Eurovision 2017: Juries Revealed

Eurovision 2017 – This weekend the full list of jurors was revealed by the EBU. Read on to see who will have 50% sway in deciding the 2017 Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in a couple of weeks time. You can see the full list of Jurors on the EBU website or you can read on here

Each broadcaster has picked five music industry experts to make up their jury. Here are some facts about this years jury members taken from the Eurovision Website:

A total of 210 jurors — five in each of the 42 participating countries — will vote.

The youngest jurors, aged 16, come from FYR Macedonia and Ukraine. The oldest, at 76, will be part of the United Kingdom’s jury. The average age of the jurors is 40 years old.

97 jurors are female, 112 are male. One vacancy — in Austria — is still to be filled.

There are several Eurovision Alumni in the various juries this year including:
Nicole (Germany 1982)
Chiara (Malta 1998, 2005, 2009)
Getter Jaani (Estonia 2011)
Zoë (Austria 2016)

The full list can be seen here

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22 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Juries Revealed

  1. It is so typical that the UK have the oldest juror. I don’t know who any of them are

  2. Quite good jury for Serbia!
    We can expect points for Portugal from them!
    I see that for Romania jury will be Paula Seling, Luminita Anghel, Mihai Traistariu and Cezar, all singers from ESC and one more unknown, for me, person..loool

    Greets from Czech Republic and Poland! :))

  3. Wonder if Nicole is all out for Siegel song?

  4. The oldest member is a singing teacher from the UK,76
    The youngest members are singers from Macedonia and Ukraine,16

  5. The German jury is mildly diverse. At least everyone is known here. Adel tawil is among my favourite German language singers:

  6. Good luck, jurors! :)

    P.S. – just checked the odds; Salvador not being there did not harm ‘Amar pelos dois’.

  7. A 16 year old jury member?!!! :o

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