Poll: Best Rehearsal of Day One

pollPoll – Day One of rehearsals is over and the first half of the first semi finalists have shown us a piece of what to expect next Tuesday. Eurovision.tv have shown us 30-40 second clips of the semi finalists on stage so we ask. From these, who had the best rehearsal on day one?

Tomorrow I will do another poll asking for your opinion on the best rehearsal of day two before pitting todays winner and tomorrows winner together to determin your favourite 1st rehearsal of Semi Final One.










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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

117 comments on “Poll: Best Rehearsal of Day One

  1. Really unexciting overall to be honest. The songs to me this year are very dull and the staging seems to be following suit.

    I liked Finland’s Red background but the song is still my last place. Azerbaijan is the only one of intrigue in the bunch. Montenegro also if he gets dancers to accompany him. It’s a bit awkward with him trying to Willow Smith it out by himself

    • I agree that today was quite an underwhelming day. Definitely not a semi as competitive as we thought it would be.

  2. Voted for Finland; they seem to have everything ready. Portugal is using a stand-in, but it all seems to be going their way. Azerbaijan has a very ambitious stage presentation and a song that matches it, but there seems to be room for improvement. These have been the best reharsals, imo.

  3. It was among Belgium Finland Sweden and Azerbaijan for me but after the ridiculous and biased press poll my vote goes directly to Blanche who provided elegance, vocals and an introverted artistic delivery accompanied by a tasteful staging.

  4. I liked Finland and Azerbaijan best…I don’t know if I should add Portugal since Louisa will not perform but their staging was very good as well…
    The most disappointing one was definitely Belgium but just because it is the first rehearsal,I will give her team a chance😊

    • If it’s true that poor Blanche was in the verge of tears her team, particularly the producers, don’t need a chance they need a smack or two and quite hard ones. This is starting to sound pretty abusive and exploitative to me.

      • Where did you hear/read that about Blanche?

      • I think she will pull herself together next time…the stage will not seem that intimidating to her till the big day

        • Where did you hear/read that Blanche was close to tears?

          • I really don’t remember maybe wiwi guys talked about it

          • What i read is that some who people watched her full performance felt she became emotional at some point while singing the song.Nothing about being close to tears because of how the rehearsal went.

            • Daring to defend Blanche ? What are you, a hysterical euro queen ? lol

            • I know.I read about it.

            • I am NOT making things up Dimitris…people either tweeted or talked about it when she did not come back to stage on expected time after the first try…These are the people in the arena of course we can not know what really happened but she got ZERO from the press so definitely something went wrong

            • Did you read that she had a meltdown or something?Where is that?The only thing i read is she sounded emotional at some point while singing the song.I just watched her meet&greet and she was very upbeat saying she wasn’t at all nervous during the rehearsal.I didn’t accuse you in particular of anything.I just don’t see things being discussed here in any report.
              It’s perfectly fine if people don’t like Blanche or the staging of the songs but reading so much into this and presenting her as being on the verge of a collapse is wrong,imo.That’s what i wrote in the other thread too.It creates an unnecessary toxic energy around this particular entry.

            • I have been following a lot of people commenting on performances…one of them either tweeted or said it in the video…What they say or think doesn’t actually matter but if a singer gets zero from the press in the arena I think that means something and should not be ignored…I have always said it is too early to judge a performance from the first rehearsal,they do rehearse to get better…
              I bet Blanche does not even read what people has been writing about her so there is nothing to worry 😊

            • This is the one I could find..There were a lot of similar comments

            • This to me sounds like tabloid press.
              What i read f.i: Blanche for Belgium is alone on the stage which seems a wise choice. She is using some armography which is an improvement on her static pre-Contest efforts. She emotes well further into the song looking almost tearful as the camera swirls around her and she sings, ‘Are we going to lose it all?’
              She still needs to find the camera more, and be more relaxed in some of her arm movements but this is an improvement on the pre-Contest Blanche performances.

            • I know ppl don’t like reading negative comments about their favorites but in this case it is more than obvious that she needs to improve…Had she not gotten zero from the press,I would have thought ” people are exaggerating,she is just ok ”

            • mermaid,again you fail to see what my objection was which was a general comment ,by the way.I don’t have a problem with people criticizing the rehearsal.That would be stupid.I’m talking about the meltdown reporting which is not worth of being mentioned anymore to be honest.People who do that and report based on assumptions, rumors and lies are sh**ty professionals.

            • It was mentioned once..you are the one bringing it up and making it a big deal…see we are still talking about a meltdown
              Supposing that she had a meltdown,does it make her a less credible singer? NO

            • May i remind you that i wrote a comment and you replied to it?It wasn’t the other way around.
              Having a meltdown has nothing to do with her artistry.It’s just bad because there’s no evidence she has any kind of breakdown plus mental health issues are real for many people and they shouldn’t be used just to trash an esc entry.

            • Tell to this who wrote it ,not to me then,Gosh!!!

            • I think that we should all relax a bit and let everyone comment whatever s/he thinks. PB wrote that Blanche’s rehearsal was a huge disappointment today, and I trust those guys 100 %, even though I rarely agree with their taste in music. The important thing is that they always keep the difference between what they personally like and what they hear and see transparent. Anyway, I wish Blanche (like everyone else) all the best for the upcoming rehearsals and the shows, and perhaps her vulnerability and shyness will make her stand out and play to her advantage at the end of the day. We’ll see … and whatever the outcome might be, she’s given me a song that will survive in my playlist for many years to come. :)

            • I don’t like the tone at the beginning of your post and it’s really disappointing.I never tried to stop anyone from writing whatever they want to write here.My only objection which is very clear from what i wrote and i don’t know if you read is that we should be more careful when talking about mental health issues.Blanche can have a messy,underwheliming and a carcrash of a rehearsal and people will write about it and say whatever they want.But there’s a line that has to be drawn.Talking about an imminent collapse about meltdowns etc is unacceptable,imo.

            • I didn’t see anyone talking about mental health issues and thus I thought that you were overreacting a bit. A young girl being awed and overwehlmed by the everything big ESC is, is not a mental issue but quite charming imo, at least at this point. :)

            • Since I see there is a lot of commotion about this, there was one reporter who mentioned “she seemed to be on the verge of tears” in the ESCKAZ reaction video. It is at 00:20:

    • Did you say Blanche was on the verge of tears really ? Who reports that stuff I really wonder ! Its borderline libel anf gives the bullies everywhere a field day against her.

      Ugh the more I read that stuff the more I am getting behind her and her performance today. If I wanted her to win before today now I want it 10 times more.

    • Hey, I was reading back my comment and it might have seemed that I lashed out on you for those Blanche remarks, just want to say this was not the case, I was frustrated with the people reporting them originally from Kyiv :)

      Cute owl video for goodnight :)

  5. Azerbaijan. I still think YLE could have tried a bit harder for beautiful Blackbird. So happy still for Norma Jean.

  6. 1. Finland
    2. Sweden
    3. Azerbaijan
    9. Montenegro

  7. ESC 2017 by The Muppets:

  8. Tomorrow I am looking forward to Cyprus most…He will fly…no joke!

  9. I am still getting over watching a rerun of Montenegro rehearsal, I can’t even relate to it on any kind of so called camp level which some people use to justify it (easy way out), as for the rest, Sweden as expected, Albanian backdrop was kind of Salvador Dalí meets Monty Python, Belgium: I agree with the Anders previous comments about her, I think there is more to come and despite a zero from hysterical euro queens, I feel she will finally fit the whole package, I feel Finland is a sure qualifier , whole set up oozes class and qualifying, Azerbaijan, hmmm as I commented before, it’s like something I saw at the Barbican in London cerca 1995 in their “Alternative year”, Portugal, will wait to comment, but hopng for the best

  10. I did not watch the rehearsal clips and made an exception for Montenegro only because Slavko won’t get votes from me whatever he does. I really like his braveness and attitude but watching him onstage makes me feel embarrassed. I had hoped that he would bring some dancers at least to distract from that braid gimmick I don’t get. I could enjoy those 3 minutes for non-musical reasons because Mr. Kalezic is a handsome man but the braid totally kills all sexiness for me.
    Therefore I can’t vote in this poll.

    • I agree, his flying about his braided hair, kind of looked embarassing at the end, as if to divert from any kind of possible song sung in tune :-(

      • Isabel and Fernando are a very interesting and scary couple imo. I have read everything on them I could get my hand on and it seems that she was a medieval lady and very devout Christian while he was a modern Renaissance man who was in love with power only. She believed that the inquisition was a necessary tool of the only true faith while for him it was mainly a political instrument. What Fernando did to their daughter Juana after Isabel’s death is even more interesting. That was probably the first politically motivated slander campaign in history. It’s no surprise that Fernando stood model for Machiavelli’s ‘Il principe’.

    • It was bad shit but I still prefer it to most of the beige avalanche we had it today. Also I actually find Belgium much more appalling. She is not a performer of any kind.

      • I think she’ll do a Loic and she’ll get support come the final voting, I know my mother would vote for her versus the scary , non-definable Azerbaijan performance

        • If she connects with tv audiences she will end up really high. It’s excellent song.

          • indeed, as the dear Anders pointed out, that is the essence of the song, it doesn’t matter about whether screamy euro fans are looking for a perfect song, Belgium’s song needs something different and I feel Blanche has been underestimated in this respect, she sings the song as it should be sung, whether she is the best singer for the song is another matter, but let’s give her a chance, besides I didn’t feel her rehearsal was as bad as commented

      • if you were living in Montenegro right now would you be happy with what they sent? As we don’t have any counter Montenegro fans here we’ll never know, bad shit indeed, embarassing…absolutely!

        • It’s not embarrassing at all, and he has quite big fan following in the bubble. Not here, of course.As Montenegro is not a pioneering beacon or any kind of beacon of gay rights, I find him quite brave. It’s no Army of Lovers, but hey, Montenegro 2017 is not even Sweden 1989. So let’s give boy a chance. He is fighting for gay rights in Montenegro with this, things we take granted. It’s bad, but it’s fun and he is fun and positive character. Everyone should take deep breath and think about living gay life in Montenegro and start throwing stones after that.
          Today it was Belgium that was embarrasing. Seriously so.

          • ok let’s not start about gay rights here (I’m happily married thanks to Spanish laws since 2005 :-) ), I would give the boy a chance if he actually represented Montenegro’s coming of age via gay rights via a decent song/singer, twirling his hair/singing badly at ESC with the idea I might not qualify but here I am kind of sends the wrong message Imho

            • as effeminate gay and public figure he is giving exactly the right message back home. There are worse songs in this competion. And there are the boring ones. Being boring is capitol crime in my books.
              The song is actually very catchy.

          • I quite enjoy Montenegro in studio version and Slavko without braid when he is not singing. The two don’t match imo but as I said a couple of days ago, it’s fantastic for Montenegrin TV to send such an act to ESC.
            Thus, from a political point of view it’s a 12/12 from me.

            • I hate braid too and his eye brows and quite many things, but I just have to give him credit for overall concept and the song I actually like. And Yes, cheers for Montenegrin tv and you as we talked about this quite early stage and you had very interesting views about the political aspect and origin.

  11. And just a test comment just in case :

    Portugal 5 votes as of now ? Wow many euro queens are hysterically defending this completely dull and flat performance I see :) Good for them, they have nothing to worry about I guess :)

    • I’ve just voted for it :) I liked the fact that it looked effortless but it grabbed my attention, even though it was Luísa who was performing it. I’m not an euro queen :P (I think so hahaha).

      • My comment here had very specific purposes dont worry – I have no problem with anyone liking Portugal, Luisa or Salvador and I would never call anyone a hysterical euro queen for liking or disliking anything.

  12. From what I read today the most intriguing is what Blanche could do to have such negative feed back! I think the song itself didn’t require a circus on the stage! Hopefully she improves her vocals and everything will be fine when we will watch the show on tv!
    I have no doubt that Slako will be doing on the stage everything I hate in show–business!
    Hope Dihaj’s stallion is not Swedish! I have no interest towards Australia to be honest! Salvador’s sister looks nice on the stage! Sweden must be a dejavue ! Tako and Lindita must have shouted quite well!

  13. To balance out all the toxicity Blanche is receiving for no apparent reason something a bit refreshing :

    Levina performs “Wildfire” unplugged on the streets of Budapest :-) :

  14. It was only first rehearsals today and I’ll keep the faith ♫♪♫ that they will all do fine once it matters. :)

    • Sure they will…People are willing to support their favorites no matter what #unconditionallove

      • Well, ESC fans have the tendency to be rather passionate about both what they like and dislike. :)
        I deliberately refrained from commenting on Sweden today because that’s where I become really passionate and I did not want to bring negative energy to this forum.

        • A lot of negative energy has been brought to this forum for entries from certain countries,but no negativity could pull them down…
          If a song is good ,no smear campaign works😉

      • you are so right as always Mermaid, I remember our defense of Slovenia 2015, whatever happened we were together defending it!!

  15. imo from best to worst first rehearsals:

    Azerbaijan > Finland > Sweden > Portugal > Australia > Belgium > Montenegro > Georgia > Albania

  16. I know these aren’t the final product but it’s not looking good. At least there’s variety in this section. Azerbaijan looks promising if they polish it all up- there’s clearly a concept. Italy does the animal costume better IMO.

  17. I thought about it a bit and watched the meet & greet as well with Blanche (shocked again by the rudeness and really admired Blanche once again for standing by her song and performance) and I would go for something bold if this behaviour continues on Thursday :
    Pack your bags and leave girl. You are too good for this crowd and you do not deserve that idiotic treatment. Leave the contest to the Gabbanis and the Sobrals for all I care. Not worth it for an artist like Blanche to put herself through this humilation by supposed “press” and other biased bullies.

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