Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Koit Toome & Laura (Estonia)

Estonia – It came to a shock to most (it did me anyway) when Estonia failed to qualify last year when represented by Jüri Pootsmann. This year Estonia are back with a bang with “Verona” which has proven to be fan favourite coming 5th in the OGAE fan vote. Could Estonia win in Kyiv?

Song: “Verona”
Music By: Sven Lõhmus
Lyrics By: Sven Lõhmus

About Koit Toome
38 year old Koit was born in Tallinn. His career in music started back in 1994 as one half of Pop duo Code One. In 1998 Koit represented Estonia in Eurovision with “Mere lapsed” where he finished 12th place. After his Eurovision experience he has been performing in the theatre being cast in Les Misérables, Miss Saigon, West Side Story, The Phantom of the Opera, Rent and Hair.
His uncle is Indrek Toome who was the Estonian Prime Minister between 1988 and 1990.

About Laura
28 year old Laura Põldvere was born in Tartu, Estonia. She started singing professionally in 2005 when she took part in the Estonian Eurovision Selection as a solo artist and as a group. Her solo outing “Moonwalk” came 2nd but as part of the group Suntribe she succeeded and they represented Estonia that year with “Let’s Get Loud”.
She tried again in 2007 with her song “Sunflowers” which came 3rd in the Selection. In 2009 she came 3rd again when she tried for the third time with “Destiny” then in 2016, with “Supersonic” she took part in Eesti Laul again coming 2nd.
Laura has released two albums in her career. “Muusa” in 2007 and “Ultra” in 2009.

Koit and Laura were selected by a jury and the public after winning Eesti Laul. They beat off nine other finalist but only came 2nd in the first stage of the vote. After making the super final they took the win with 55% of the super-final votes.
“Verona” was written by Sven Lõhmus who has written previous Estonian Eurovision Entries such as “Let’s Get Loud” by Suntribe (2005), “Rändajad” by Urban Symphony (2009) and “Rockafeller Street” by Getter Jaani (2011).

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

Sleeping all alone
you wake up with a bottle in your hands
no sound of serenade cause we both know we lost our game

I was always high on loving you
before the romance turned to drama
like Romeo and Juliet once before
we are lost in Verona

Learning through the scars
will make you stronger time is the proof
I ´m not a loner kind
I know I just cant get over you

I was always trying to tell the truth
before the romance turned to drama
I hope the best in me was always you
before we lost our Verona

We are lost
lost in the crowd of the street
we are lost
like two sailing boats in the sea
we are lost
`cause sometimes we building and burning down love
we are lost our Verona

We lost and we found our Verona
We are lost in Verona

Reckless type of love,reckless type of love
we never said I`m sorry
we never said enough
this western type of woman; western type of man
disappeared in Verona

Koit Toombe on Social Media:
Facebook: KoitToomeOfficial
Instagram: @koittoomeofficial

Laura on Social Media:
Facebook: Laurasound
Instagram: @paulamustikas

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16 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Koit Toome & Laura (Estonia)

  1. OK, Jade did not save the best for last. LOL
    * sings Lost! and makes heavy with meaning facial expression aka facial palsy*

  2. “western type of woman…western type of man” :P

    Can’t help not enjoying this and I can see it as a dark horse in Kiev (provided they qualify for the final).
    Good luck.

  3. Quality cheese, imo. I like it, but the act feels contrived and very cheesy. This duo and the Australian singer have the most ludicrous facial expressions of ESC 17.

  4. it’s awful and im extremely annoyed at people who usually have a “refined” taste they slip to enjoy this crap… one of the worst entries of the year, one of the worst entries ever selected by Estonia, one of the worst duets ever, one of the worst lyrics ever, one of the most dated song ever.

    it’ll do better than it should, I secrelty hope people just laugh at them and they’ll be the FFF, but the insane love it’s getting makes me worried it’ll do a Rom2014 (awkward duet, awful dated song, camp live, 11th thanks to televote wanking it).

    • I have a soft spot for the 80’s sound, so I see it as a guilty pleasure :)

    • I still have to meet someone with refined taste here (and that includes me of course). We all have our ups and downs and you have sometimes supported what I think is utter waste in the past too. :)

    • But Morgan, same can be said for your ultimate support for Spirit Animal this year which was cringe-worthy in every possible aspect imo (outfit, stage approach, vocals, lack of decent melody).
      Don’t take it the wrong way. Overall, it must have been our only major disagreement this season !

  5. And this for Toggie of course :

  6. Overall, I can enjoy the song but the stage performance is cringe-worthy but serves as unintended comedy so I can still watch through the end.
    It sits somewhere lower in my top 20 with a 6/10
    Prediction-wise, I can se an AUT 16 result. Bottom with juries, lower top 10 in televoting?

  7. This keeps slipping on my rankings. I like the concept, the lyrics are thought out well imo and have some gentle romantic quality to them but the performance..It’s just not there. Laura does not care the slightest about the song – she is like she’s been drawn from the crowd given an auto-reader in front of her and was told to sing – and she is a mixture of nerves and show off. Koit on the other hand is more invested but comes accross as a bit too certain of himself at points.
    The chemistry is not there, the engagament is not there – and it’s just not Estonia in esc. It lacks the experimental energetic quality Tanja had, the vibrant nostalgia and positive energy Brigit brought or the contemporary edge Elina, Stig and Juri brought.

    I don’t feel it – but then I did not feel Denmark 2010 at all as a duet and that one did ver y well. So I don’t know.

  8. And this for Hjallis

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