Results: Who Had The Best Rehearsal of Semi Final 1?

pollPoll – Yesterday I opened up a vote on who had the best 1st rehearsal of Semi Final One. On day one you decided Finland had the best that day and on day two you decided that Greece performed the best but who out of these had the best of all Semi Final 1?


“This is Love”

It was a close one ladies and gentleman. The full scores were:

Greece 56%
Finland 44%

So has your opinion on Greece changed from before since the rehearsal? Do you think they will win this semi final now?

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22 comments on “Results: Who Had The Best Rehearsal of Semi Final 1?

  1. Finland, Hungary and Belarus had the best rehearsals out of those 36.

  2. Greece, will not win SF1 but after this rehearsal a top10 result in the final is likely.

  3. Lets hope they re not even qualified, let alone having to listen to it one more time…

  4. Demy is a sweet lady and not a bad singer; but these two elements are far from enough for me to like the Greek entry this year.

  5. It was not among my favourites but Greece did well indeed.

    Now that we’ve see everyone my list of best rehearsals from both semis : Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Azerbaijan, Latvia,Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Bulgaria.

    Expecting more from : Switzerland, Poland, Australia.

  6. This is hijack
    Votes fall from above :P

  7. She looks stunning in this photo <3

  8. wtf? o.O Greece biased much? Ok an objective view here please, were they really that good?

  9. Meh. Uninspired, and the swimming pool gimmick was used by Hot Eyes back in 1984 already. :p

    With that said, I’m 100% sure that Greece will get its best result since 2013 this time. It’s a happy and catchy dance song (one of the few) and that will help.

  10. Hi everybody , this is my first coment this year ,was not very entusiast to follow this year the festival , but well now we are so close to the finals , and we have the rehearsals i try to focus more in this events, i was listening all the songs for first time some days ago , i must say that Portugal and Ireland totally impress, most beatiful balads this year, for the rest i like too France ,Azerbaian,and Spain (yes i know have very bads critics but dont influence in me more that things, i like the song)Italy is also good, the rest must listen more to decide if i like or not, good luck to all entrys

  11. Hi Togravus just listen again the ducht entry,, i find powerfull , and the 3 girls sing really good , but this is Eurovision and i dont know that go to be enought ,anyway i think deserve to be in final , saludos

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