Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Joci Pápai (Hungary)

Hungary – Hungary have proven to be one of the most successful nations of recent years succeeding to qualify every year since their return in 2011. However, when they make it there they rarely make the Top 10… Can Joci Pápai follow Bye Alex and András Kállay-Saunders?

Song: “Origo”
Music By: József Pápai
Lyrics By: József Pápai

About Joci Pápai
35 year old József Pápai was born in Tata, Hungary. He was born to a Gyspy family with a musical background as both his father and brother are both musicians. Influenced by the music of the 1960s and 1970s, and rock, pop, soul, and R&B music, Pápai debuted in 2005 when he took part on the TV show Megasztár.
He has released music with other Hungarian artists such as Majka, Zével Szabo and Caramel who came 2nd in A-Dal 2012.

The Hungarian Song this year was written by Joci himself and he won A-Dal beating off eight other finalists. He finished only four points ahead of runner ups Zävodi + Olivér Berkes. One of Joci’s former contributors Caramel was one of the jurors and gave Joci his full 10pts as did fellow judge Zséda.

(Taken from Eurovision.tv)

Be kell csuknod a szemed
Úgy láthatsz meg engemet
Hogy meg hódítsad a szívem
Ismerned kell lelkemet
Ha nem kellek hadd menjek
Hisz csavargónak születtem
Kínlódtam már eleget
De az isten lát engem, lát engem

Jálomá lommá, jálomá lommá
Jálomá lommá lomalom
Jálomá lommá, jálomá nédinná
Jálomá lommá, lomálom

Mért hazudtad azt nekem
Hogy nem számít a színem
Tudtad barna a szemem
Sosem változik bennem
Nem kérek már belőled
Menj el innen hagyj engem
Ne is lássalak téged
Átkozott légy örökre, örökre

Jálomá lommá, jálomá lommá
Jálomá lommá lomalom
Jálomá lommá, jálomá nédinná
Jálomá lommá, lomálom

Engem 4 évesen megszólított az Isten
Egy igazi fegyvert adott a kezembe
Tudtam, csak ő vigyázhat rám
Többet gyakoroltam vele mint, egy szamuráj
Benne bízhatok, mindig az igazat mondja
Vele sírhatok, de az utat mutatja
Ez egy olyan szövetség ami marad örökké
Fel nem áldozható, ő a legfőbb kincsem
Sejtelmes erők laknak a gyerekbe
Félnek tőle, látszik a szemekben
A húrjaim támadnak, sírnak a testekbe
Hiába is véded ki, méreg a hangszerbe
Nagy tömegeket itattam át vele
Hallod a dallamom, már tudod a nevemet!
Hosszú az út, sebek a hátamon
Ezrek könnyei folynak a gitáromon!

Jálomá lommá, jálomá lommá
Jálomá lommá lomalom
Jálomá lommá, jálomá nédinná
Jálomá lommá, lomálom

Joci Pápai on Social Media:
Facebook: papaijociofficial
Instagram: @papaijoci

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14 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Spotlight on Joci Pápai (Hungary)

  1. Portugal, Hungary … Jade has saved the best for last. :)
    This song is 100 % me. Love the melody, love the rap, love the orchestration, love the message. I hope that Joci can sneak into the top 10.

  2. One of the best songs with great official video. I hope on the stage the show will be closer to the official video .

  3. Distinctive in the best possible way. My most fav Magyar entry since Kedvesem. Well done Hungary and good luck!

  4. Hungary 17 is very good song, even if somewhat unbalanced. We need more countries going for diversity, otherwise ESC will end up being about 40+ versions of the same song.

  5. Boring and average song on its own (I have a very hard time listening to all 3 minutes in mp3) with an awful NF performance they said they’ll repeat on esc stage.

  6. It’s not for me at all – not a song I want to listen to again personally, it does not captivate me – but I appreciate it for what it is and Joci’s message behind it a lot. I will appreciate anything that gives a voice to more persecuted communities and makes people like Orban probably very mad.

    So in my bottom 10 tbh but go Joci :) !

    • P.S. Favourite hungarian entries : 1994,2011,2012,2014,2015,2016. All time favourite :2005 of course.

  7. I personally LOVE the song!!! It is probably in my top 10 in studio. However, I must be honest here, I find the live performance very bad both visually and vocally (the rap part comes across as more agressive than it should be). I genuinely wish they had opted for the video clip approach :(

  8. I love the song and the artist🖤❤

  9. […] Sadly, I’m more surprised by those few lone voices providing the voice of reason than by any of the other comments. We’ve got a long way to go. But if France just beat Finland in ice hockey, then anything really is possible. Even Hungary winning the Eurovision. I’d like to see the aftermath of that. Nationalism vs. blind hatred for an ethnic group. I’d like to say, “break out the popcorn,” but I really don’t want to trivialize this.  https://eurovisiontimes.wordpress.com/2017/05/01/eurovision-2017-spotlight-on-joci-papai-hungary/ […]

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