Poll: Best Rehearsal of Semi Final 2

pollPoll – On Tuesday and Wednesday we asked you to pick the best rehearsal of each day after we watched 30 second clips of each one. There is still a lot to see of each entry and we get to see them as they would look on TV . Now we put the winner of each day against each other to determine the best of SF2.

Day Three Results
Netherlands 25%
Malta 22%
Denmark 14%
Austria 12%
Romania 6%
Ireland 6%
Hungary 5%
Serbia 5%
FYR Macedonia 5%
Day Four Results
San Marino 32%
Bulgaria 29%
Belarus 12%
Switzerland 6%
Norway 5%
Croatia 5%
Estonia 5%
Israel 4%
Lithuania 1%

15 comments on “Poll: Best Rehearsal of Semi Final 2

  1. Really San Marino won the semi 2 second half poll after all ? lol !

    My vote goes to The Netherlands :)

  2. #Spirit of the Queens

  3. What the fuck? This is lunacy, so I’ll go with a flow and vote San Marino. What a laugh! 😃

  4. The Netherlands

  5. The Netherlands

  6. HUH?! I HATED BOTH, simple as that.

  7. Valentina and Jimmie are great on-stage, and are having the time of their lives up there. It’s light, it’s fun, and won’t qualify. They’re up there with Moldova as my favorite uptempos this year :)

  8. This is farcical. Netherlands gets my vote.

  9. I’ve voted for The Netherlands by default. Bulgaria was close in its poll :/

  10. It’w what you get when you apply such a blunt elimination system, and when the mood of the day is decided by rehearsal outcomes :-).

    But San Marino this high??

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