Red Carpet and Opening Ceremony Tonight!

Eurovision 2017 – The grand opening of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest takes place tonight, but first it will be the traditional red carpet event. You’ll be able to watch all the action on the red carpet at 17.00 local time on the official website at eurovision.tv

If you are attending the event, here’s the details. The Red Carpet will be located at Mariinsky Park.

The presenters Volodymyr Ostapchuk. Oleksandr Skichko. Timur Miroshnychenko will go down the carpet first, then everyone in alphabetical order, with Portugal and Ukraine at the end.

After the opening ceremony the Euroclub will host the After Opening Party, with performances from Sweden, Austria, Albania and Australia.

euro club post opening


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760 comments on “Red Carpet and Opening Ceremony Tonight!

  1. It is 8PM! Macron is declared winner with 65,5% of the votes!

  2. 65 % – more than expected :) Congratulations to E. Macron :)

  3. I still have feeling Portugal will do Patraca Kaas..only jury will like it.. :(

  4. Congratulations France for avoiding the same mistake we made back in November

  5. Salvador on the red carpet:

    • He should refrain from using the word “circus” imo – it is demeaning to the event he is participating in. And in general I wish him well with his health but try a little more humility – that’s all.

      • He is not a snob, but he is not a diplomat either. Besides, the context explains the use of the word.

        • Diplomacy is not everyone’s greatest virtue but I would advise him personally to try for the rest of the week (or as long as he stays anyway) to try to be nice and appreciative towards the other participants and the very historic contest he has the honour to represent his country in – because it is an honor for him to be here, he should not forget that.

          He may not think much about the majority of the participants on a musical level but he should at least try to be nice about it and keep an open mind and who knows ? If he does he may learn a thing or 2 by discussing e.g. with Anja or Kristian or Timebelle – they are musicians too.

          That’s all I will say and leave it there – people get sensitive especially at such periods with artists they support (me included). Just a bit humility and appreciation that’s all – I am saying it with the best of intentions so that he enjoys his time better as well.

          • I don’t get sensitive and would prefer Salvador to get off the high horse he sometimes mounts. However, this is a song contest and not a personality contest. I would even cheer for Tamara the smug bitch if I loved her song.
            I am no fan of Francesco Gabbani offstage either. If this was about personality, I’d root for Lucie and Jana.

            • He has to express his opinion about ESC legend Valentina Monnetta RIGHT NOW, it will be a HUGE test for him to enter the ESC WORLD! :P And her legendary star bag of course!! <3
              I tell him, RIGHT NOW that is! :DDDDD

            • Go ahead. That will be interesting. He’d probably prefer the jazz Valentina does when she isn’t on her annual ESC holiday sponsored by Mr. Siegel.

            • I agree – I dont like Dihaj but I love her entry it is 2 seperate things. But we get to know these people much more than the mainstream audience and I appreciate a nice person more. I just hope he doesnt say anything rude or condescending to any participant this year…

            • A agree with the last sentence, and if I wanted to have a pleasant cup of tea, I would pick Lucie any day. What she said about Europe when she arrived at the red curtain was the only thing that made watching this worthwhile. When it comes to listening to music, I’d pick Salvador though.

            • And lucie’s remark was the only one to make it to the compilation video as well :-) It was well said.

          • Don’t worry, Luísa is there to tell him to shut up, if necessary.

      • In the clip I posted below Luísa seems to be rather anxious everytime he starts speaking. Once she even cuts him off. Protective big sister … LOL

    • LOL He’s in a totally different universe for sure. :)

  6. As I predicted, there would be some controversy around the Norwegian jury member Per Sundnes, in that he has taken part in the Norwegian preview show, and thus already expressed his opinions about every song. But he will apparently, despite of all of this, remain as a part of the jury.


  7. PB reports that one of their bloggers was mistaken as the German singer by security today. LOL
    They are all male and way older than Levina. Probably shorter too. ;)

  8. Waiting for Jade’s red carpet fashion article

  9. ROFL 0:55

  10. Thank you Dihaj for saving ESC seriously..

    I hope ESC goes to Dihaj’s direction and soon we will get rid of Greece, Estonia, Israel and other ESC trash..

    Thank you Dihaj once again..

  11. We were supposed to catch a shuttle bus from the arena to the red carpet at 13.30. It eventually came at 13.55 and then went to Maidan. And stopped. People argued with the driver for 20 minutes including Eurovision/EBU press staff. He said his map was to take us to Maidan despite the sign in the front saying red carpet (which he couldn’t read). He then took us to a red carpet blockade, dumped us, and security refused to let us in as it wasn’t the press entrance. We had to walk for ages.

    We had to be there for 15.30, and it didn’t start until 17.00. 26 degrees and no shade. So hot.

    They were making everyone stand in certain areas depending on what country they were from, so some areas were empty.

    They only let OGAE members or accredited fans on the fan side… no members of the public… so it looked empty.

    They put all the international delegations (us) at the end of the longest carpet ever. It took 1 hour before Albania and Armenia got to us.

    At 20.00 they were an hour behind schedule and rushing people past us so hardly one in the final part got any interviews and fewer photos, they all were dashed though to go to their stupid flag / balloon release on the roof of the Euroclub.

    All the delegations were tired and fed up by the end, HoDs were saying it was too long.

    Then security were letting people with Fan passes, TLA and staff badges and no accreditation in near the end (people saw bribing of officials) in our side and we were literally being pushed by fans at one stage and got really angry as we were still trying to work and they were just fangirling over Salvo.

    We knew it would look bad on TV, the presenters were awful, and it was no better there. There was no wifi so no-one could do any live reporting or social media updates. One of the worst red carpets in a long time :(

  12. So at this time tomorrow Jury performances will be over…Tomorrow is the big day

  13. Odds remind me of 2014. Salvador does Conchita :)

  14. Another concession to the big-5 was made this year.They used to be allocated half in the first half and half in the second but now that’s over.

  15. Salvador and William = a love affair

    • I wish he had followed ET and knew Shevek’s fantastic subtle campaign. Very un DMGSN 😀

    • It all went well. Salvador follows Wiwi!!! The wolrld is coming to an end! LOL

    • Louisa better keep him guarded all the time – muted if possible – cause I see him getting on a fight with 40 of the delegations at this point. Arriving late is a blessing in disguise.

      P.S. Can I call him and Gabbani the unholy/elitist alliance :-P ?

      Ugh I need me some Martina Barta after that.

      • Oh and “You are a favourite you know ? – Of course I am my song is amazing” attitude – am I bad person that I want to see Anja walking all over him on the final scoreboard ? Just for the fun of it :-) (she deserves it more as well imoL

        • Salvador would never use such a trite word as “amazing” because it would be below him. “Amazing” is for the Linditas in this world … ;)
          [irony working both ways]

          • Words may change, the meaning remains the same :P

            Out of all the people whose songs he probably detests (like 40 of them) I only don’t wish him to run into Tijana from Serbia – she is probably going to serve him a piece of her mind with that attitude :P

            Oh also Dihaj – she could probably sent him back to Louisa crying with just one look :P

      • No you can’t. ;)

        • Sorry done already :)

          Should I mention once again how desparate I am that these 2 people are the “faces” of esc this year till now or I will be too grumpy ?

          *runs to watch another Martina Narta interview*

          • We’ve all had bad ESC years in the past. You’ll get over it, even if they come 1st and 2nd. It will make you stronger. ;)
            I only liked one song that ended up top 10 in 2006. Beat that! LOL

            • I can probably stand it if Portugal wins (Salvador keeps making it exponentially difficult the more he talks though).

              As I said esc has probably spoiled me as all winning songs from 2009 forward were in my personal top 10 in my after-contest rankings with the exception of Azerbaijan 11 which was 11th..We’ll see.

              GOOOO Kristian :) !

    • Trust me: he’ll do just fine in those kind of interviews. The more excentric, the more he’ll feel at ease. As with the other artists, the same will happen. Artists are not formal people, they talk another kind of language, and they’ll love Salvador.

      From what I’ve seen of him so far, he’s not pretentious at all, on the contrary! And he’s very spontaneous, wich just addis to his charm.

  16. Where is Oxi?🤔

    • Probably still mad at me for comparing Italy 17 and Spain 08 :-) :-P

      • I know you don’t like Italy but it is indeed nothing like Spain 08😬

        • Well I disagree on that :) To me it is one of its main sources of esc inspiration. That and Austria 03, France 14 and Montenegro 12 – a mixture of the ideas in those acts.

    • I don’t know but I hope that he is having a good time. I’ve just checked my mail in order to see if he had gone somewhere for a couple of days. We are worse than mom and dad. LOL

  17. Everyone was tired of the red carpet but of course Martina Barta had to be out of the mainstream – she wants it to last forever lol ! :

    • Of course she wants it to last forever because when it ends, semi-final will be next, and she probably knows that she’ll need a miracle to survive that one. She is in 6th place on my personal SF 1 list but alas, that won’t help her.
      She is a very likeable lady. :)

      • I don’t think Martina is the kind of person caring that much about results and placings – she seems to really live the moment :) I love her – she embodies the spirit of the contest for me perfectly (lol I said the same thing about Levina I know – they are both among my favourite people this year) :)

  18. Belarus has become the favourite of our news agencies yesterday :) Good girl. Made just couple of mistakes in the lyrics :)

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