Poll: Best 1st Rehearsal of the Big 5 & Host?

pollPoll – It has been a busy week in Kyiv and all the first semi finalists (and some of the second finalists) have just had their second rehearsals. Today however, the big five and the host representatives took to the stage for the first time. But… Who had the best?





United Kingdom


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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

72 comments on “Poll: Best 1st Rehearsal of the Big 5 & Host?

  1. It was between Germany and the UK imo. Both brought some visually sophisticated acts and very good vocals. I have to give it to the UK though, they really went for it and the UK could really improve its results this year.

  2. Spain! No Germany! Fantastic current pop and artistry!
    My vote goes to
    San Marino! 😃

  3. Voted for the UK
    Great reaction from the press

  4. After a delicious dinner, grilled fish+salad+refresing white dry wine (first white of the season), I’ve returned home to watch those famous 40 seconds coming from the BIG 5. Italy and the UK were clearly ahead, imo, followed by Ukraine (strange live vocals here, similar to Greece’s). The Italians are repeating the known stage presentation + the backing singers on stage (Italy and Azerbaijan have similar stage presentations in several aspects). The Bristish went for a very golden theme and I like what I saw and heard. Levina joined several other ladies choosing the wrong dress: she looks like an elegant senior citizen hosting a charity event; why did she go for a grey background?! The song is everything but grey. Spain is so light and breezy that it quickly is blown away; who will vote for the Spanish entry, I wonder? France went for a weird backdrop; the theme of the preview video is much better, imo.

  5. Should probably e mail but I m on my phone and my e mail application is not my favourite thing to use so I ll comment instead sorry :

    @admins : Will anyone be around during the live show itself on Tusday for comment approval ? I ll be watching alone and I would like at least some participation here to the reactions. Just asking pre emptively. Thanks !

  6. The wiwiblogs guy believe the UK was best today(they’re from UK anyway).The Chris guy says if it was another country this would be the undeniable winner and the other guy got Jamala vibes while watching this.

    • #UK

    • I liked those 40 seconds, but Jamala vibes?! Seriously? This song is too lighweight for its own good, but Lucie performs it well.

      • They’re just delusional.The fact they got an effective staging(not really innovative,tbh) doesn’t makeit a winner.They’re doing better with the betting odds too,like every year.

    • Can’t believe I will have to defend press people this year but to their defense they were never lenient with the UK the previous years (unlike the eurovisionireland people who every year think Ireland is amazing).

      • To say that just because the UK had a solid rehearsal would make it a winner for any other country but it’s the UK so it probably won’t win yes it makes them biased if not delusional in my eyes.

        • They get enthusiastic about everything really – 2 days ago they thought Romania can win :) And they were crazy about Montenegro – although they toned down on that on the 2nd rehearsal.

          If it was up to Willian about 16 songs would qualify from each semi and 20 songs would win lol !

    • Don’t we hear that about the UK every year? #FakeNews

    • Delusion, convince yourself! I actually hate, when people say that ”If this was from another country (Sweden…) This would get top 3.” Lucie would not even get close at winning even in Sweden for example, even if she was known before.
      She cant tap into her emotions and that leaves the performance kinda flat tbh. A ballad needs emotions to even get close to winning, which Jamala for example had. With that said I still think it’s an ok ballad, but there are better ones this year.

      I am so sick and tired of hearing that if another country sent an act, it would do better. Bitch please, Bulgaria came from nowhere and got there best result ever and now they are favorites to win. Austria won and they had had a rocky ten years before that in the competition and The Netherlands before Anouk had failed to qualify 8 times!! Any country can succeed if you just put effort in it! UK did in 2009 and got a top 5 placing, so I dont know what the hell they are talking about!

  7. All I wanna see is Q in this. Sorry for the spam, I’ve been oficially crowned by Guitar as Latvia’s #1 fan this year :P

    • I got a crown from him in FDLC too along with Dino, Toggie and Shevek. I have to check it again what was it as my memory fails here abit. I know it’s still online.

      • You are beating out all competition to what you were crowned don’t worry.

      • Apart from the crown we have been given also a life advice :)

        • I have gotten lots of ethical and moral guidance too!

          • Are you and your friend done by any chance ? I dont expect decency at this point but dont try to make the situation worse really, especially at such a period that the contest is full on.

            • What on earth you are talking about? Expect decency of whom? From you? Your writings are there still on the wall. Kind of a wall of decency that. And many other things too.

            • No I do not expect any decency from you. And your writings are also all over this blog as well (except those deleted and modified of of course for personal attacks against others – but we remember those as well).

              Look I know you dont respect me (or anyone else holding a different opinion on music for that matter) and I dont have any respect for you either of course but try to respect the forum and the very intensive esc period thats going on right now. Work with me here on that and dont provoke me. Same as you I am not in the least afraid to speak my mind as you know.

            • No ones provoking you. You just get provoked. I do respect the forum and the intensive period, very much so.

            • Actually there is only one of my messages that has been deleted. It was about cultural imperialism thst gies together with term “dated”. You read that it was about you, when it wasn’t. Don’t use plural as it’s single. Don’t use “we” as it’s I. Shall we go back to that thread and read it again? You apologies for the group for being aggressive and disrespective is still there. The fact is you got beef with many members round here including me. I only got beef with one. You. We all also know why you have “breaks”. So cur it out, and stay off me. That’s easiest way for you to stay not provoked during the intensive season. It’s you who really should work with me here and not me with you. Show some decency and respect. To all of us. Things go just fine for you then. Only one week to go. Surely you can make it. It really is totally up to you.

            • I have the decency to apologize even when I felt I have done nothing wrong (and I haven’t) soleley out of respect and gratitude to the administration for taking off your very disrespectful, mean spirited comment (and a very large amount of your comments are of that nature unfortunately – its just that I stopped bothering) and because I promised the administration that day that in exchange to defending me there I would do anything to tone down the situation – which is why I issued said apology – again I did NOT think I did anything wrong.
              My apology had to go with descending to the level I had to to answer all that – and at least I had the decency to write it – we are still waiting for yours by the way. Not only for that instance. For multiple such issues e.g. personal comments (crossing to bullying) on Blanche for example or even Anja. I could write half of the stuff you write about Gabbani and people would be up in arms. I already got heckled and threatened for saying his entry is similar to Spain 08 imagine if I treated him as you treat singers – and people who disagree with you in general.

              The fact is my beef is with you and your friend only at the time as I have worked out any disagreements I had with others through proper mature dialogue. They have made concessions on their part on their behaviour and I have made concessions as well. Discussion. As adults you know (I suppose you do). That seems impossible with you and I dont have any intention of even trying to be honest as I dont care. I do take breaks and the sole reason is because of behaviours like yours. But I realize soon its not worth it leaving behind so many interesting conversations with so many interesting people for a couple of people who are unable of such things. Not worth it.
              So cut out the commanding tone on me, not working. You started it here by mentioning me in case you forgot it.

              Decency and respect ? You should look the words up the dictionary to see the meanings first – then we can talk on how you shohld apply them here. The audacity of you calling me out on decency and respect in unprecedented.

              I can surely make it – I am not sure about you to be honest.

              Again – stop provoking me – I am not afraid of you or your attitude neither am I fooled by the jolly,merry-go-round facade.

              P.S. and please do post this. I am personally attacked (yet again) by this member and I deserve an equal say. Thanks.

            • You never learn, even though by now you should, still fingers burnt after all. Shy and introverted? Fits the picture perfectly.

            • Same goes to you. Never learns and probably never will given the age you probably reached. I wonder if you treat people like this in real life as well. Sad.
              Other people here have changed their behaviour quite significantly over the course of years. With you I feel any effort is absolutely a waste of time – you just think you do and say everything perfectly. But as I told you – the jolly facade does not fool me.

              And now I would advise you to stop this.

            • Ah, little school master! You haven’t been too successful as you have stormed out of the class room quite many times I’m not the one under moderation or suspension on regular basis. To think of it I have been under moderation or suspension. I’m not begging here not to be provoked. We all know you loose your temper so easily. You loose control. I give you a solution. Don’t talk to me. Very simple.

            • And don’t talk to him unless you think it’s wise!

            • I really wonder how it feels to be suspended and under moderation and suspension after yet another pointless tirade. You really shouldn’t get provoked, it means you loose control and still nobody cares.

    • Finally I thought you would not live up to the title :P

  8. Italy > France > Ukraine > Uk > Spain > Germany
    though i hated them all except Italy… dont get the praise for Ukraine or Uk, France had ok vocals and a great dress but a busy backdrop and it’ll do very poorly in televote, Spain was bad but we knew it so it wasnt disappointing; Germany was the carcrash I’m now dead certain it’s last again.

  9. Toggie , 10:50”

    • toggie 10.50 seems to be stuck on some doomvision clip about “Verona”, what do you mean re our dear euro friend here?! In the meantime I just got back from Spanish evening out (means starts at 10 pm until 1.00 am or beyond) and got a chance to check out today’s rehearsals a little italy looks fun as expected and no doubt will be there for top spot, France seemed a bit underwhelming and lost and not the best vocals either, Germany and my own country Spain will certainly be in the betting odds for bottom and possible 0 points, personally I hope Spain will be bottom of the pile just to send a message to TVE, and besides the beach boy stuff comes across as lame anyway, hopefully we’ll send the real “Navarro” some year soon…as for the rest , kind of nothing new from previous rehearsals..ok buenas noches querido euroland!

      • I don’t mean anything, just posted it for Toggie. He “loves” Koit and Laura (aka lost in Verona). :p
        PS: I more or less agree with your reviews about the Finalists.

        • I see, I’m lost in Verona too as in I “love” it too…not!! :-) and thanks for your feedback too :-)

  10. UK is coming across fantastic. I hope it is duly rewarded by the juries, I expect nothing much from the televoters tbh but it certainly stands out and the song is certainly more memorable than those from Poland, Malta, Albania and Georgia imo. I have the chorus in my head which is more than can be said of the latter four, nothing sticks – dull as ditch water. Good job UK! Spain looks nice but is quite poor really. France and Germany are both underwhelming atp. Ukraine has improved and will do reasonable since there isn’t anything rock-edged to challenge it. Italy is certainly looking like a winning entry but I still don’t discount Portugal once Salvador enters the frame and Bulgaria is definitely in with a big chance. Sweden is sure to challenge for big points whilst Azerbaijan and perhaps Finland could also strike gold. Romania is the dark horse (heaven help us) and should it win, then we are truly heading backwards and I seriously would doubt that the contest will ever recover from being seen by most as just a joke night of a family entertainment show rather than a bona fide song contest.

    • re Ukraine: Unless of course Lithuania qualifies I suppose but even then neither will be contenders.

      • oops I forgot to mention UK above in my post, which I agree seems to be going up in my estimation from the rehearsal, as much as the song itself is not really my thing hats off to BBC with the staging and Lucie’s rendition..for once!!

  11. leave you with wake up this morning and how on earth did my dear salvador stoop so low to sing him and his crap song? money or pressure am guessing mehhh :-(

  12. with him

  13. The UK won my vote but I don’t know if it’s going to look good on TV. To be fair, the UK hasn’t been THAT bad in staging as Germany or Spain these last years so I’m not surprised.

  14. estamos de acuerdo :.)

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