Eurovision 2017: More Press Centre Images

Eurovision 2017 – We had another full day of rehearsals today in the press centre and plenty of press conferences. Here’s a few more images of the day from some of the acts… 

54 comments on “Eurovision 2017: More Press Centre Images

  1. Awwww Kristian at the last photo :-)

    The irish staging just looks so dreamy. Beautiful.

    • So you don’t mind a hot air balloon that has nothing to do with the song?

      • Brendan explained the concept in interviews and press conferences. But if you read my comments I am not the biggest fan of the air balloon tbh. I just think the background is one of the most effective this year and the colour patterns blend well with it for the most part.

      • That balloon is way too small to be effective. It looks a bit, well, silly.

        • stommie, what are the Dutch media saying about the Dutch entry?

        • I agree. However the most kitch of all is Switzerland (again) this year.

          • With that huge backdrop they could have made a virtual balloon which would have been quite impressive.

          • Switzerland has never been kitsch in esc. Neither this year I d say given what we have seen so far (Romania, Croatia, Italy).

            • Switzerland is ultra kitch this year (not song-wise). On the same level with Romania imo. Croatia is more kitch of a song rather than stage approach. There’s nothing kitch with Italy this year imo. The gorilla and performance serve the fun and message of the song (unlike the bad dress and staircase in SWI)

            • Well Romania can say the same thing :-P
              Croatia has cheesy/creepy backdrop + pyro + gimmicky outfit + he makes a little heart shape with his hands as soon as the performance end in some rehearsals (no seriously he does) – all he misses is big stage prop and its got every possible gimmick :-P

      • What do you mean? It’s there all over. That’s the puppu love! 😃

        ‘Cause I know that love can be so strong
        And yet so frail
        And there ain’t no guarantee
        That you and me won’t fail

        But I’m dying to try, I’m dying to try
        I’ll keep you safe in my arms
        Build a bridge to your heart every day

        I’ll give you it all, but I’m not gonna lie
        ‘Cause no one can promise
        That love will ever learn how to fly
        Will ever learn how to fly, oh…

  2. They are singing one of their favorite Eurovision songs…and guess what it is😊

  3. Netherlands enter the top 9 (To Win) in betting odds

    • Romania is up there to win too😂

      • Romania and The Netherlands … Quite surreal … Faultless vocals alone do not win ESC, and neither does novelty. Nuvelty came close though in the 100 % televoting years and even in 2012 under 50/50

  4. No.This is not a satirical show:

  5. Imri had a very awkward moment during press conference. Kudos to the reporter for the bold question (although in a diplomatic way) : 5:58″

    • The “No women ? Its ok, its eurovision” line had me rolling ROFL !

    • I found that rude,tbh.Esctoday tries to be the new oikotimes.If you really want to say that the vocals are bad and the fans worry about it(errr),you should ask him during a face-to-face interview.Besides,the are far worse vocal performances this year.

      • I believe the reporter was quite polite actually. At least we got to listen to a different question not the same “How does it feel as the 3rd time on esc stage?” Those press conferences are so boring…

    • I think it will be bottom 2 with the juries. But televoting saved Tooji from a similar situation so..

  6. One question I am still missing towards Koit and Laura and I would really like to see answered :

    What the heck do western type of woman and western type of man mean ?

  7. OGAE Germany’s headline on DNK17: Screaming against vacuity …

  8. Continuing from a past comment here, yup May 6th marks my birthday :)

    I remember in 2014 that I watched the first semi on my birthday XD

  9. Out of all the people that the press conference host could ask about how they would feel if they won and how much would it matter for their country he only asked Fusedmarc so far lol. Its like he is trolling them.

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