Results: The Best Rehearsal of the Big Five & Host

pollPoll – Yesterday the Big Five and the host country rehearsed for the first time and we asked who impressed you the months out of the six. The winner blew the rest of the competition away with just less than half the votes. So who was it? Spoiler: It wasn’t Italy

It has been a while since this nation won any kind of vote in the Eurovision World but the winner was…

United Kingdom

Lucie Jones
“I’ll Never Give Up On You”

The full results were…

United Kingdom 47%
Italy 23%
France 18%
Germany 6%
Spain 4%
Ukraine 2%

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55 comments on “Results: The Best Rehearsal of the Big Five & Host

  1. Nice rehearsal by the UK overall, but nowhere near Italy.

  2. Fully deserved :-) She was stunning probably only challenged by Levina. So glad the embarassing italian novelty act lost at least this one – from the glimpse I caught during the recap video from yesterday it was more horrendous than expected..

  3. I am at my favourite point in ESC season … the point at which I want everyone to do well. :) Even Robin … LOL

  4. Good. but not the best. Congratulations.

  5. Vocally she will sound amazing, but the emotions are still lacking unfortunally. It’s gonna get decent jury points in the end, but the televoters may judge this harshly. Depends on how it will look on the screen. Italy surprised me in their 40 seconds. Now literally screams televoting winner. Love the background and the clumsy yet cute choreography ^^ Still not so sure about his vocal performance, but hopefully he nails it!

    • Rodolfo Chikilikicuatre (dont spell check that) did it 9 years ago before it was cool :-P

      • Everyone recycles ideas, the key is to actually pull it off or make it better by enhancing it or creating new dimensions. To me it looked good and fresh!

        • To me it looked like that made me feel embarassed to be an esc fan personally :-(
          I just hope Bulgaria or someone else pulls of that victory and I can breathe a sign of relief :-)

  6. Spain 08 compared to Italy 17…
    I’ve lived to read this.
    I’m done for today.
    There is a saying in Greece: Patience has its’ limits. And I am way beyond those.
    You guys enjoy.

  7. Italy has it all to be a clear winner. No rivals come even close to that perfect eurovision act. I still prefer Portuguese entry as a song, because I can connect with it musically speaking much more, but one has to recognize that, as an eurovision entry, Italy has much better chances to win (catchy melody, very clever lyrics, ironic props, handsome singer…).
    If things happen differently, it will be politics, or neighborhood voting, aspects that still need to be corrected someway if the show is to gain credibility. So, for me, noone comes even close to those 2 songs. It’s really a matter of mood :-) Go Francesco, go Salvador!

    • This is a very dogmatic view there imo. Nothing to do with neighbour voting especially if Bulgaria or Belgium win. Its an italiam victory that will hurt the contest’s reputation for years to come. You put something correctly though : Italy is a good “eurovision” entry as in how many people perceive eurovision still unfortunately. That is one of the main reasons why in my opinion Bulgaria or Belgium has to win this. It is in my opinion the only way for the contest to continue its journey upwards. Or anyone but Italy really will do.
      Go Kristian, go Blanche :-)

    • Italy and Portugal 17 do not cater to the very conservative stance of many hardcore fans and that shows here and there, in all the blogs and in all the polls.

      • Actually both cater exactly to the fan base as polls show – they are very conservative esc acts. The problem is beyond there.

  8. Can we make something very clear ? As long as comments bullying a 17 year old girl, even calling her to stop singing and become a waitress and live on tips are allowed I refuse to accept any censorship on expressing non popular opinions on entries liked around here by the majority – which do not offend or even imply anything about anyone liking those entries – or even the singer himself for that matter (and I have some pretty strong opinions on him as well which I do not share out of respect).

    So yes I will criticize Italy or any other entry I feel like criticizing – if I say something as part of that criticism that someone will take as a jibe or demeaning remark towards anyone liking that entry I am willing to apologize if that’s the case but no more.

    My patience has limits as well btw.

  9. I will never give up on British fans’ hijack ♪ ♫

  10. Quite interesting analysis:

  11. Svala must qualify, if Svala doesnt qualify I will make Kyiv massacre..

  12. Delighted. Well done Lucie.

  13. Voted for San Marino, so I really don’t care 😃

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