TEKO 2017: The Grand Final!

teko-2017-logoTEKO 2017 – After 30 matchups, thousands of votes, and one withdrawal, we’ve made it to the end of the line for The Eurovision Times Knockout 2017! It’s time for the final, where Italy and Belgium will duke it out to take home the TEKO crown!

As you can see from the (now filled) bracket, both Italy and Belgium have had to face numerous strong contenders on the road to the final. Italy’s road to the final saw it land the largest margin of victory in the group stages (67%) and win on margins that averaged out at 40%, whereas Belgium had the largest margins in both the duel and quarterfinal stages. So, with naked ape dancing alone in the danger zone, it’s time to pick a winner!

TEKO 2017 – Grand Final

ITALY Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma

 BELGIUM Blanche – City Lights

Voting will be open until two hours ahead of the beginning of semi-final 1, so 19:00 on 9 May!

Europe (and Australia… and the rest of the world), start voting now!

UPDATE: The results for the final are out now!

33 comments on “TEKO 2017: The Grand Final!

  1. #spoiler: these two are right next to each other in my top 10, so picking is hard but necessary (duh lol). I’m so excited to crown a winner!

  2. And we reach the final. :) Italy got my vote; both songs are in my personal top 10:

    Czech Republic
    The Netherlands

  3. Against all odds, I went for my #4 over my #2 in prerankings, but t o be fair my entire top 5 is very close and (Portugal, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Italy, Bulgaria in prerankings)… but Belgium was the biggest rehearsal disappointment to me… and this is the head-to-head confrontation!

    • Same here, I went for my #6 over my #2 in the pre-contest ranking because Belgium is a big disappointment on stage.

  4. Belgium over Italy anyday

  5. Italy gets my vote but I love City Lights in studio version.
    Good luck to both!

  6. This TEKO final is a perfect representation of how polarizing this year is especially for me – My unbeatable no.1 versus my equally ubeatable no.42.
    They represent 2 fundumentally different visions for the contest.

    My vote goes of course to Blanche – mainly BECAUSE of her live performance and not DESPITE OF it. Italy will win this though.

    Thank you for the song and the talent Blanche :-)

  7. Had my dad listen to the 42 songs again since it’s one week before the final.

    His top five:
    1) Ukraine
    2) Iceland
    3) Belarus
    4) Poland
    5) Belgium

    He absolutely hated Albania, which was to be expected. More surprisingly he hated Italy.

  8. Salvador Sobral singing his esc entry tonight during his concert:

  9. What is she doing here???

  10. Italy!!! I never liked the Belgian song this year but I hoped the staging for it would be fab…. but it’s not. She’s no Loïc Nottet

  11. Italy, with no hesitation. Got completely bored with boring Blanche.

  12. My 3rd vs my 4th in studio version but Italy has more cultural substance imo. The song will be remembered in 50 years whereas “City Lights” will only be remembered by ESC nerds next year … unless it wins. LOL

  13. Have voted Italy for the first time in this competition, and I have voted in all polls..

  14. Unfortuntely,Belgium is far from being a threat to Italy…
    Italy wins this here and in reality.The question should be: “who is the runner up?” and NO it is not Blanché!

  15. Top ten
    #1 Estonia
    #2 FYR Macedonia
    #3 Italy
    #4 Georgia
    #5 Azerbaijan
    #6 Sweden
    #7 Cyprus
    #8 Austria
    #9 Spain
    #10 Montenegro

  16. An easy choice: Belgium :-)

    Basically it’s between a musically enervating song performed in an overstated manner together with a man in a gorilla costume – versus a down-to-earth, musically poetic and understated song, performed in a relievingly minimalist manner without any stage props, leaving the main focus on the song

  17. Congratulations Ita.. Oh wait it’s not over yet, oh ok my vote goes to Belgium as I see TEKO as a preview voting and should not be influenced by the live rehearsels.

  18. An easy choice. What The Anders said goes for me.

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