes. I hate both of you. And I hated myself in 2011 when I had Lena 1st on my list. ;)
        I am happy for them that they like it so much but it is quite delusional if you take a wider perspective imo.

        • Well that boils down to personal taste I guess – the UK has even entered the top 10 in betting odds if one cares about them as an indication. It’s widely accepted that Lucie has the potential to provide the UK’s best result in a few years so not being an embarassed british fan after years must feel good for them haha :)

        • But wouldn’t it be a massive shocker if it did and my how they’d be beside themselves with delight (can’t you just imagine that? shudder!)
          I’d love it if the UK gets a decent result. I do think they have done the best with their entry, more so than other years and I’d like to see them rewarded, it might galvanize them into keeping up the momentum and improving even further. .

          • I totally agree. I have totally fallen in love with Lucie since she gave that little speech when entering the red carpet zone. I haven’t seen her stage presentation yet because I never watch rehearsals but I really want her to do well. As I have said before: The song is lame and plodding but Lucie is fantastic. UKD17 is all about her live rendition. :)

            • I really think she sells it very well.

            • No spoilers but I have actually said her staging seems inspired by a Dalí surrealism to me :) Probably an overkill but that’s where my mind went once I saw the reflection game and the distortive effect it caused giving a weird stage depth.

            • Oh my, I can’t stand Dalí … bloody fascist … I am a Picasso boy. :)

            • lol good then that my comparison is probably way off haha :)

  6. Ok then, guys, I have to go; I’ll leave you with another cover of ‘Amar pelos dois’ (my not so subtle campaign carries on lol):

    It’s very curious too see people who do not speak Portuguese singing ‘Amar pelos dois’.

    Boa noite!

  7. It’s so great to know few things for 2018 now!
    ESC will be in Kaunas, Fusedmarc will be interval act, Yulia Samoylova will represent Russia and Valentina Monetta will represent San Marino! <3 what else I can ask for?


  8. I’m off to bed now. Goodnight Toggie, Marko, Dimi, Martin!

  9. The 1985 version of “Verona” released:

  10. The Star Handbag Saga. Episode 2:
    Jimmy the Hunk and William the Wiwi have vanished from the scene.
    Valentina the Absent-minded bumps into Salvador the Superior and asks him for help.
    Salvador the Superior does not pay attention because he is looking at an Asian woman taking selfies.
    Luísa the Good nudges her brother Salvador the Superior and tells him: ‘Help this desperate lady.’
    Salvador the Superior does small brother facial expressions and says: ‘OK, you are the bossy one.’
    On their way to Tako the Bitch’s palace Salvador the Superior, Valentina the Absent-minded and Luísa the Good meet Levina the Tower.
    Luísa the Good thinks ‘You never know when a tower comes in handy’ and promises Levina the Tower some Portuguese jury points if Levina the Tower helps them getting back Valentina the Absent-minded’s star handbag.
    Levina the Tower fears the triple and agrees. However she needs to put on shoes first.

    To be continued. Stay tuned.

  11. Teaser The Star Handbag Saga. Episode 3:

    Tako the Bitch is furious because Valentina the Absent-minded’s star handbag only contains lipstick and condoms. The recipe for making it to the final is not there. Her hair turns into serpents that devour the unfortunate underling who gave her the star handbag …

    Stay tuned …

    G’night. :)

  12. Semi 1 qualifiers according to Eurosong.dk:

    Sweden, Georgia, Australia, Belgium, Finland, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Armenia.

  13. Per Sundnes was eventually replaced as a jury member because of negative comments he made about Ireland in esc: http://www.escdaily.com/kiev-2017-norwegian-juror-replaced-negative-ireland-comments/

    • Lol.

      Though isn’t the article mixing it up? I think it was Per Sundnes who once was chosen to be a more “anonymous” voice, instead of the more “colourful” Jostein Pedersen the Sweden Killer.

  14. My current passes :

    SWE YES (#3-5)
    GEO YES (#6-10)
    AUS Borderline
    ALB NO
    BEL Borderline
    MNE NO
    FIN YES (#3-5)
    AZE YES (#3-5)
    PRT YES (#1-2)
    GRC YES (#6-10)
    POL Borderline
    MDA YES (#6-10)
    ISL NO
    CZE NO
    CYP NO
    ARM YES (#1-2)
    SVN NO
    LVA Borderline

    Out of the borderlines (2 tickets left) : BEL> LVA > POL > AUS
    NO : CYP> ALB > ISL > CZE > SVN > MNE

    • If I were to give a full prediction :
      1. PRT
      2. ARM
      3. FIN
      4. SWE
      5. AZE
      6. GRC
      7. MDA
      8. GEO
      9. BEL
      10. LVA
      11. POL
      12. AUS
      13. CYP
      14. ALB
      15. ISL
      16. CZE
      17. SVN
      18. MNE

    • On the “reality check” comment : When did I say I expect Switzerland to be in the top 10 ? For Belgium of course I expect it. Anyway I don’t like this..rhetoric tbh. We all make predictions – some years you fail, some years I do. It is what it is – we all judge and evaluate based on our esc experience.

      And as I said such results as Portugal doing well or Italy winning only increase my distance from the contest if anything else. This is not what I picture esc to be.

  15. Shevek is asleep so : :P

  16. My favorite rehearsals
    semi 1:Latvia,Armenia,Azerbaijan,Poland, Finland
    Semi2:Hungary,Austria,Bulgaria,FYR Macedonia(not great but better than I anticipated lol), Belarus
    Big 5:UK, France
    Croatia and Ireland were a lot better than I expected but still not a fan.
    Not crazy about Italy’s background. Too busy.

  17. The spokesperson for Cyprus will be John Karayiannis ( Eurovision 2015 )

  18. Iveta Mukuchyan will announce Armenia’s points/point

  19. hosts awful, postcards awful, stage great

    sweden was so good :p

  20. glad i predicted georgia in, poland out

  21. useless fact of the night: out of the first three: two have a negative in their title, and two have an imperative form of the verb lol

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