TEKO 2017: Quarterfinal 1 Results!

 TEKO 2017 – Voting in quarterfinal 1 is closed! See the results of the matchup between Italy and Portugal!

After two days, people cast 144 votes in our poll! Remind yourself of the entries:

ITALY Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma

Portugal PORTUGAL Salvador Sobral – Amar pelos dois

Without further ado, the winner is:


image credit: eurovision.tv

“Occidentali’s Karma” was written by Luca Chiaravalli, Fabio Ilacqua, and Francesco Gabbani himself! After winning San Remo 2017 on 15 February, Gabbani accepted RAI’s offer to become the Italian entrant in Kyiv! The full result of the quarterfinal is listed below.

83 votes (58%) Italy – Portugal 61 votes (42%)

This means that Italy has moved onto the semifinals and that Portugal is eliminated. Come back tomorrow for the results of quarterfinal 2!

21 comments on “TEKO 2017: Quarterfinal 1 Results!

  1. If anyone was going to topple Italy on this side of the bracket, it was going to be Portugal, imo. It’ll be interesting to see what comes next.

  2. Complimenti!

  3. Off to May Day rally :)
    Happy May Day!

  4. The silent readers …

  5. Disappointed but unsurprised. Italy is OK but ordinary. Portugal is so retro it’s fresh and a gorgeous song. I don’t understand it. If Italy wins with this it will be quite dull.

  6. Expected.

  7. it was the final before the final imo… only Portugal had a slight chance to beat it. Belgium could have as well (since it’s second to Italy in OGAE votes) but sadly TEKO is too late and Belgium will now come with “awful rehearsal” on its head

  8. Yep I called Italy will win this TEKO

  9. No surprise here, and Italy is probably going to win TEKO.

    It’s in the midfield in my rankings. I can sort of understand why many people like the entry and see it as humorous and charismatic (the humor and charisma doesn’t appeal to me; I find it enervating, especially with the gorilla costume). I am also aware that the words contain some lyrical layers – many of which probably get lost in the translation.

    But I really don’t fancy the music which I find very thin. And music is really what means the most to me in a contest like this. The Portuguese song has much more musical substance, its music is much more poetic.

    That being said, I wish Italy all the best. It would clearly make a better winner than f.e. Bulgaria, because at least it sounds honest; plus it would be nice with a winning song that is not in English for a change. It’s just not for me.

  10. I voted for PRT but Italy is a very well deserved winner. The appeal is HUGE and hopefully EBU juries will not manipulate the result for a 3rd year in a row.

  11. Francesco is much more hot than Salvador :-) I voted for POR, but I have no probl with Italy winning. OK is a very good pop song.

  12. This was the final played too soon. I would’ve been ok with any of them winning.

  13. This was the final played too soon I guess. I would’ve been ok with any of them winning.

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