Today in the Press Centre

Eurovision 2017 – Eurovision Times enjoyed a full day in the press centre today watching some 2nd rehearsals on screen and in the arena, and getting a first look at the big 5 and Ukraine’s efforts this year. Here’s a few pictures capturing the day…

The press centre itself is set up really well, lots of banks of tables, lots of power points, lots of computers for those without laptops, screens everywhere to watch the rehearsals, comfy break out areas with sofas and beanbags and food and drink available at counters and in 2 cafe areas. Wifi is good and fast.

Several artists were around doing interviews. Here’s Demy from Greece:

Kasia from Poland:

Mike from ESCKAZ interviewing Anja from Denmark:

Triana Park from Latvia stopped by…

In the arena Romania were putting on a great visual show…

Back in the press centre we were watching the Big 5 start, with much excitement, followed by their press conferences. Lucie from the UK was sweet and articulate, Francesco from Italy charming and fun…

We’ll be back at the centre tomorrow for more coverage.

12 comments on “Today in the Press Centre

  1. Is it true that Francesco doesn’t speak English? There was a documentary on Dutch tv about O’3gene and they showed how they met in Amsterdam at EiC, and he couldn’t even understand the most basic English.

  2. So very handsome! Go Francesco!

  3. The Verona gang entering the Euroclub:

    • Does Laura use up or her facial expressions while off stage and she has none left for when she performs ? :P

      P.S. Nice top and shorts :P

  4. The Latvian lady looks much better in this dress.

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