Eurovision 2017 Rehearsals: Day 7

Eurovision 2017 – With two weeks to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start tomorrow and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the first rehearsals to the first half of semifinal 1: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

So this is how it’ll work for the next 10 days or so: we will resume the system from the last two years. There is an article for the day’s rehearsals published in the morning (or the night before) with the calendar (this year, the new style and format of the official site don’t seem to help look for rehearsals). You can comment all day on it, based on all the info you can gather around and as soon as I can, I’ll get working on a recap article with links to pictures, videos, etc. However, I do work (even if both 1st of May and 8th of May are days off in France) so I’ll do that at the latest in the evening, sooner if possible, depending. Usually, the girls are down there and as you know, this year ET did not get a pass, so they’ll be following from here and will help publishing any news article.

So we’re all counting on you guys to post in the comment section all the links you find and discuss all material out there. Hope it works out great for everyone, and already a big cheers to all the sites who will post their own made materials.

Here’s tomorrow’s schedule: Semifinal 2 – Second rehearsal

  •  09:00-09:20 Netherlands Second rehearsal
  •  09:25-09:45 Hungary Second rehearsal
  •  09:50-10:10 Denmark Second rehearsal
  •  10:15-10:35 Ireland Second rehearsal
  • 10:40-11:00 San Marino Second rehearsal
  • Break 1
  • 12:05-12:25 Croatia Second rehearsal
  •  12:30-12:50 Norway Second rehearsal
  • 12:55-13:15 Switzerland Second rehearsal
  •  13:20-13:40 Belarus Second rehearsal
  •  13:45-14:05 Bulgaria Second rehearsal
  • Break 2
  • 14:30-14:50 Lithuania Second rehearsal
  • 14:55-15:15 Estonia Second rehearsal
  • 15:20-15:40 Israel Second rehearsal

There will therefore be 13 (?) countries getting their second taste of the stage. The second rehearsal is 20 minutes long.

This is how it works. As usual, in second go, countries reveal much more. It is also followed by an official press conference.

Usually, the official site publishes photo sets from rehearsals and a full clip but not from the actual recordings. However, this year they promised to show a few seconds of what it will actually look like on TV!

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220 comments on “Eurovision 2017 Rehearsals: Day 7

  1. The Netherlands: Perfect harmonies,solid yet cheesy performance.Still not into it but it will qualify.

    Hungary: I suppose i count on the emotional impact this will have in order to check it as a Q.Other than that,the performance isn’t great.

    Denmark: It sails to the final.Solid and impactful.

    Ireland: I’m afraid it’s out.I kinda like the backdrop and even the hot-air balloon now but it won’t make it,

    San Marino: Even the staging is so 70’s.A non Q.

    Croatia: If you wanna go over the top and cheesy this is the way to do it.This is Saturday night entertainment but i’m afraid the juries may kill it.It has to be top-5 with the televoting in order to make it.

    Norway: It comes after some cheese and it looks cool.A possible Q since there aren’t
    many other songs juries can really support in this semi.

    Switzerland: I’d have it as a Q but the staging is SO kitsch.Why did they do that to themselves?If they wanted to have a Grecian theme they could have done it with more taste and she could also wear a Grecian-style gown.

    Belarus: Loved the performance.So joyful and authentic.A Q.

    Bulgaria: It’s slick and professional.Nice vocals but clinical.Top-3 in the semi.

    Lithuania: The verses are quite nice.The whole “yeah,yeah” is really off-putting,though.It should be titled “The wind of revolution” with so many wind machines on.A non Q.

    Estonia: Laura seems to be more into the song now and at some point they found each other in Verona.It’s better.

    Israel: It’s good.They take advantage of IMRI’S assets.The backdrop is nice.The dancers and backing vocalists are there when it matters.There’s an issue with this fake note that IMRI needs to fine-tune.

  2. It’s in Kyiv.Role out the red carpet:

  3. Took 3/4 AP tests this week and I think I did horribly. But my SAT today went really well I think, so that’s making me feel better.

    Belarus has had my favorite rehearsal this entire year. I don’t think any of the other countries can compare to them on my rehearsal list.

  4. hahahahahaha is curiouse how when i write my coment about what i like , inmediately cone coments with the oposite , rear rear rear , is scary how the media try to wash you brain , fuck you all that people try to manipulate. open you eyes , if you are inteligent enought ,

    • Where, here?

      • Where wiwibloggs ? I was indirectly threatened a while ago on another thread for comparing Italy 17 and Spain 08.
        You told us once again how “conservative” “hardcore esc fans” are to “appreciate” the greatness Italy and Portugal are (both very conservative esc entries imo as polls show as well).

        Lets not kid ourselves.

  5. Today’s odds: Bulgaria is not doing well and Sweden is back in third place. That’s the most significant change, I guess.

    • This is the time of the year when we lose our tempers about everything. Pay no attention. :)

    • Yes Francisco, listen to shevek, dont wory and dont pay attention! Lets focus on our dear Ireland to qualify! Can you vote for Ireland in the semi, if you still live in The Nethelands you can! I live in Serbia and I will vote Ireland! :) Do you like Serbia 2017? :)

  6. yes Shevek you are right , and dont worry , i dont pay attention, i was decide for a long time to pay only or invest only for my happiness, saludos, but still love the curiouse world of eurovision,

  7. Impressions on the videos no2. Repost here cause I posted it elsewhere by mistake :)

    Armenia: I don’t know how it will look on the screen but what we see so far is a let-down compared to the video (unlike Azerbaijan which is the opposite). Who thought of this tight-waist thing for her, it’s pretty unflattering. I like the oriental graphics and what a voice she has.

    Slovenia: Nothing we haven’t seen so far in the NF. He looks like he’s trying too hard. To prove what I wonder.

    Latvia: Noooo, bring back that purple wig! The clubby graphics are very cool and I like the deconstructed hotel maid’s uniform. Those boots are a miss though. Strong closer with all the problems such an entry might face.

    Serbia: Is she wearing some sort of expensive nightgown? Singing not good, nothing very interesting. Hunky dancer running backwards is the main attraction.

    Austria: He looks angelic up there in the clouds and he displays tonloads of charisma. My only objection is that there should be more smoke to cover the supports the moon is standing on. This is going to do great in the contest

    FYRoM: All you hear is the backing vocals and she doesn’t succed at being sexy. I like the big city background – somebody else would have done great with it.

    Malta: Her styling is all wrong and the big vanity projection in the background is the scariest of them all. A very long three minutes.

    Romania: This is Toy Story coming to life, fun for all the family. It enhances their adorableness and cuteness to the 100th degree. Sexy little red dress and I hope those cannons throw disco balls!

    Holland: They made this glossy, glitzy and anthemic which has nothing to do with what is the theme of the song. Nevertheless they make it work. I don’t like the lyrics on the background, the jumpsuit is ok, but the dresses are a fail.

    Hungary: I don’t think he connects very well with the camera, he always looks kind of wary of it and reserved. I like the graphics in the background. Warm staging but nothing too innovative.

  8. Denmark: Again, nothing we haven’t seen at the NF. She overdoes everything, she is like Denmark’s Anna Vissi.

    Ireland: His voice is what it is, an acquired taste. It shows especially in the high note. However I don’t think he was off this time unlike the previous rehearsal. I don’t know what the balloon is doing there exactly.

    San Marino: They dressed as sterotypically as they could for a disco numbet but graphics are so run-of-the-mill. It does get some groove going mainly thanks to him.

    Croatia: This half-leather, half-tuxedo outfit and the biblical storms behind him take WTFery to new levels. He does the Pavarotti impression, then the strings go all wild for some reason. Fail on every possible level.

    Norway: Daft Punk tribute act without any of DP’s music unfortunately. At one point the sampled vocals come in and then you here the phrase “the voice in my head” without knowing if it’s live or recorded. Shame.

    Switzerland: Nickelodeon does greek mythology. They’re lucky Croatia appeared a little earlier, so they look elegant and restrained by comparison.

    Belarus: Another one who wears white and I like the dress. The propellers are a bit too big but they look like they have fun up there and they genuinely like each other.

    Bulgaria: Empty minimalism, both visually and in terms of performance. Toddler singing a nice ballad and he does it well, but I don’t think child-wonders are a thing at Eurovision. Agender styling accentuates the age thing. At some point he makes doodles appear on the screen with his hands (thunder and lightning!) which will probably be distracting, like Italy last year.

    Lithuania: Again not that different from the NF. Chorus is basically an excuse for her ingratiating improvs.

    Estonia: They smile, they are loose, they are confident! And with very good reason :)

    Israel: Great clubby graphics and all the hot Med boys you can fit at the ESC stage. Another strong closer for the semi.

  9. Israel and Estonia are horrible, I really dont get esc fans any more..with such entries we go to the dark ages of the ESC..Israel has bad vocals, it also reminds me of old Greek entries which only relay on look, dancing..he cant sing and his composition is ESC trash..Estonains sing better but the whole package is hillarious, such entries give bad image to esc at least in my country..
    Greece not to mention, it becomes silly and horrific how cheesy, cinical and esc friendly it is..it seems Im really tired of esc trash recently..

  10. Does anyone know what is the schedule for tomorrow?

  11. Just in case anyone might be interested, I shall be presenting two preview shows with my own take on this year’s hopefuls from the studios, rehearsals and various blog sites, some people may be referenced! The first is Monday from 6.30-8.30pm covering S/F1 with the second on Wednesday also from 6.30-8.30pm covering S/F2.. If you fancy listening in at some stage the link is donegalsounds.com. Cheers folks. :)

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