Poll: Best Rehearsal of Day Two

pollPoll – Day Two of rehearsals is over and now the second half of the first semi finalists have shown us their staging for next Tuesday. Eurovision.tv have shown us 30-40 second clips of the semi finalists on stage so we ask. From these, who had the best rehearsal on day two?

Whoever wins todays poll will go one on one against the winners of yesterdays poll where we asked who had the best rehearsal of day one which will determine who you think had the best rehearsal of the first semi final. The results of yesterday were:

Finland 35%
Azerbaijan 22%
Portugal 15%
Sweden 11%
Australia 6%
Belgium 5%
Montenegro 3%
Albania 2%
Georgia 1%





Czech Republic





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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

121 comments on “Poll: Best Rehearsal of Day Two

  1. Much better than yesterday. Iceland, Moldova and Latvia were the best. Latvia looks great and Moldova looks so much fun.

  2. Iceland and Poland are EXTREMELY good! :)

  3. After the first two days of rehearsals, I can say that Finland was the best. They are definately getting my vote next Tuesday.

  4. Surprisingly, Latvia had the best rehearsal, followed by “ok” ones from Slovenia, Greece and Moldova (all did what we expected from them);

    Czech Rep and Iceland were HUGE disappointments;

    Armenia, Poland and Cyprus were subpar from what we expected (based on official vids or what they said they’d do).

  5. If I were Sasha I would use Sade’s “Love is found” videos’s screen prodection theme for “Fly with me” but ironicly listening to the song I had the idea of dance of the Indian God! It seems that bookies liked the rehearsal!
    Couldn’t resist watched also the Moldovan rehearsal! Staging is fine but I still detest the song!

  6. Greece was easily best and damn Kontopoulos 😃
    I’m totally in love with Armenian video, best one this year. It seems way too basic and seen bollyshit, that this could turk out to be a really big disappointment.

  7. So according to current ET results :P
    1. FIN 35%
    2. LVA 29%
    3. GRC 26%
    4. ARM 22%
    5. AZE 22%
    6. PRT 15%
    7. SWE 11%
    8. MDA 11%
    9. AUS 6%
    10. BEL 5%

  8. Greece full :

  9. Wiwibloggs guys have a unanimous prediction (in no order)

  10. My vote today has to go to Latvia although Moldova and Greece were pretty much ok as well.

    Overall no rehearsal was better than yesterday’s top 4 of Belgium, Azerbaijan, Sweden and Finland though.

  11. From what I’ve read, I’d say Armenia but I won’t vote because I did not watch the rehearsal clips.

  12. Off topic: Guys Dont forget to check out the ET Premath 2017 result, live NOW:


  13. Latvia and Armenia were the only ones I was particularly impressed with.

  14. Hey guys and Mermy, come to Premath!

  15. Moldova, followed by Armenia and Latvia, based on the available snippets. Voted for Moldova.

  16. What is tomorrow’s program?

  17. My vote went to Armenia after watching its’ full rehearsal.Greece’s the runner-up.The winner of the semi could be one of Portugal and Armenia followed by Sweden,Azerbaijan and Australia(?)judging at least from the available reports.

  18. Betting odds on who will qualify from semi 1,atm:

    17.Czech republic

    • Finland just outpassed BEL at #8. I smell troubles for City Lights. Even IF they qualify, they will do a “Lighthouse”?
      Also currently
      *16. SVN
      17. MNE
      18. CZE :(

      • I think City Lights is a much better song than Lighthouse and more jury-friendly.I believe it will qualify.Armenia is now #1 i see.
        As i said yesterday,i decided to take all this esc reporting hysteria with a pinch of salt.

  19. I’ve voted based on those short official videos. Slovenia (I wasn’t expecting it) looked ready to go so there’s where my vote went.

  20. It’s only day one, the Greek Balkan Bombshell has plenty of time left to flash that milliIon dollar smile and continue the charm offensive.

    Plus, while for the vast majority of the artists this is the biggest audience they have ever played against it isn’t for her. She has traveled to Russia and played the Europa Plus music festival.

    • She is a charmer for sure – as I wrote yesterday, the best ambassador Greece can hope for. However it seems to me a lot of people in the ESC bubble are now very much trying to prove how musically “sophisticated” they are which has worked against Greece already in the OGAE voting and yesterday in the press voting after the rehearsal. I suspect Romania is also suffering from this and it can have an influence in the overall voting. For instance I expect Portugal to fully profit from this new trend, like Ukraine last year. Both are very worthy songs, but I suspect there is also a bandwagon effect because they are not considered as “ESC clichés” and that is now the new “thing”.

      The new thing is to look/sound artsy/alternative even if the final product is a mess (see Azerbaijan’s rehearsal getting rather good reviews from the press, with most of them admitting that they did not like it very much but they thought it was “daring”).

      • You don’t have to worry about that with me.

        If I wanted sophisticated, I would go to Lincoln Center that is only a half hour from where I live.

        ESC for me is about fun and craziness. Wild dances is the reason I got into it in the first place. I still like the old cliche, of bad English, crazy outfits and a “I don’t care” attitude.

        Now a lot of the acts are trying to be serious, to get a record contract in Australia or the U.K. or the USA.

        The funny thing is, try as they might, these big music markets will never take these artists, with their sophisticated songs, seriously anyway. In the U.K., it’s a stigma to be involved in it.

        The biggest commercial hit in my lifetime was “Oh Ah Just A Little Bit.” Not a coincidence.

        But I have noticed the trend too, it’s started to lean towards serious and polished and let’s not piss off the jury.

        It’s ok if music is 3 minutes of dancing. Demy had the best dance song this year and that’s enough for me to support it.

        One thing with me, I make no apologies for the music I like, and if I like something I say it.

        Music for me isn’t a test nor an academic pursuit. It’s about feelings. The technical stuff is boring. When I was in college, I stopped going to my music classes because all these terms and concepts and keys, and pitch etc got too tedious.

        Music is art, there are no right answers.

        A yodel rap is more daring than anything else tried this year anyway, but that does not count for some reason because it’s considered silly, even though it’s more ESC than anything here. I smiled and laughed for 3 minutes straight hence it’s a huge success for me.

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