Poll: Best Rehearsal of Day Three

pollPoll – Day Three of rehearsals is over and the first bunch of second semi finalists have shown us their staging for next Tuesday. Eurovision.tv have shown us 30-40 second clips of the semi finalists on stage so we ask. From these, who had the best rehearsal on day three?

Whoever wins todays poll will go one on one against the winners of tomorrows poll where we will ask who had the best rehearsal of day four which will determine who you think had the best rehearsal of the second semi final.



FYR Macedonia



The Netherlands




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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

78 comments on “Poll: Best Rehearsal of Day Three

  1. The Austrian staging looks beautiful… Shame about the song because it is just terrible.

    I assume the Serbian man running backwards in circles is for a birdseye shot – otherwise it looks bizzare. I don’t see them qualifying this year.

    I hope the Romanian Cannons shoot out streamers or something. Looks really colourful too.

  2. romania will get the joke vote, it has top 10 written all over it with their canon live

    malta did fine, and that could be enough

    austria is very kitsch like zoe, and he’s so charismatic, i think they’re through! it’s at least coherent with the lyrics (not at all with the clip but casual viewers wont know)

    fyrom was AWFUL as expected, vocally a mess, boring live (shame, what a great song still)

    netherlands was AWFUL, is this even the same song? it sounded even MORE cheesy and disney-like and the performance is, sorry to say, all glitter and gloss in a song that’s supposed to be about lyrics and subtlety. I hated the song, but now I can say I hate the whole entry

    hungary was AWFUL but as expected, I hated the nf live: and if Greece is dated old esc formula, so is this… will anyone dare say it?

    serbia was bad, maybe we’ll see a fair non-Q but then the song isnt that bad, and that would be bad for the balkans to miss completely again

    dk was fine, and we ALL know she’ll wear that SAME red dress again… it’ll Q easily (top 4 in the semi) but will only get jury like malta last year in the final

    ireland: I dont like the air balloon because it doesnt fit the sogn nor does it add anything but it does “have a memorable hook” now and i see it as a probable qualifier! and it was my 12th pre-contest and it could climb: Brendan is not at all the usual boysbandy persona which would be hateful (remember Jedward?) and he is more and more adorable!

    • Agree with all of this except Denmark. I still hate it, she sounds constipated, and now looks it too doubling over on her knees on the stage.

      Nathan is getting support because as soon as you meet him you just love him. It’s easy to forget that most viewers will only see him once and go on the song. Which is meh. Shame, he is one of the life and soul artists of this year and a welcome addition to the Eurovision family, so I hope he surprises me, his charisma comes through, nice staging etc and I hope he does well.

      I reckon Malta could be a dark horse. Classy, great vocals and bit of an ear worm.

      Romania – go big or go home. I hope those cannons fire all sorts. It’s a mess, but i kinda like it.

    • I disagree on Hungary.It’s a contemporary ethno-roma song.It brings real diversity to the contest and if we miss this European cultural diversity that esc is all about,imo then what’s the point in having the contest at all?Look at the Balkans for instance.Serbia,Bulgaria and FYROM all try to sound contemporary,some are more successful than others,they all hired the same team.I’m not 100% against it but i don’t want it to become the norm.Hungary picked a local talent who composed his own song,he was inspired by his real life events,the pain and discrimination he may have felt and Hungarian televoters were bold enough to pick him to represent Orban’s Hungary in esc.Kudos for that.He may not be the best performer and the staging could have been better but this is real and emotional.

      • well Hungary had a NF, the other three didnt, so that’s why. The thing is, considering how the entries qualified to say one is better than another isnt my thing. I dont care, however strong or poor A Dal could be, the point is what I think of the song. It’s a poor ethno song and sounds like the 2000’s in that aspect, even more so with the awful presentation.

        I get the politics behind. But we all claim we want politics outside of esc, why bring them here then?

        • When you say Hungary is so 2000s ethnic I couldn’t disagree more.
          Our second bigest disagreement this year :P

    • Let’s be a bit more gentle :-). First of all, it’s good to dislike or to be honest about a song you think won’t qualify. But let’s not use the verb ‘hate’ in overkill-mode. I mean, The Netherlands is what it is. But when I look to the actual screens, the camerawork, then Netherlands was really enhanced today. Lovely camerashots, and especially smart close-ups. The overhead view where you see a ‘mother’ (?) on the LED-floot trying to reach out for them, is very nicely done. I think,a bit like The Common Linnets, this all comes together thanks to smart camera angles and close-ups…..

      But who am I :-).

      I think the biggest winners of today were Netherlands and Romania, followed very closely by Austria. After Netherlands the attention drifts away a bit with Hungary, Denmark and Ireland. I do think Ireland will qualify.

  3. I liked Austria and Romania best. My vote goes to Romania. It will be a blast.
    Nathan’s teen dream will be very effective.
    Special thanks to Brendan. Just remember to take care of that last third!

  4. The more awful the song, the more they need to distract our ears…

    • Always suspect big and ott stage presentations: they’re usually trying to hide something (weak song and week vocals).

  5. I have not watched anything yet.

    • Be prepared when it’s Romania’s turn.Big cannons enter the stage and shoot confetti to the audience.Toys,music notes and all things colorful feature on the background.This may win the semi’s televoting.

  6. Judging only from those short official videos, I enjoyed Malta and Hungary. My vote goes for Malta. The fact I’m voting for the songs I did not like (Slovenia at 41st yesterday, Malta at 32nd) says how dissapointed I am so far with the stagings. Most of the song were bad/boring and I don’t think the LED floor is so wonderful to save the songs… and I hate the “holograms” :P The good thing is now I have zero expectations so I’ll appreciate all the final products.

  7. I think Austria had the best rehearsal today, then Romania I think. Malta and Netherlands were fine I guess. FYROM was better than I expected, but still might not be good enough unfortunately. Hungary sounded quite underwhelming live, I’m a bit disappointed. Serbia was by far the worst rehearsal for me, it sounded and looked awful, probably won’t qualify…

  8. Ireland gets my vote but it was close between them and Denmark. Austria and The Netherlands also very good.

    Romania is hateful and embarassing. This and Italy and probably Montenegro as well will be the acts the esc critics will have a field day with.

    Its like they got a catalogue of “all esc negative cliches” and turned it into a checklist – and they filled all of it.

    I hope juries will kill it even if I like Ilinka and Alex as people.

  9. I just checked the results. You guys, can’t be serious, right?! Hungary was the best


    :/ :/ :/

    I’m done for tonight.

  10. Voted for Dutch song+simple and clean stage presentation (based on 40 seconds!!! The things ones during the season…)

    • *one does…

    • simple? they have the kitschiest thing ever (the words on the screen) and they pointlessly raise their arms like it’s a power anthem (and is that a new version of the song? it’s way more cheesy than the original no?)

      • I only heard and watched a snippet and I liked what I saw. It’s not high art, but it’s well done.

      • It is exactly the same as the studio version. I can’t hear any difference.

      • Some are just hating the Netherlands over nothing, but like I said before; truth is not all will hate it cuz of the message within the song.

        I said and will keep saying that OG3NE will get a great ranking in Kiev.

        I wonder if the song would’ve still being hated if some other country would have brought this to the contest.

        On other websites I even saw some articles that where even unrespectful in my opinion.

        But hey, even other winners and high ranked acts where being hated, like Only Teardrops, Believe, Running Scared and the Common Linnets in 2014,

        • You maybe don’t know me but I think I’m fair in country rankings. Anyway I didnt see much hatred over the Dutch entry this year: it’s just me. And I’m dead certain I would have hated that one from wherever in Europe (I’ve actually had Netherlands in my top 10 or top 5 in 2013, 2014 and 2016).

          • I agree. But still I see that like in 2014 many dislike the song at first, and somehow my tummy says they might change alot of hearts when it is seen live. And yeah I kinda hope it too :P

      • To some people it actually is a power anthem, to some it actually does empower & gives inspiration.

  11. Wow Claudia racking up those votes !
    See this is what the rehearsal bubble does to you – I thought Malta was the most likely NQ in the semi and now I may start doubting myself.

  12. Serbia 0 pts?! Again with the 0 pts thing? Fans being fans.

  13. I didn’t enjoy any package. Maybe AUT and NLD?
    MKD and HUN were weak (as expected)
    SRB was EASILY the worst. A NQ?

  14. Denmark was my favorite, and not just because I like the song, I genuinely think the performance was the best. No one else stood out to me too much, but of course there were still ones I like. Romania was absolutely hideous, this is my ESC nightmare come true. First they torture me with Cezar in 2013 and now this too.

    • The Romanian 40 seconds come across as desperate and terribly numbing; we’ll see how the whole act comes cross next week.

    • Romania is my least favourite ESC country. I only like Voltaj’s and Nicola’s songs. They had some decent entries in the 90s too but most of their post-Millenium entries are just trash and kitsch: Ovi & Paula, Mihai, Balkan Girls, Cezar etc. ‘Yodel It!’ fits this tradition perfectly.

      • Romania was ok in the 90s. That’s it. I have a guilty pleasure for 2005 though.

        • My sister likes 2005. :)

          • I guess it’s Luminita, who’s very charismatic and I like her voice. And the whole post-nuclear apocalyptic mess was ok. Camp but ok. 2005 is awful anyway.

            • Indeed. I love Denmark though and have a very soft spot for beautifully nostalgic Monaco. :) Moldova was good too.
              I used to love Andorra but the song has faded recently. It’s still my 4th place with poor Omar, the 2 times flop of Kyiv, 5th.
              Ukraine and Hungary are OK, and then I have your favourite MNE, which I like much more in studio version than live.

            • The NF version is much better (including the live) than the esc version. I have Croatia second.

              Ukraine has a weak song but an anthemic live, Hungary has a fine song but a terrible close to awful live (entirely off key), Moldova is kitschy, Monaco is dated (Israel did it better coz more boobs of course). Latvia and Malta are horrible top 5ers. Greece in the end is a coherent winner in an awful year. Montenegro and Croatia really do stand out from the crowd I reckon.

            • I used to really like Croatia but it has dropped too over the years. Latvia and Malta were ridiculous top 5ers indeed. Chiara is all about her beautifully understated 1998 entry anyway. Greece is one of those winners that sounded ok at the time but haven’t aged well imo.

            • it aged awfully, but i dont hate it nowadays as much as i did then (it’s like the best of all the greek shake it horrors), and since she did MF, I really like Helena lol

            • ROFL I think that Sertab’s similar winning song aged much more gracefully. I don’t love it either though …

      • I kind of agree – not that it is my least favourite country but it’s a country that I never cared about in esc – I don’t think it has ever finished in my top 10 to be honest. I kind of liked 2005, 2008,2010 and 2011 but nothing close to my top 10. Everything else I remember is just mediocre to bad (ok 2002 is kid of ok – ish as well).

      • Voltaj’s song is probably my favourite. I quite like the 2011 song too. Maybe it sounds a bit Danish :-)

  15. Ohoho our rehearsal seems good and interesting!

  16. I did not watch the rehearsal clips but I am solid #TeamHUN GOOOO Joci!

  17. Todays rehearsals have not changed things much when it comes to the odds. They’re clearly trying not to overreact. Sweden’s first try did not go down well apparently, whereas Denmark’s has. Italy’s odds keep shortening to the point of exaggeration – he has not set foot on stage yet.

  18. Hungary.

  19. ESC Portugal has finished reviewing all the 42 songs and this is their final score:

  20. I think malta was the best at least from what I heard and read
    Songwise my heart goes to Hungary…best ethnic song of the year!!!

  21. I believe the Netherlands are in for a big surprise!

  22. This second semi might end up being better than the final. Pretty much everything is good here.

    Serbia, Austria, Fyrom, Romania, Hungary, Ireland and that’s just the first half. Wow.

    Cannons made an appearance first, then Hungary decided to bring the “big guns” as well. Lol

  23. Oh, God. Romania is absolutely insane.

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