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Kiev parties at the Eurovillage

Eurovision 2017 – The Eurovillage was rocking yesterday evening in the centre of Kiev as several Eurovision acts performed for thousands of locals and Eurovision fans.  The village has plenty of activities, chill out areas, free wifi, and live music every day.

Security to get in is tight but efficient and not overbearing but leave a bit of time to get in. Inside you get to the Visa stand and free wifi, followed by cafes, food places, bars etc.

You can have your photo with a cut-out O.Torvald, play the drums and sign the message board.

There was a giant coffee cup and the foam comes out of the top in the shape of a bubble-made Eurovision heart shape.

First up at the Village was Martina Bárta of the Czech Republic. Thanks to ESCKAZ for the videos.

Dihaj of Azerbaijan then performed a mini concert.

Demy from Greece popped by to sing ‘This is love‘ and then following this was the Nordics performing 1 or 2 songs each. Sweden’s Robin Bengtsson sang ‘I can’t go on‘. Finland’s Norma John sang ‘Blackbird‘. Denmark’s Anja did 2 songs, ‘Never Alone‘ and ‘Where I am‘.

Norway did ‘Grab the moment‘ and ended the show by throwing out Jowst masks to the audience. Estonia’s Koit Toome & Laura sang two songs, ‘Verona‘ and ‘September‘ to finish the live music.


One comment on “Kiev parties at the Eurovillage

  1. It was great to see Anja having fun on stage!

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